Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy or should that be Aaaaayyyyyyeeeee ?????

So I,m back from the first day of the Scottish retreat and I have left my camera lead at the hall so I cant upload the thousands of photos I have taken, bummer..!!! We have had a fabulous day. I love it here, they are all soooooooo enthusiastic and eager to learn. This morning we made a cupcake recipe tin with a pocketed accordion pull out. Slight hitch when we found something vital was missing from the kit, but the lovely Sandra , who organises the retreat, saved the day. We alcohol inked the tin which went down a storm. We then started on the painting of the giant snowmen baubles, which had them all quaking in there boots, lmao. What is it about painting that puts the fear of God in you all..?? If I didn't think you could do it I wouldn't attempt to teach you would I. All you need to do is listen to what I tell you and then do it. Simples. Unfortunately a lot of you listen to what I tell you, over process it in your brain and do it differently, lol. What I need you all to do is take your own initiative, throw it in the box and collect it again on your way home..!!!! Well it worked today because you should see the snow men they are frikkin fantabuloso.... I wish I could get the photos on tonight but never mind. I never expected the results that I got, and I am sooooooo proud of them all. It has given them great confidence, which bodes well for tomorrow's sleigh painting.

Today just whizzed by and we didn't get all done that I had planned, so they were sent home with homework, ha ha, and instructions to be here bright and breezy in the morning, ready to start on the dot of nine..!!!! I am going to be really strict tomorrow and work them like crazy, no time for gossip and leisurely tea breaks, I can tell you now.

We haven't even finished this retreat and they are booking for next years. Same time, same place, lol. If you live down this end of Scotland you are quite welcome to join us. I,ll get a contact number for you all, but I wouldn't leave it too late at this rate. One added bonus is all the home cooking. I have never seen so much. Homemade soups to die for, quiches, pastries, salads, butteries(still not quite sure what they are) and the cakes and puddings are out of this world. Luckily I cant eat any of that or I would come home 2 st heavier. Last year I went mad and gave in to the pavlova and the sticky toffee pudding. They were like manna from heaven, but my stomach paid the price as usual, which is not good when you have a 10 hour van drive home..!!! So I am being good (at the moment..!!)

So onto my little tale about the hospitality of the Scottish law and order enforcers. There I was driving along the motorway, in my long wheel based white van, singing along to Gentleman Jim. We had been going through roadworks for ages with speed restrictions of 50mph. Suddenly I saw a police car , at the side of the motorway, up ahead, flagging me over. I had to pull right over and after he got over the shock of seeing a woman driving a van instructed me to sit in the back of his car. I couldn't understand a frikkin word they were saying and had to ask them to speak slowly, to which they were not at all impressed. They asked me what speed I thought I was doing to which I replied approx 53mph. He said I was in fact doing 54mph, to which my reply was, well is that bad, and the answer was , Yes its a 40mph zone. Err wtf, since when, I never saw any signs..!! He then said, ah so you were driving without due care and attention ?? Cant win can you..?? So I just said , fine, I,m sorry, guilty as charged. And then the B*&^(*^&^%s slapped me with 3 penalty points and a £60 fine, as well as berating me for not carrying my driving license around with me, tutting cos I didn't know what a fiscal something or other was, and warning me that I was a danger to society. I thought about telling them I was only a danger to myself and thought better of it. Can you believe the fine though..??? Bu&%$er, Bo*^£$ks and BU%&^er again... When I got back in the van, our Ems said the same as me, what 40 mph..?? Cant understand it because the world and his wife were all racing past me anyway. Anyway such is life..!!!!

Right I need to go pass out now ready for a mega day tomorrow. Don't forget there will be another sneak peek HERE

Enjoy xx


ScrappyDandyDoo said...

LMAO Dyan, say Hiya to my forum buddy Sharon aka CraftyPants for me please, and check she is wearing fabulous shoes :D

Julie xx

Sharon said...

Yeah we survived the bauble painting LOL!!
I think Kerry should get top marks for drawing (rude) snowmen's noses!! I should have packed a Tena Lady LMAO
Just as well she is my bestest and doesn't hit me for laughing.
My homework is all done however I managed to warp my craft mat in the process with the heat gun - when will I learn that I can't use a heat gun on it!!

Looking forward to another fun packed day tomorrow.

Sorry to hear your policeman's tale - grrrrr! worse still if he wasn't handsome!

Hope you get plenty shut eye tonight Dyan.
Love and hugs

Bobs said...

Please miss, I've done my homework like a good little girlie! :-)

See you tomorrow, bright and early!


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Sounds like you are having a FABBY time. I wish I could be there, the ladies in scotland are so lucky.
Have a fantastic time everyone.
Can't wait to see the pictures. :-)
Can't believe the police, boo hiss!!
Loving the sneaky peaks!!!!!
Michelle xx

Traceyr said...

What a rude copper. Hope you got his number - I'm presuming he was a male?

Sounds like you are having a wonderful retreat dispite the hitch at first.

:) Looking forward to the photos. x

Laura (Faerielore) said...

sounds like the retreat is going FAB i like the sound of all the yummy home cooking too hmmmmm hehehehe omg !!!! thats terrible blooming policemen definately not what you wanted:(

Darcy Marshall said...

oo are you on the run now lol hope the encounter doesn't spoil your time up there.

P.S I have actually finiahed my very first art journal page, thankyou so much, couldn't have done it without you.x

FauxPainter - Dee Paramour said...

Too many little hitlers now, whatever happened to a friendly warning and a slap on the wrist. Sounds like the B*!*!*d that stopped me and did me for a headlamp that had only just gone. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been doing OH and friends a favour by picking them up from the pub and dropping them home to save on taxi fares. Needless to say it's far cheaper for them to find thier own way home now, lol.

Am loving the new stuff, makes you happy just looking at it.

Luv Dee xxx

Mooneybeams said...

Oh god I miss butteries! I love love love LOVE them! They're like salty flat croissants, sort of. Toasted they are absolutely delicious and go straight to your hips and arteries, of course!

I sounds like you've had a complete lark and I look forward to drooling over the photos and wishing I could have gone!

Kaz said...

What a cheeky, patronising so n so! Glad you had fun at the retreat to make up for it. Looking forward to some photos.

I'm up for online painting tuition if you do any.

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