Friday, September 11, 2009

Ooooooh its all go.

Well I am sat here completely knackered, lol, eating treacle sponge and custard. I know, I know I shouldn't but I am , so there!!!! I am in defiance mode, lol, which will only backfire in an hour, but there you go.....
We have spent the day getting the stand ready for the Great Northern Papercrafts Extravaganza (GNPE). It always amazes me that people are surprised that it takes us a whole to put the stand up, as though we just poll up and its all done ready for us, lol. In reality it is 2 days of packing boxes, prepping and loading the van, and 6 hours of putting it all together. Here's some of the boxes.

Shelves have to be assembled, grids have to be built and fitted together.

Everything has to be wrapped and lifted off the van and in.

look at all these goodies...

The stands still had to be finished off and varnished.

Is that the sun shining on the righteous...??? lmao

Will show you the finished result tomorrow.
Anyway, tomorrow is the big day for the launch of the new, long awaited Blonde Moments Christmas Range "All I want for Christmas" Yayyyyyyyyy.....!!!!! All of the range will be available HERE as soon as we are back from the show.
There are 4 new sets of rubber stamps
Merry and Bright
Oh Xmas Tree

Dressing the tree

And,Winter Greetings

And then the fabby papers. I have gone back to traditional colours, with a twist, of course, lol. Nice warm rich tones which compliment perfectly the folk art inspire, hand painted designs. I have painted like this for a long, long, time now and decided I wanted to give it a new modern airing. And I feel I have succeeded. It is extremely easy to work with and I have made it suitable for card makers as well as all the altered and scrappers. As usual it is on a high quality grade of paper which tears and accepts ink beautifully. .What more could you want..??? So lets introduce it.
The main sheet,"Santa Baby", is designed to be cut up and has a multitude of uses. Unfortunately it has the same effect as Pringles "once you pop you just cant stop", lol

This one is "Fairytale of New York". All the baubles are designed to perfectly fit our wooden baubles for the perfect tree or gift ornament.

"Rocking Around the Christmas Tree"...This reminds me of some of my favourite books as a youngster, by Enid Blyton. The Far Away Tree, being the bestest favouritest..!!!! Doesn't this remind you of a magical forest, or is my medication set too high, lol...

"Hard Candy" named after one of my fave Christmas songs, by Dolly Parton no less. Always need spots in a collection I feel...

"Jingle Bells". No Christmas is complete with out lights...

" Silent Night" complements them all perfectly.

"When a Child is Born" in memory of Mum.

and "White Christmas" in memory of Dad.

All the above come in true 12 x 12 in. But we also have them available in a 6 x 6 pad, with the designs shrunk down.

And, get this..!!!!! I have done a 6 x 6 pad in black and white, so that you can colour it however you want. How cool is that..??? It is printed onto a strong 250gsm card and is perfect for my pearl pigments, paints, inks, felt tips, lyra crayons, Karisma pencils, Copic/Pro markers.

Oooooh a colouring book for grown ups. I spend hours doodling and colouring in and most years Mum always bought me a colouring book for Christmas. As a child it was the one and only thing that could keep me occupied. Well this year -no Mum- means no colouring, until now. Life goes on and you just have to adapt with it . Mum also loved colouring and I like to think that she would approve...
And Dad would have been so proud that I am still battling on and fighting for what its worth, despite the many setbacks sent to try me...(but not so impressed by the totally unnecessary treacle sponge and custard), lmao...
So now you know what I,ve been up to. The range is launching tomorrow and has been released to retailers, and they will be getting their deliveries this week, so look out for it in a store near you. If your local store doesn't sell it why don't you drop them a gentle hint..??? lol Right I,m off for some shut eye. If you are coming to the show, please come and say hi to us all. And don't forget to say who you are when I look blank, lmao.
Enjoy xx


Michelle said...

Fantastic new range of goodies, you are one very talented lady.
You can bet your mam and dad are looking down on you and beaming with pride!! :-)
I'm impressed you get set up in 6 hours, It used to take me 9 hours but I was on my own for most of it.
It's back breaking work.
Oh the memories!!
Hope you Have a very busy weekend.
Get some rest.
Michelle xx

Cath said...

Have a great weekend. I am sorry I cant make it as the papers look wonderful, but if its any consolation its poring with rain here in Cyprus....

flutterbycrafter said...

Wow, wow, wow, not much more to say when you see true talent on display. Wonderful, can't wait to get my hands on them. See you on Sunday. Hope it all goes well, hugs Ann xxx

Sharon said...

Love all the new designs and the names you have chosen. I too loved the Magical Faraway Tree as a child - I ahve not long finished reading it to my boys and plan on reading the rest to them too.

Good luck at the show.

Lesley Edmonds said...

Love the new range of goodies.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Sandra Hall said...

Fantastical new papers!!!! Can't wait to get them! They are truly scrumptious - and definitely belong to the "stroking" category! (all scrappers will know what that means!!) Hope all goes well at the show. x x

Siobhan Brignull said...

what a brilliant idea to do a black a white version for colouring in, a gold medal crafting moment even, hope I'll be able to pick one up soon. Hope you had a great time and are now suitably knacked, Siobhan
ps please do ally pally April 2010, if you need a reason, "I'll be there", ROFL

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