Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do you want the truth or something beautiful..??

Just bought this album and it is absofrikkinlutely ace. Just love it, her voice is amazing...

Heres what else is rocking my world this week.

This is my favourite 7gypsies rub on, it is just so random and really appeals to my eclectic nature..!! And now they have answered my pleas and brought it out in a stamp set. Oh yes indeedy, and it is a maaaaaassssssssssiiiivvveeee 12 x 8in (ish). We have just restocked it as it flew straight out last week. Check it out HERE along with their other gorge, gorge large sets

These boots from Moda in Pelle. £200 cheaper than the ones I am craving.....

Bucket bags... This is my FAVE

My girlies....

Full marks for inventiveness but not sure of this headbands durability..!!!

These little beauties are revolutionising my storage problems..
You all know just how much I love my glossy magazines and this is my fave. It is only available biannually, which is just a damn shame really.

Organic crunchy peanut butter. Keep it in the fridge. Take a spoonful and lick it like a lolly. Mmmmmmmm heaven

Purely decedent couture corsets. One day I will have a waist...
And last but not least, late night phone calls from new friends. Thanks K xx

Hope there is something rocking your week for you..
Enjoy xx

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Talk about a fallen angel...prepare yourselves..!!!

Hiya peeps, hows you all today..??? My super efficiency carried on long into the night yesterday, and I hung the washing out at 3.30am. Great I thought it will be dry by the time I go to work. Err I don't think so..!!! Who the frikk said it could start raining...?? EEEEE the best laid plans. So I stayed at home and journaled in my deliciously tidy studio.

Some of you have risen to my latest challenge and sent in pics of your craft spaces

This is Mucky pup's

This is Lauras.

This is Gills. Bit neat eh..??

Ha ha this is Kate's, but she didn't send it in , I just purloined it off her blog...

Now this journal page is from the lovely Bev, who had her first visit to the shop on Friday. I wouldn't say she enjoyed herself but she seemed extremely reluctant to leave, lol. Anyhow she spent ages looking at my journals , wishing she could do one. So after some encouraging words from me..???? More like just get your finger out girl..!!! lmao, I've never been known for my subtlety. Anyway got a lovely email from her today, and a picture of her first ever journal page. I am really impressed, first that she was so inspired that she made a start, and second the fact that she had the guts to write on it, with the first thing that came to mind. That's the hardest part, so she is off to a flying start...

Here are some more of mine. Love this one in my small journal.

Really need to show you these as well. Both came in emails sometime today and this one had me laughing out loud. It came from the lovely Emma, and was captioned " Does my bum look big in this..??"

And this was from the lovely Caroline who perked up my day immensely. I am just writing my letter to Santa now, cos I've just got to have one of these in my stocking at Christmas....!!! Pleeeaaaassseee, I have been a good girl, honest...!! ( oh alright then, ......ish....does that still qualify..??

Phwoarrrrrr..!!! Not gonna get much sleep tonight with him as my screensaver eh..??? lmao

Enjoy xx

Monday, September 28, 2009

Day off.?? Its the future..!!

I decided to take the day off today and I have had a cool time. My house is sparkling, all the washing is up date, kitchen cupboards cleaned out, my tubs are all tidied and watered and I even tidied my home studio. Oh yes you heard me correctly..!!! Now I only said I was having a day off work , you didn't really think I would be content to sit on my, getter fatter by the minute, arse all day did you..??? I have been meaning to sort out the studio for ages so today was ideal, and I feel so much better for it. Here's some peeks.

Love it when its all organised and I can actually find things. I am going to be completely altering the studio later on in the year with all purpose built furniture, ooh I can't wait. But for now I am a happy little bunny. I would love to see photos of your creative space. Send them in and I,ll sort out a prize for the most innovative.
Enjoy xx

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Going. going gone...!!!!

Well, to quote Erykah Badu "what a day, what a day, what a day!!!"

It started off badly and then quickly went downhill for me. As you all know I always have trouble sleeping but just lately it is getting out of hand, and I am so tired sometimes. As my life is so busy I think I have an overload of adrenaline shooting through me. I am existing on just a couple of hours a night and it caught up me a bit this morning. I looked at the clock and was horrified to see it was 8.58am!!! WTF!!! My class was due to start at 9am...!! Now I am always very organised with my prep and had done everything the night before, but I still like to be there ar least an hour early, if not more. I jumped out of bed, splashed my face, brushed my teeth sprayed deodorant and put on the first clothes I came across. I drove carefully within the speed limit ( what a crock of shit, lmao!! ) and ran into the studio. All the lovely ladies were assembled in the corridor, intently studying my numerous display boards. I was mortified and extremely apologetic, but no one seemed bothered in the slightest. I of course had it in my head all day and was really beating myself up about it, but all they said was it was a great opportunity to take in the art work. How nice was that..??
Other bad things to happen today were:-
I ripped my new shirt on a peg in two places.
I sprayed above new shirt with Pink Dye ink
I only realised after a few hours I actually had no make up on ( yup, sorry about that ladies, lol)
Pam smashed the biggest glass bowl we own.
I tried to be proffesional and rise above it all, and I think I pulled it off. Actually I was lying about that bit..!! Thankyou students for bearing with me, you are the best students ever..!!!

Now you might remember seeing these shoes on my blog a while ago. They were altered by the lovely Bee and here she is modelling them in person.

I was useless with my camera this weekend and loads of people had left before I thought to take any photos. Duh..!! Heres the remainder
Essex Anne, Rosemary, Bee and Emma.

Emma, Janet, Northern Soulie Chris, and newbie addicted art journaler Carol.
Which part of " try to keep your areas clean" did they not hear..??

We had a surprise visit from mell's sister, Emma and her gorgeous baby, Archie. I tried to make as much noise as possible and even kicked the chair a few times, but no he just wouldn't wake up. What goods that, eh..??

Need to say thankyou for some lovely surprises. My faves from the lovely Janet.

And gorgeous flowers from the lovely Emma. There is of course a tale about them and yet again, somehow it is all my fault. !! She raced into ASDA early sat morning, bought me some flowers and was out again in 5 mins to find she was being issued with a parking ticket. She had forgotten to put her disabled badge on display. Now despite the fact it is obvious from her stick that she is entitled to park there, the fact that she was only 5 mins, and the fact that the car park was very empty, he insisted she was in the wrong. So she is going to have to contest it and see what happens. Now I hope you rethink about buying and bringing me flowers! No, silly, I don't want you to stop, I just want you all to be more organised and buy them the day before, lol.

Here is what we have been getting up to on this techniques weekend.

Ben rocked up at the end to attend to the ladies in the shop, sporting his latest black eye. It looks quite minimal here, but let me assure you it looks worse in real life. Ha ha can I just point out before you get carried off on the wrong train of thought. This is a Rugby injury not a gang related set to, lol
Aaaaaargh !!!!! The worst part of the day came in an e-mail entitle "can I still be your bezzie?"
With photographic evidence to show the demolition of the enchanted forest. Yes you've guessed it, my trees on bezzie Su's wall are gone, finished, finito, never again.
Here in all their glory.

What a sacrilege. To paint over a Blonde Moments Original piece of art..!!!! How could she. Does she not realise that in a few years it will be an extremely valuable ( sticks tongue firmly in mouth) She will regret it, oh yes indeedy, and I shall remind her of that at every opportunity, lmao
I have taken myself off work tomorrow in favour of doing art at home, thus giving myself permission to sleep late on the morning)
Here's some art jounally fabuloso for you to feat your eyes on...

Just so in lurve with this one. Love painting things out around.

Right, better get off now
Just thought I havent played you any Northern for ages, so here goes.
Enjoy and Keep The Faith xx

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott