Tuesday, September 1, 2009

must be about time to make you all cry again, surely!!

A big, big thank you for your lovely comments. I really needed them today to outweigh the crappiness I had flung my way. (don't worry, nothing I cant handle and at least I can now, at last, close that particular chapter of my life!!) . Am loving that you are all loving it as well, lol.

Had a fabby workshop today, Zetti Beeswax accordion book.
Here they are in action L _ R Jane, Shelley, and Sandra ( who has just completed her first ever art journal page, and it was gorgeous, just like her)

Jill, Janet ( celebrating her first official day of retirement ) and Sue ( a recent Twitter pal , so nice to meet in person )
They all did a fabulous job and came up with some wonderful creations. Look how ace they all look together.

The paints were Claudine Hellmuth (ne w delivery any day now), the stamps were Tim Holtz, and the images were all Lisasalteredarts.
Bezzie Su turned up at the regular Tues night class clutching her bare Moleskine. After countless excuses and delaying tactics from her and intense bullying and with holding of blu lollies she actually manage to make a start on a spread.
Oh yes , that is her tongue poking out which always helps. She even arrempted a bit of painting and shading. Now addicted to circles so threw some of them on. She even stuck images and a border on. Looking real good. You always feel so much better when you have made a start on one.
As you know it is my mission to get you all Art Journaling, and it is slowly starting, like ripples in a pond. One of my friends , the lovely Derbyshire Ann, sent me a poem today, and I replied telling her she needed to journal, she fired back with the usual excuses but I served a winning ace and came up with all the right answers. Well lo and behold a couple of hours later she flung me another email, laughing her head off and wondering about my psychic abilites. She had order some paste paper for her art class and when she unwrapped, what do you think was in there as a free gift. Yes thats right , a journal, ha ha . How spooky is that. Well she must be convinced now, but last message I got was "I,m still thinking about it" lol
The lovely Lesley has also happened to find a journal and has completed her first page and is so proud. You can see pics on her BLOG.
Heres the poem Ann sent me, and shes right , it just about sums me up.
I am changing.
Slowly becoming someone new.
Twisting, adapting my soul.
To this pain .
Ever painting on the canvas of life .
Ever writing on the book of my being.
I am changing .
Seeing far, my eyes wide open.
To the mystery of another secret!.
By Laura Mercurio Ebohon
So to the gorgeous commentees
Ink Fairy, get yourself over , you know you want to , lol.
Virginia, you sound almost as giddy as me girl.!! Journal in loads of books, all shapes and sizes. I give you permission, lol.
M, awww thanks, where are you from.?
Tracy, mwah
Melanie, thanks for the info but you dont specify where the offer is. I,ve not had a prob so far with the Sharpies or the qty of paint, but I have a sketchbook one as well.
Sharon, 4 more sleeps, yayy.
Wright boys mum, a girl after my own heart.
Lesley, way to go girl , fab first page. Now you are off.
Anne, vodka always helps, it kills all known germs, including the "letsputitoffabitlongercosIdontknowwheretostart germ", trick is knowing when to stop, lol
and finally Sandra, oh you so need to get your butts over here. I know you work real hard too, but this is sooooo therapeutic. Loving your folk art.
So now I am onto more of my journal pages.
So thats me done today. Oops no it isnt, wanted to share with you this video I found on Northern Soulie Sandras blog. It is so powerful and reminds us that throughout the shittier times in life there is always someone very special looking after us. Be warned, you cant watch this and not cry!!!!!
Enjoy xx


somebody who needs to love herself said...

I am from hot and humid Malaysia.

I started art journalling cause of u :) i'm getting there still a lot of fear of messing it.

will try the circles tonight

continue to inspire us dyan cause u are such a gift!


Jennie -The Artistic Stamper said...

love the video, thanks for sharing :)

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

Bless ya a link to my blog - made me real proud - you still going through it then? from what you said, keep journalling life throws some curve balls at us sometimes we just need to be prepared for them!

Loving the journal pages - particularly the snowman! As for my whereabouts I'm in little old Rotherham and spend every other Monday night attending Sandra's scrapbook class at the local scrapbook shop - I was so envious that she'd been playing with beeswax yesterday - particularly when I found out she'd been at your shop to do it!

I've been scrapping since March 2004 and love it, but I also love how things evolve and I'm a minibook addict as well as now dabbling in the art journalling - which is just for me!

I saw the video link on Sandra's blog and cried - so if you don't mind I'll refrain from watching it again this morning as I've got to head into work!

Hope you have a fabulous day - might put some piccies of my art journal on my blog, very different to yours but like you said once you find something you like go with it - don't you just love these lengthy replies I have to send - everyone else sums things up in a sentence or two - not me - war and peace all the way LMAO



SueC said...

Hi Dyan
You are right. It will make you cry.
Don't watch the video if you are due to go to work as I am now with tears streaming down my face.
Whew! so powerful!
Sue x

ForgedinPaper said...

I have to agree with Anne's vodka comment. As they say in the Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood it can't be a real emergency if they only need one bottle of vodka. Great post! 3 days to go...

Ann said...

Will do some more thinking whilst walking today - I am a Libran, what more do you expect!!!
Derbyshire Ann xx

JaneyB said...

Yes, you're right. It made me cry and then some. I've had a strong faith since being about 16. Sometimes it burns like those fires in California, sometimes i'm struggling to see the flicker. I'm right there in the latter at the mo. You know me, and all the 'stuff' that's been our intermittant living hell for the past 15 months. I'm still walking the vicious circle trying to find a way out (not succeeding by the way the video affected me I guess),but now I've just realised that I'm not looking in the right place for help. Durrr! Sometimes you cannot go it alone, and no matter what friends you have, or family for that matter, the loneliness that grief can make you feel is very hard to bear. HOWEVER!!!, keep doing what you are doing Dy, cos you are having an affect on me, and thanks for the video (just what I needed!).

Now, for my next chapter in total self-absorption, what do I do in 3 weeks time when Stef goes to uni and I'm a blubbering wreck for 2 reasons then!!!??? Don't worry I'm laughing my bit fat arse off!!!! xx

Laura (Faerielore) said...

Hey Dylan, The class looked great I SOoooooo wish i lived near you, i have noone to craft with and would love to start an art journal and start some altered art projects, oh well. The tags all look great together and your journal pages are once again an inspiriation :) .... hmmmm vodka !!! i always find mine in a bottle of rose hehehehehe

Unknown said...

Your such an inspiration Dyan, thanks so much for taking the time to blog for us all! I just wish there were more hours in the day! (lyric_grace on twitter!)

Katy said...

Lovin your art journal tips, I have been and bought some sharpies I already had the black one and read your post, so bought some coloured ones and ordered some inktense watercolour pencils!! Just need to find a journal now!!


Kaz said...

I've been avoiding commenting about your lovely journalling in case you make me try it, but I'm having to tell you off for making my eyes sore with that video!!! I'm not crying, oh no, not me, but my eyes hurt so they appear to be watering.

It certainly gives you comfort after the sadness.

ps, thanks for being so quick with the rock candy distress paint. I ordered mine this afternoon xx

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
That video is so sad,I cried and set the baby off, poor little pet.
Your pages are FAB!!
Just got your newsletter, Oh boy my order has just gotten bigger.
The new paper is GORGEOUS, can't wait to see the rest and the new stamps. Just reading the names is getting me going you are such a tease!! :-)
Meant to ask you what paint you used on the mirror For the McDuff weekend in the last post.It's a lovely colour.
Michelle xx
P.S Did the girls have a good holiday? You must be so glad to have them home. :-)

Marie R said...

Hi Dyan

Just watched that ..... video!!!! Really set me off as I've had a very crap few months including being told I have cancer then after the op telling me they aren't sure just wait another four months and come back!!!! Think I need to start journaling!!!! Am coming to the show on Sunday 13th with Angela and can't wait so don't sell out of your new stuff before we get there. Tell Ben half on Saturday and half on Sunday!

Looking forward to seeing you all

Love Marie x

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