Monday, December 24, 2012

So it's Christmas Eve, all the food has been bought, all the house has been cleaned and all the presents have been wrapped, which just leaves me to say....

                                   ....Have a Fabulous Christmas every body....

You all deserve it so take the time to enjoy it, cos I know you've all been good...ish !!!

I was going to make a new dress for tomorrow but seem to have run out of time :-(...maybe Santa will bring me one.!! Mind you I still have plenty hanging in the wardrobe, lol. Which leads me to wk 3 of Dressember.

Day 17, there was a slight mix up with the accommodation, not quite the luxury we were expecting, or them for that matter!! The next day we were transported elsewhere. I am wearing a Lady V of London butterfly swing dress, Matalan leggings and socks.

Day 18...First day teaching in Norway...Telephone box dress made by me, trusty Doc Martens boots, Asda shrug.

Day 19...Audrey dress from Lady V, shrug Asda, Ugg slippers, chauffeurs hat, original from 1905. Yes that beautiful car is in the middle of their store!

Day 20... Floral dress by Outer Limits, M & S cardi, boots from Office and beret from Matalan.

Day 21... Dress made by me, Matalan cardi, Asda patent flats.

Day 22... Leopard Dolores dress from Collectif, cardi from Dotty P, boots from Office

 Day 23... Audrey dress from Lady V, shrug from Excite clothing, pumps from Primarni, hair by can't be a**sed.!!

Day 24... handmade dress, shrug from Asda, expression courtesy of Christmas eve giddyness.

Enjoy xx

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Day 1 in lovely Norway

A lovely day was had by all, can't wait to do it again tomorrow.

Enjoy xx

Monday, December 17, 2012

This weeks news...

It's been a busy weekend so far. Saturday was our workshop preview and taster day for the Spring workshops. Obviously there was a Christmas theme in the air.!!

This is my Harry Worth impression..

I have been promising to make Kaz a frock for nearly a year, and I finally got round to finishing it. This is her lady like pose...

In fact I got quite a few of the staff and tutors into frocks, lol

The lovely Teresa and her girls made their usual to die for cakes

and cake pops

and more cakes.

Just check out this absolutely stunning ceramic piece that the lovely Bry and Donna made for me. Every bit of the clock, heart and embellishments are ceramic. Although I am smiling here, when they first presented it to me I was so overwhelmed that I cried. It really is a stunning piece and I am so honoured that it is now mine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. If you want to see some more of their work pop over to their website Bad Ceramics.

The lovely Sandra in our matching cardies. I am holding a card with a drawing of me as an angel, lol. It was drawn by the lovely Michelle and it is such a good likeness of me it is uncanny, lol.

Sandy and Kaz

Kate getting into the swing of things

A mahoosive thank you to all of you who came and booked on the workshops, we so appreciate all your support. Also a ginormous thanks to all the staff and tutors who make it all possible.
If you missed out you can go to the website and see all the workshops HERE.

I am in Norway at the moment prepping for 2 full days of workshops at Hobbykunst in Vestby. It's very snowy, very icy, very giddy and extremely exciting.

heres the story so far...

As you can see I have an elf with me on this trip...the lovely Bezzie Su. So far she has been wonderful in her duties, but it is early days lol. I'll keep you posted.

I am still keeping up with Dressember, wearing a different dress every day. Here are last weeks.

Day 9.... Dress Pin up Girl clothing, cardi H&M, boots Office, Petticoat vintage.

Day 10, new to me Betty Paige dress, dress slippers Office.

Day 11, skull dress made by me, cardi Primarni, leopard creepers.

Day 12, new to me Collectif dress, cardi M&S, wedge shoes Schuh

Day 13, new to me dress made with vintage material and vintage pattern, cardi Matalan.

 Day 14, dress Ebay, 70's boots Moda in Pelle, cardi Primarni. knitted beret Matalan

Day 15, Spotty Dolores dress Collectif, cardi Primarni, evening slippers Office, hair flowers Claires accessories, vintage spider brooch, pressie from Kaz.

Day 16, butterfly dress Lady V of London, cardi Primarni,vintage cowboy boots old faithfuls from Daniels, camper van suitcase from ||Sainsbury's.

Okay, I am going to finish prepping, treat Bezzie to some new stripy Elf tights and report back to you all later.

Enjoy xx

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott