Sunday, August 19, 2012

If you havent heard...

... most of my new products are here and flying out the door.

You can find the stamps HERE and HERE

the stencils HERE and HERE

and the How to book HERE and HERE

You can also order them in a full bundle which includes the journal HERE( please note... this will only be sent out when the whole bundle is here)

Here are a few journal pages done with them.

and you need to pop over to Kaz's blog, where she has a little video showing how she uses my stencils with liquid pearls. Pop over to her shed and give her some love.

Enjoy xx

Friday, August 17, 2012

bit busy at the moment...

so will just leave you with this beauty from face book.

It just really made me giggle...

enjoy xx

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Having the time of my life.. a deserted field miles from everywhere.

Yup...I needed peace and calm to clear my whirlwind of a brain, from the chaos that seems to reside there. Where better than a back to nature, eco friendly campsite.

This was my view from my creating table.

working in the sunshine...

 Our little home from home. A 50's caravan with no electric or running water.

But plenty of pink and kitsch...A homage to Barbara Cartland...

Of course I wouldn't be able to feel really at home without the semblance of a shrine of naffness. And lo, there she was...a furry Mary..!!

This was the Bell Tent where everyone congregated..but luckily we were the only ones up there so we were Ring Master and Mistress of all we purveyed.

If your names not down, you ain't coming in.!!

The teepee for snuggling in front of a log fire, of an evening.

The kitchen and cooking facilities.

The dressing up rail...of which Mr Babe of Deliciousness took it upon himself to wear at every opportunity.

Don't seem to have any of me dressed up, but here was my favourite ensemble. A crimpeline
 flower power dress and over sized spectacles.!!

This would you believe is the outside bath, which was the most relaxing experience I have ever had. I didn't want to get out. Lying in a hot bath, in an orchard, surrounded by candles and fairy lights transported me to such inner calm I can't explain.!! Anyone got a spare bath I can have for my garden back home?

I was still journaling right up till the last minute.

Whilst Mr B of D, transported our belongings, in style, up and down the 400 yard dirt path.

If you want to know where we were, it was at La Rosa camp site, in Whitby. It is by no means for the faint hearted. The toilet is a compost one, situated in an old raggle taggle gypsy caravan. There is one electric point for the whole site. Cooking is done on open fires or gas burners. The top field where we stayed is only accessible on foot and all your belongings have to be carried there.

But, and I really mean BUT..!!! It was a fabulous experience from which I didn't want to leave. My head has been so overactive and overwhelmed lately with all that is happening, that I was beginning to drown under it all, and I needed to be somewhere that I could breath and just be me. I needed to feel inspired and to be free to create just for me. Now my idea of camping is in a hotel, with a big bed and a hot shower, so I was a bit apprehensive, but oh my, I couldn't have gone to a better place. The tension just seeped out of my and I journaled from first light to dusk.The first night there, in the middle of nowhere, I felt safe and secure and slept solid for 11 hours I feel rejuvenated, refreshed and totally inspired. Teaching art journaling, both here and in the States, although totally enjoyable and very fulfilling, is extremely draining and I often arrive home replete of energy and feelings and it is a struggle to make sense of it all and find myself again. But I most certainly did here. Unfortunately the time passed far too quick for my liking, but fear not because part two of our adventures leads us to their sister hotel, overlooking the sea and abbey.

Will report back later

Enjoy xx

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Queen of all she surveyed...

We are having major building works done up at the shop, so we are closed at the mo, just in case one of you falls over builders etc, lol. But nothing...I repeat...NOTHING...stops the deliveries getting through!!

I popped in there this afternoon to find Our Ben bundling up a pile of new stuff for my studio, so I hot footed it home and tipped it out.

Ooooh what a selection... The new Donna Downey stamps, the fabulous Dina Wakely stencils, Pam Carriker stamps and Prima canvas shapes.

Where to start...where to start...?

Think I definitely need to use one of them

This is what I chose..Donna Downey foam stamp, Pam Carriker face stamp, decided against the bird stamp! All for use on one of my ready prepped backgrounds.

And here's the result...

Unfortunately I can't link you to them in the shop, Our Ben can't list them as quick as I can create with them, lol. But they will be all online tomorrow, never fear.

Another quote from Facebook, not sure who to credit though, if anyone knows please tell me.

You do realise that this amounts to 4 blog posts in a row..!!!...what can I say, lol.

Enjoy xx

Monday, August 6, 2012

Beginners Art Journaling...

We had a blast at yesterdays beginners art journaling course.

The subject was anatomy of a page, where we take a page, dissect it and start from scratch. This is also one of the classes I teach in the States ( slightly different version ).

Working with an image someone else has picked for you, to prove you can journal  with just about anything!

Dylusion stamps created the scaffold to work on.

colouring and doodling for finishing touches.

And perfectly executed corners.

Thanks to all my gorgeous students. That brought the 3 day art journaling class fest to an end, and I can now put my feet up and relax...As if, lol
 I have too much to do and not enough days to do it in!! But can't complain...I am very blessed

Found this on Face book and need to pin it up as a reminder !

Enjoy xx

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tim has been Dylusioned.....

....well and truly.

At yesterdays journal class the students were once again doing my bleach out treatment. And once again I felt the urge to use the latest designs from the Tim Holtz collection. The Blueprints, drawn by MJ.

As you can see from the results I have made them my own, lol. Sorry about that Tim...!!!

These are the Halloween set

and these from the Christmas set

All available HERE including this compilation case you can't make your mind up which you prefer, lol

Ok I am going now to prep for my 3rd day of Art journaling...seems you all can't get it's the beginners.!

Enjou xx

Friday, August 3, 2012

Luscious leaves...

At art journaling class today we were playing around with my bleach out technique and I rummaged in the pile of Tim Holtz's new releases from CHA. Some of my favourites are the blueprint designs that were drawn By Mario Junior. Tim made sure that I had the ones I wanted, so I could play with them. One of the designs that I skimmed over and declined to take was the blueprint leaves. It just didn't float my boat, until today.....

I picked it out to use because I thought it would really suit my bleach out technique, but now I am hooked on it. Here are the 2 pages I made.

Just shows you should never discount something on first appearances, lol.

If you haven't seen it yet, here is the video of the aforementioned bleach out technique.

Enjoy xx

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott