Thursday, September 10, 2009

Macduff part 2

Here's the rest of the retreats photos. Here they all are with their finished sleighs.

And there were so many fabby shoes that we had a joint piccy.

And here they are from a different angle.

This was the lovely Kerry showing her fabulous Art Journal

And here's some pics from it.

And here she is with her fabby mum, the lovely Bobs.

Monday was Art Journaling class, here they all are ready to start.

This was a quieter class after the hecticness ( made up word, lol ) of the last 2 days.
So quiet in fact that Denise put in a bit of office work. Here she is enquiring about the price of prawns...?????

My parcel of my Fabby dabby brand new stamps was supposed to arrive on the Saturday with a 24 hr delivery. Sounds simple enough doesn't it..???? Oh no, we are in Macduff where 24hr next day actually means it will get there when it gets there...!!!! So here it is 3 days later, when most of the weekend ladies have gone. Just had to get a photo of the lovely men who delivered it.

I quickly abandoned the class to rip the box apart. I hadn't seen my new stamps in the flesh, so to speak and couldn't wait.
Ooh.!!! found them...
Yayy, look at these little beauties. I get so excited, still, whenever I see something that I have designed. I hope that never goes away..!!!
Hard at work with the writing assignment..
Making the pages is a mucky but therapeutic task.

Bobs won the painting I did.

So after a packed, exciting weekend it all had to come to an end.
All that is left is my work case and my flowers....

What a fantastic weekend we had. Painting, beeswaxing, mini booking, alcohol inking, baubling, Art journaling, eating, laughing, socialising, pratting about, and generally having the time of our lives. We booked in next years event, and we are almost sold out immediately, which speaks for itself, doesn't it...???
So the next day saw me and The Goddess, up at 5.30 for an early start home. Good job we did the driving conditions were terrible. Foggy, windy and sleety..!!! Just what you need for a 10 hr drive home, lol. Any way we took our time ( no speeding ), had plenty of stops, including the Metro centre were I just happened to pick up a few essential (???) items. Back home for the kids class and the regular Tuesday night ladies. They played, I slumped quietly in a corner,lol..!!!
Its now Thursday and the van is repacked for the GNPE show this weekend in Harrogate. We are showcasing our new Blonde Moments range of papers and stamps. You are going to frikkin love them, I have been playing ( sorry, working extremely hard) with them all day, an have produced some fabby boards, even if I may say so myself lol . And just in time we had the delivery of most of it. Yayy.

I do hope you are going to come and see us at the show. We are in our usual spot, just inside the door, turn right. I an as usual teaching a brekkie workshop. This time I am using Claudine Hellmuth's range of paints and mediums, I am all sold out on the Saturday , but I think there may be a few left for Sun.

On the Sat, bezzie Su and the lovely Katie will be loitering on the stand, so you can make them blush by telling them how fab they were at learning to paint the stands. And on Sun you will have the pleasure of Sexy Susie. The gorgeous, fabulous, ever talented bezzie, Kirsy Wiseman is supposed to be gracing us with her presence, but I haven't spoken to her lately so cant confirm. But if she isn't she will be ever so slightly dead. Yes that's right..!!! lol. Ok really need to pass out now, but internet keeps cutting off tonight and playing silly beggars. So fingers crossed..
Enjoy xx


FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Wishing you a fab weekend at the show. I will be hindering (err, i mean helping) at the Worthing show, lol.

By the looks of it the weekend was enjoyed by all, but how could you not enjoy making xmas projects with the 'Northern Soulie Queen of Art'.

Luv Dee xxx

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Fab pictures again.
The painting you did for the prize is gorgeous.
Hope you have a fantastic show and sell loads.
I used to do shows, so I know how much hard work is involved.
Try not to sell all of the new goodies though.
Save some for your friends. :-)
I have my order ready to send, just waiting on the new stuff to be released and to see if you have some of the stuff I was asking you about.
Try to get some rest.
Michelle xx

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

The Macduff retreat pictures part 2 are awesome, can't believe how much you managed to cram into the weekend! The new stamps look fabulous!

Have a great Friday


SueC said...

Whew!!! what a weekend.Beautiful projects - you outdid yourself with those.
Kerry's journal pages are lovely - another talented lady. BTW what is Bobs blog?
Glad to see you haven't abandoned shoe watch!! I have become addicted to shoes (can spot a good pair at ten paces!!!)since following your blog and now if I pass a shoe shop I think Oh! Dyan would like those or can see Dyan drooling over those - how sad is that!!! haha!

SueC said...

PS Love your new quote of the week. Think that sums up quite a few of us!!!

ForgedinPaper said...

Thanks for a great weekend it was great. I'm glad I perservered with the sledge as well! Can't believe I managed to miss the fab show shot though. Looking forward to next year already.

Sharon said...

Love all the photos!
We were so lucky getting our hands on the stamp order on Monday LOL

Good luck this weekend at the show.

Kirsty Wiseman said...

im coming, im coming
ill be there in the morning and hope to stay Sat night - please.

Dont dead me!

Hugs xx

Traceyr said...

Wow great photos - do you never stop? hahaha

Have a great weekend. Although it will be busy. x


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