Tuesday, September 23, 2008

...Bumper Blog...

Hi Everyone,

Well its a bumper blog for you today. Yesterday was hectic after putting the shop back together from attending the Great Northern Papercraft Show in Harrogate. I love that show, not only is it in my home town (Always a bonus) but the people are always lovely and friendly. We started each day with a packed breakfast workshop. These workshops were new this year and proved to be a fab idea. My workshop was, of course, with my favourites the Blonde Moments Pearl Pigments powders. They are so versatille, dry, wet or spritzed.

My gorgeous, gorgeous friend the lovely Kirsty Wiseman was helping me out by working on my stand all weekend (note from Ben - if you can call chatting and socialising working!!!) She is such a scream and has all the customers in stitches. Our stand was the usual hive of activity with lots of people popping on and off to say hello. I was too busy to take any photos so if you have any can you please please send me some. Kirsty has a few over on her blog so have a hop over there. Saturday was a really really busy day so all we were capable of, at night, was flopping. Poor Ben - he lives miles away so was staying at my house and this is what he had to put up with. Me and Kirsty giggling and wetting ourselves at Strictly come dancing, crying over X Factor and generally annoying him. He says he now knows why he left home!!

Sunday was a quieter day so both of my girlies had the day off and we were joined on the stand by my lovely friend 'little Julie'. She is such a sweetie - I don't know how she found the time as her husband recently had a bad accident. He fell off a ladder and broke one leg and the ankle of the other leg. Nightmare - pots on both legs!! She was a star as i had forgotten my cream for my tea, without which i cannot function at a show. She duly harrased staff in the Exhibitors cafe and turned up with a cupful of whipping cream and therefore saved the day. This is the only major show i will be doing for a while, as we concerntrate more on the teaching studio and website, so a big thankyou to al of my loyal customers who were so lovely and supportive. Although we have a fab website (All new 7gypsies expected next week) a lot of our products are only available in the studio shop, so go on make the effort and take a trip to see us (always ring to check we will be there). The studio is full of sample boards, class samples and jam packed with inspiration. Be warned you will be here a while - but if i'm free i will always make you a cup of tea (i do have milk for all you normal people!!).

Tommorow is the wooden house day. The class is almost full so if you want to come you will need to be quick.

Tommorow i have got some lovely samples in the post from my ex right hand woman - Nickie - who went back to her home land of New Zealand. They arrived this morning and are really cool.

And finally today - Shoe Watch.

I am going out for lunch today so am a little more dressed up than normal with a fitted dress - yes another dres!! In all my 45 years I probably only ever had one dress (White, Long, Lacy - o yes that type of dress) and now i own lots. My legs have never had so many airings. So todays shoes are formal lace up leather brogue. They are really comfy and make me feel really business like.


Bobs said...

Oooooh - love the shoes for today, Dyan!

I have to say ..... I wondered who the jug of cream beside the water boiler at Macduff belonged to. Now I know!! But how could you like tea with cream?????? lolol


Dylan said...

I know it sounds disgusting doesnt it, I have a problem with milk but somehow cream is fine. It took me a while to get used to it tho. So now its a case of have cream will travel!!! lol

Anonymous said...

I have to agree the show was Fantastic - Loved your fast pace early workshop and will be queuing for a place next March if you do them again :0) Have enjoyed playing with my new stash including the butterfly stamps from blonde moments that I just could not resist again - will soon have all your stamps :0)
Janet x

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