Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yummy, yummy, yummy..!!!

Ha ha , that last post shocked you all didnt it..???? You didnt know I coul do short and sweet did you...??? You see you learn something knew every day...

Ok first things first, Wardrobe remix made a come back and then fell at the first hurdle. Forgot all about it and am now sat in my Pjs and slippers. Will try harder tomorrow. Shame cos I loved todays little number, lol.

The big news is we have some last minute classes on Mon 1st Mar, yes thats right, the Mon coming. Mr organised himself - NOT..!!! Lance Anderson of Rusty Pickle fame is shooting into my place with 2 fabby workshops. The first one is soooo me .... rustic, tags, envelopes, pu;ll outs, shabby, yummy. The 2nd is a surprise..!!! Dont worry I have seen it and it is cool. It pops up, out, round, love it .
Because he has left it soooo late I have bargained him down on price, each workshop is only £30 with approx £40 worth of product. Bargains, bargains..!!!

This may be the last time he will be available at the studio as he has reluctantly decided to close Rusty Pickle. It is always so sad to see people suffer in the present economic climate, isnt it. But he will be his usual, cheeky self ready to entertain you. You can book either class HERE   and HERE

I have been a busy bee as usual making projects for the next set of workshops, and finishing of a few of thie set.!!lol, no surprises there..This is the coolest project for boys ( saying that  I will be putting Maisie in it of course). These papers are a new range from Canadian company Bisous Zoo and they are gorgeous. Thay haven't half taken some getting though and at one point I thought they were never going to ship at all. But they are arriving any day now. 10 gorgeously different collections of papers and chipboard. Our Ben spotted these and I can honestly say I havent been this excited about a paper range since Basic Grey was first released and I was peeing my pants then..!!!
Anyway, I digress. Here is the almost finished book.

Its painty, inky, shabby, deconstructed, taggy, pockety, flappy, pull outy, doodly and available HERE.

Will give you some peeks of others at a later date.

So a journal page....

Enjoy xx


Jude said...

Ooh - that was almost a simultaneous posting there! Just finished updating my blog, for the first time in over a week!!! You've practically written a novel in that time!! Love those papers in the mini book and that's sad news that Rusty Pickle will be no more...sure it will be a great class. xx

Anne Jagger said...

Shame I'm at work on Monday.
Those new papers look great and I LOVE your journal page - Fabulous. LOL!!!! X

Kirsti said...

The book is the papers...and your journal page is as ever amazing - I am always fetching the biscuit tin - too much if you ask me!!!!... Can't wait to do the Rusty Pickle classes next week...xox

ForgedinPaper said...

Fab book. Are you doing it as a kit as well (hint, hint)?

Sandra Hall said...

Oh my...those papers are delish! Definitely strokable quality! Sad about Rusty Pickle...his projects do look great. I've just sat and watched the sand art video from your last post... really cool - to be able to create those on that scale under pressure of the incoming tide - stunning!

Carmen said...

Your journal page is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Holy.... what a gorgeous things to look at! Wow. WOW. The mini, the papers and your art journal page... leaves me breathless. Have a nice weekend!

Virginia said...

Absolutely gorgeous post Dyan! Hope the classes go well on Monday the project looks devine! I am so loving the 'boys' book - the papers are absolutely gorgeous, just catching up on blogs before I start my weekend with painting on the hall stairs and landing - ooh the excitement I can't contain myself LOL - however, will be art journaling later of course!

See I can do brief too (sort of nearly almost)

Siobhan Brignull said...

ooh I love VW beetles and camper vans, might need to spend a few pennies at AFTH

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