Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thankyou elves, I luuuurve you lots..!!!

Sorry sorry sorry, these would not upload on Thurs so I gave up..!!! And I had no wifi in my room so I am sat in the dining room updating you now. lol.

On Thurs I had lots of little elves appear in the studio who I thank from the bottom of my heart. You all worked soooooo hard and got me out of panic mode. Thank you, thank you, thank you..

Here's the lovely Dawn, packing kits.

The lovely Sue, ( who amazingly came all the way from Liverpool to paint sledges, stayed overnight and came back again today to kit)

The lovely Pam, who nipped off before the camera came out as per usual..!!!
The lovely Katie, who continued with the demo stand whilst panicking she was doing it all wrong. Not at all it was a fabby job, I would have told you if it wasn't, lmao.
And the lovely Super Sarah Super pants who was adding the finishing touches.

So I am in Scotland, at the Macduff retreat. After a 9 hour drive, a spell in a Police car (will tell you later, lol), horrendous rain, it was a fab sight to be greeted by lots of lovely helpers. Ladies we love you. Ok brekkie is just being served and then I start the mammoth weekend. Ooh it sooooooo frikkin exciting, cant wait. Will try to do a bigger update tonight, but its a bit awkward as I have to do it in the landladies house..!!!! lol.
I,ll leave you with a journal page, its from Egypt, but I thought it was apt for the last dew days..!!!

Next sneak peek of the new collection HERE
Enjoy xx


Lesley Edmonds said...

Have fun!
Lesley x

Laura (Faerielore) said...

what lovely little elves :) the packs look FAB !!! and the journal pages are gorgeous, really really want to have a go at art journalling, your such an inspiration xxx

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