Saturday, October 27, 2012

New addition to .....

...the Dylusions family...

Wait for it...

The Design Team family..

Yes you heard correct...we have someone joining my fabulously, awesomely talented bunch.


Who could it be..??? Who could be joining the ranks...??

Maybe this little clue will help

Did I mention I love Mexican Food.??

No.?? How about this...? 

 I recently found another new passion to add to my paper crafting love....Stamping and spray inks!  Who knew how addictive it could be!  I'm hooked!

Are you getting warmer...??

Here's another clue..

.I'm Father to many dogs, ducks and a cat named Buzzy out on a farm in Granger, Texas.  I'm a city boy who moved out to the country 10 years ago.  You want adventure....I got it!  I love to use my hands and what's left of my mind to create anything!

You must be getting really warm now, surely..??

   My favourite things are paper crafting 3-D objects, Top Hats, Mexican Food, Italian Food, teaching, creating, designing, crafting....?

Who else could it be, but, the one, the only........

Yes it's the truly, truly, lovely Jim Hankins aka The Gentleman Crafter...

I first met Jim at Cha in July where to my surprise he was a little bit tongue tied, lol. But we hit it off and I made him promise to dip his toe in the world of inks. Well, he didn't just dip his toe, he only went and blooming dived in, head first, and I don't think he has surfaced since. Just look at some of the fantabulous things he has come up with ...

and my flabber was well and truly ghasted when I saw this project...

To see all these beauties up close, pop over to Jim's blog The Gentleman Crafter  Whilst there give him some big old love and welcome him to the team.

After looking at his last lot of pics I have no doubt he will fit right in, lol

He he even the dog is looking confused..!!!

I am sooo pleased that Jim did me the honour of agreeing to design for me, it has been in the pipeline for quite a while now, but with being poorly it has taken me an age to actually blog about it...sorry about that. 

Jim thank you for being so patient and welcome to my Dylusional world.

 I salute you Sir...

Enjoy xx

Monday, October 15, 2012

As I write this....

...many of you will be sleeping peacefully or gently snoring your little heads off..!! I am sat at Philadelphia airport waiting for my flight back home to the UK...woop woop. Not that I am glad to leave my US friends, but it has been a long trip this time and my abscess is nowhere near better. I am a little less like a lopsided hamster but only just, lol.

I land in the morning and I am teaching a full class on Wednesday so I am looking forward to some chaos and shennanighans..!!

I have been trying to upload the many photos from my trip but I don't think the WiFi will take it, so I am going to sit back and wait till I am home.

Enjoy xx

Ps...aren't you just loving my new journal!!! lol

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott