Tuesday, September 30, 2008

...Feeling Sorry For Myself...

Well thats it - the teeth (and hopefully the infection with it) are gone.

But what a way to go. They wouldn't come out and eventually snapped. So now my face feels and looks like it has done 6 rounds with Mike Tyson. I am doped up to the eyeballs with antibiotics and painkillers and really feeling sorry for myself. When we were kids and had teeth out my mum always made us 'pobs' - hot milk with chunks of bread floating in it. Two of the main things i am intolerant to!! Typical when you are craving. Of course the day you are feeling rough is always the day when you have the most going on!! We had a great technique class today, and the students were extremly patient with me ha ha. It was a packed class and quite intense so at least it took my mind off the pain. The kids are due in for their class any minute and then i have my regular Tuesday night class. Then and only then can i pass out.

When you are feeling lousy there is nothing better than putting on old comfy boots. So todays shoe watch are some real trusty old favourites. Old, worn but comfy as slippers lol.

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Bobs said...

Awwww, poor you Dyan. {{{{{hugs}}}}} xxxx

Hope you're not in so much pain tomorrow.


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