Tuesday, September 30, 2008

...Feeling Sorry For Myself...

Well thats it - the teeth (and hopefully the infection with it) are gone.

But what a way to go. They wouldn't come out and eventually snapped. So now my face feels and looks like it has done 6 rounds with Mike Tyson. I am doped up to the eyeballs with antibiotics and painkillers and really feeling sorry for myself. When we were kids and had teeth out my mum always made us 'pobs' - hot milk with chunks of bread floating in it. Two of the main things i am intolerant to!! Typical when you are craving. Of course the day you are feeling rough is always the day when you have the most going on!! We had a great technique class today, and the students were extremly patient with me ha ha. It was a packed class and quite intense so at least it took my mind off the pain. The kids are due in for their class any minute and then i have my regular Tuesday night class. Then and only then can i pass out.

When you are feeling lousy there is nothing better than putting on old comfy boots. So todays shoe watch are some real trusty old favourites. Old, worn but comfy as slippers lol.

Friday, September 26, 2008

This weeks classes..

Hi All,

Here is this weeks upcoming classes.

First is the Technique album on the 30th Sept - 10-3pm

This is a variation of the very popular class I taught at scrap-a-ganza Holland and Uk. The cover comprimises 9 tiles decorated with different techniques. Crackle paint, Ultra thick, Embossing, Pearls and Paint effects to name a few.

Secondly is the Paper Artsy Housebook and Tag on Friday the 3rd of October - 10-3pm

These samples were featured in the paint effects workshop in Craft Stamper. Much admired and requested as a class, so here they are. You will be combining lots of paint effects with 7gypsies eclectic hardware.

You can book these classes HERE or by ringing the studio on 01423 873739, but be warned the technique ablum has very limited places!!

I would just like to say a big thanks to Claudine Hellmuth for giving me a shout out on her blog - hope to see you in January sweetie, loving the studio line. Pop over and see her at www.claudinehellmuth.blogspot.com .

Thanks Dy xx

...All legs no Teeth...

Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a strange day with nothing going to plan! I suffer badly with tooth abscesses and have had 2 in 4 weeks!! not nice - so i was going to the dentist to have the ofending tooth removed. I then planned to work at home for the rest of the day. Well i'd been in pain the day before and the dentist took one look and wouldn't pull it. Apparently the tooth next door is now massively infected as well. So back on 4th set of antibiotics and both of the little blighters are going to wave bye bye on Monday.

Ooer - I've got a busy week next week so hope i'm not too incapacitated. So after getting home relatively early i shot through all the work i had prepared. Tom had gone out (He was 24 years old this week - when did my gorgeous chubby baby turn into this gorgeous hunk of a man!?) so i was left to my own devices. I decided to do something for me and started in my journal but then the creative urges took over and before i knew it i had paints and canvas all over the living room floor.

Claudine Hellmuths new studio line of paints are absolutely fabby. The vibrancy and blendability of the colours are ace. They are more expensive then some because they are artist quality and boy can you tell. I have always loved my Jo Sonjas and Adirondack dabbers but these are going to be one of my firm favourites. With a totally different semi gloss finish they are incredibly pigmented and so a little goes a long way. You can use them straight from the jar or dilute them with water for water colour washes. They also mix beautifully with her multi mediums for stunning glazes. I used a combination of all 3 on my canvas. It dries to a gorgeous finish that i had absolutely no problem writing on and oil pastels blended in easily. Only problem so far is there are 15 colours and you really, really will want them all. The main ones on the canvas are painterly pink, modern red, dash of red and dab of yellow.

The transparencies in top left were transferred using her multi medium and for those of you who have always struggled with transfers this is the product for you - they were the easiest transfers i have ever done. Claudine has always been on of my favourite artists and its great to see that she finally has her own line. For full details of paints see here. Canvas Measures 24"by 24".

I promised you photos of the samples from my ex right hand women Nickie and here they are.

Nickies husband, Will, came to England to work and so she moved here as well with her 4 children. They started at my childrens art classes and we soon all became good friends. She started helping me out and soon became invaluable to me. Sadly they moved back to NZ 2 years ago and i miss her dreadfully. She was one of those peopls who always 'got exactly what i wanted her to do' and is extremly talented. She is flying the flag for Blonde Moments over there and sends me fabby samples. Love the stitching on the Spring Fling layout. That layout is so Autumnly it just makes me want to get out and play again. ( I seem to have been swimming in pink lately)

The jar was a Fathers day gift and a really cool idea for recycling. Anyonw know what we could use as a substitute?

Thanks Nickie

And finally shoe watch...

Imagine my surprise when i found out my blog is read by some of our troops in Iraq - Yes Iraq!! (They've obviously got nothing better to do!! lol) Whatever we all feel about the conflict going on out there, we need to give them our support and pray that they come home safe soon. So todays shoe is dedicated to them (especially James - Luv ya and keep safexx)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

...Bumper Blog...

Hi Everyone,

Well its a bumper blog for you today. Yesterday was hectic after putting the shop back together from attending the Great Northern Papercraft Show in Harrogate. I love that show, not only is it in my home town (Always a bonus) but the people are always lovely and friendly. We started each day with a packed breakfast workshop. These workshops were new this year and proved to be a fab idea. My workshop was, of course, with my favourites the Blonde Moments Pearl Pigments powders. They are so versatille, dry, wet or spritzed.

My gorgeous, gorgeous friend the lovely Kirsty Wiseman was helping me out by working on my stand all weekend (note from Ben - if you can call chatting and socialising working!!!) She is such a scream and has all the customers in stitches. Our stand was the usual hive of activity with lots of people popping on and off to say hello. I was too busy to take any photos so if you have any can you please please send me some. Kirsty has a few over on her blog so have a hop over there. Saturday was a really really busy day so all we were capable of, at night, was flopping. Poor Ben - he lives miles away so was staying at my house and this is what he had to put up with. Me and Kirsty giggling and wetting ourselves at Strictly come dancing, crying over X Factor and generally annoying him. He says he now knows why he left home!!

Sunday was a quieter day so both of my girlies had the day off and we were joined on the stand by my lovely friend 'little Julie'. She is such a sweetie - I don't know how she found the time as her husband recently had a bad accident. He fell off a ladder and broke one leg and the ankle of the other leg. Nightmare - pots on both legs!! She was a star as i had forgotten my cream for my tea, without which i cannot function at a show. She duly harrased staff in the Exhibitors cafe and turned up with a cupful of whipping cream and therefore saved the day. This is the only major show i will be doing for a while, as we concerntrate more on the teaching studio and website, so a big thankyou to al of my loyal customers who were so lovely and supportive. Although we have a fab website (All new 7gypsies expected next week) a lot of our products are only available in the studio shop, so go on make the effort and take a trip to see us (always ring to check we will be there). The studio is full of sample boards, class samples and jam packed with inspiration. Be warned you will be here a while - but if i'm free i will always make you a cup of tea (i do have milk for all you normal people!!).

Tommorow is the wooden house day. The class is almost full so if you want to come you will need to be quick.

Tommorow i have got some lovely samples in the post from my ex right hand woman - Nickie - who went back to her home land of New Zealand. They arrived this morning and are really cool.

And finally today - Shoe Watch.

I am going out for lunch today so am a little more dressed up than normal with a fitted dress - yes another dres!! In all my 45 years I probably only ever had one dress (White, Long, Lacy - o yes that type of dress) and now i own lots. My legs have never had so many airings. So todays shoes are formal lace up leather brogue. They are really comfy and make me feel really business like.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Samples.........

Hi there, Hope you all had a fabby weekend. I spent the weekend playing with the new PaperArtsy Christmas stamps. They are called Egg & Nog - you can see them HERE
Half of hem I made quite modern by using watercolours and 7gypsies Hudson Valley papers and of course my favorite - Stardust stickles ( My only nod to stickles )

The other half I did a little more traditionally by using Blonde Moments pearl pigment powders (Festive Bronze, Festive Candy, Festive Gold and Festive Copper), 7gypsies Zanzibar papers and green shimmer card.

I am not sure which are my favorites yet. Can't quite decide, but it just shows how the same stamps look totally different. I was dying to do them in my usual pink and turquoise, but resisted the urge ( for how long I'm not sure ).

Last night I should have been working on my brochure, but my art journal winked at me and made me play. I prepped loads of background papers using Claudine Helmuths new Studio Line by Ranger.

I absolutely love these paints. they are more of an artist quality and mix beautifully. The delivery should be here in time for the Great Northern papercraft show this weekend, so I will talk about them more later ( I must warn you though, once you use them you will want them all. Be afraid - be very afraid! )

Thursday, September 11, 2008

...Tomorrows Class...

We've had a last minute cancellation for tomorrow's sold out class, due to cracked ribs abd a broken wrist - Ouch!!! I'm sorry but i can't remember who was desperate to do it. First person to ring the studio and the place is yours. 01423 873739.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

... New Term ...

New workshops start again this week with fridays class being totally sold out!! There are still places on Saturdays class though - The Christmas Sleigh. For more info click here.

Just packing kits for my breakfast classes at the Great Northern Paper Crafts Extravaganza on the 20th/21st September. I'm sold out on the Sat but still have a few places available on the Sunday. You can get early entry into the show, a 1 hour workshop, coffee and cake - yes cake!!!

In my workshops we will be using my favourites - the pearl pigments. Dry, wet and even spritzed for stunning shimmery results. My workshop also includes a discount voucher and a little goody bag. For more info and to book click here.

I know i promised you sky high red heels but i thought i would throw you a curve ball instead. Black leather biker boots. I saved up a long time for these and lived in them all last winter. When i found them again it was like seeing a long lost friend - Luvvly!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

...Scotland ScrapAttack...

Well friday started off extremley wet and miserable but the further north we drove the nicer the weather became. Was this an omen we wondered!! The drive went brilliantly, and we had the classroom and the shop all set up by 9.30pm. A record!!

Then round to the B and B, which i have to say is the nicest B and B i have ever stayed in. It was absolutely gorgeous and the owners couldn't of been more friendly or helpful. If you are ever in that neck of the woods you need to stay at the Mansfield.

The classes went brilliantly, nobody holding anybody up, nobody rushing ahead- it was just right. The hall had plenty of light and everyone could see and hear what was going on. Many a laugh was had especially when they realised that i have this uncanny knack of being stood right behind them the minute they do anything wrong!!

My only complaint was the food. The table was groaning with delicious home backing whispering our names. And for someone with lots of intolerances it was torture. I did give in on the Sunday with Fionas pavlova - I just couldn't help myself - mind you i did leave some for the others.

I had to judge all the challenges - a job i hate because the standard is always so high it's really hard to just pick one. One of my favourites was a mini book made out of a pair of earings - yes thats right earings. Really ingenious - I can feel a class coming on.

By sunday night everyone was really tired but extremley happy. And on that basis we have already set a date for next year - 7th and 8th September 2009. If you book before the end of October there is £10 discount off the total.

There was a lot of interest in my creative art journals and so next year there is probably going to be an extra workshop tucked onto the weekend for all you journal junkies. I think you can book it with or without the weekend - not sure - you know what i'm like!! I will give you a link tomorow. So thats it - its all unpacked and put back into the shop and studio ready to go again.

Bought a fab high pair of shoes yesterday (As a treat for all my hard work lol) and they are red - yes red!!! Not completley sure they are me. I'll photo them tomorow and see what you all think.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Freebie Friday - Blog Candy

Hi all,

We haven't had a Freebie Friday for a while as we've been so busy, so I thought it was about time to have one.

We have 20 sets of Blonde Moments Minasie Moo Papers to give away free of charge. All you have to do is pay the postage!!
Each set of papers has 2 of each design, so 16 sheets of paper per pack for £2.95 saving you £7.05...
Striclty one freebie per person, per household, per credit/debit card

Click HERE to see how to get yours

Thanks Dy xx

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Away we go...........

Yes spot the mistake 08 - 08 is August not September Duh! I thought things were going too well! Still keeping up with the journal though. Here's one wondering where summer went - if indeed it actually came!

Well the vans packed and ready to go for an early morning start ( much to Emmi's disgust seen as she is out tonight ). Because Ben is injured, we are leaving him behind, so he will be at the studio Friday and Monday to answer your queries. Doubt he will make Saturday as he will still have to cheer on Harrogate in their first game of the season.

Probably won't blog now until Tuesday as I will not have access to the computer, so expect a bumper blog then.

Dy xx

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Th Journal Continues......

Ok, so the inside front cover is done, lots of grunge and tags. I'm really pleased with it. When I'm finished I realised I had put 08/08 - so there's a challenge! I am going to try and do a journal entry every day for the whole of September. There's nothing stopping me really. The pages are prepped, the books ready and of course I have all the time in the world!! There is the snag, but I am determined I am going to take that time every day for me. Shall we place bets on how long before I falter ha ha. First two journal pages are done, so feeling smug at the moment.

I have spent all day packing kits for the McDuff retreat, really looking forward to it. It's back to school time in our area and so all my kids classes start again this week. First lot will be arriving in about 20 mins - yey - have really missed them. This term we are making the wooden houses. Some of the kids are doing them for Christmas and others are doing gingerbread houses! Mind you as usual a lot of the girls have requested pink Blonde Moments houses to put on their dressing tables and to fill with bits and bobs. I'll keep you informed with pics of there progress.

Shoe Watch

I'd forgotten about this pair until I went routing around last night. These were an old favorite and with a lower heel much easier to last on all day.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Ongoing Journal Work....

Well I didn't go bowling or to the seaside. Two reasons - awful weather and torn shoulder ligaments from football ( not me I hasten to add). So unexpected chill out day. Quick flick round the house and then onto the journal cover. I had life putting the journal together, lots of mosaics of paint effects, Blonde Moments crackle and family photos all held together with Blonde Moments Ultra thick. ( Hopefully a flip recorded demo coming soon of this). Pink fluff, metal embellishment ( Tim's new tokens ), rub ons and everyones desert island favorite to complete the look - Glossy Accents! I am really pleased with it. At the moment the back of the cover just has a basic paint effect on an altered book cover, but as I said it is a 'work' in progress. By tomorrow that should have been transformed with tags and grunge board - I'll let you know.

Countdown to McDuff

Only 5 more sleeps until the Scottish retreat I am teaching at. I'm not sure if there are any more places left, but if you are fed up with the miserable weather, come and treat yourself. The projects are on my earlier August posts.

Shoe Watch

How about these killer beauties. When I've got these on I'm over 6ft and have to walk carefully - like a lady you know! Patent is massive this year and these shoes always make me laugh because I feel as though I've covered them in Glossy Accents!

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott