Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes only white maltesers will do...

Apologies for the distinct lack of tittering today, but I seem to have been out and about for most of it...and suddenly its 9.30..!!! Not sure what happened there..??? Managed to sleep in (yes I did use the word sleep!), attend a counselling session, coffee with a bezzie, put the world to rights, bit of interior designing,painted Christmas lights, airport run, paperwork, emails, shopping, crying on a mates shoulder (hes used to it lol), pigging out on mini jaffa cakes (sorry Maisie I,ll get you some more honest..), planning my business strategy and drinking tea. Phew...!!! Think it will be bath and early bed...Ha ha you thought I was serious then didn't you..?? No way I can feel an all night painting and eating chocolate session coming on...Yayy..

Another Queen entry, from the lovely Pat. Imagine my surprise when I saw this..?? Yes its me lmao. Apparently this is a tag from an altered book she is making. And the subject of the book , I just had to ask....Its Art from the Heart..!!!! cant wait to see it.

Awww how cute do I look...???

Well maybe not in the next picture..Ben and the lovely Katie came home from Egypt today and look what they brought me ..A naff hat and an even naffer fridge magnet...!!!

I also got a naff papyrus scroll, a naff glass pyramid and a naff scarab beetle. Yes that's right a frikking scarab beetle. What can you say..?? I said "hmm well its the thought that counts", and they both replied " trust us there was absolutely no thought". Its alright Ben laughing, just wait till tomorrow and he sees what I,ve got up to in his absence..!!
Ok off to the garage for white maltesers and then canvas here I come...
Enjoy xx

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tis the Season..Fa la la la lah....!!!

Ooh 2 posts in one day......

Another Queen entry to show you. This is from Lisa, and I think this is the first time she has even photographed her work , never mind entered it into something...This is a card
for a friend who is going travelling for a year. What a lovely thought. So now you,ve taken the plunge Lisa, you,ll have to do some more.

Even if you never send your work in anywhere it is always a really good idea to photograph it so you have a record. Its great to look back on and also to record your work . As you can gather I make absolutely tons, but apart from magazine work, only really have records of them since I started the blog. Its such a shame, cos there no way on earth I can remember what I,ve done. I struggle to remember what I did last week , never mind in past years lol.
Heres another queen. This one is by Mucky pup aka Sarah. She sent me this last week but I couldnt get the link to work, but thankfully the lovely Kate resent it for me. Thanks babe...( By the way, you've had a week and a half to think about it Kate, now just bloody get on with it, lmao)

Have spent the day working on my next project. I am sooooo excited about it that I could wee myself...yes really I could, lmao. I love it, love it, love it..but I am keeping it under my hat for a while longer. I know, I know, but you,ll just have to be patient wont you..??? lol

Its 11pm and I only came home 30 mins ago, I was that engrossed with it. I,ll give you a couple of clues with my tricks of the trade tools..

And here's some really, really, sneaky peeks.

Ooh bet you cant guess the theme. ?? I am on a mission this Winter to get you all painting, as it is sooooooo relaxing. I hadn't realised just how much I had missed it, till I started again the other day. At one time you couldn't move in our house for things in the middle of being painted. If it moved I painted it. At one point Mark smashed his leg to bits and was in pot from hip to toe, and guess what..?? Yes that's right I painted it. He patiently sat (well he couldn't really escape then could he lol) whilst I painted Xmas trees and snowmen all around it. We always caused quite a stir at his many hospital visits, and it always livened up the consultants day. When it came time to be replaced with a new pot, they spent ages carefully removing it so we could keep it. Its somewhere in the studio, I,ll have to find it to show you all. But don't hold your breath it could be a long job..!!!

Ok I,ll leave you withe this gorgeous photo of my little sweetie princessa, relaxing after a long hard day...

Aww couldn't you just eat her..??? lol

Enjoy xx

Oh yes...

So the laptop went away......... Then the laptop came back.......Every things hunky dory yeah....???
Err no this is my life we are talking about remember..!!!!
Sat in bed last night ready to blog, thought ow!! the laptops burning my leg it was soooo hot and then BANG..!!! Yes it blew.
Every time I plug it in it over heats and blows up...WTF...???
Remember there was nothing wrong with the laptop in the first place, it just needed a new charger, so how come a perfectly working one comes back buggered. .?? So its got to be collected AGAIN, and go away AGAIN, which means I have to borrow Tom's AGAIN..!! Poor lad he has had 2 days use out of it and hasn't seen it since...
The biggest laugh was when the person on the other end of the phone told me to back up the data, errr what data matey ??? The frikking thing wont stay on long enough for me to input any, lmao....
Anyway just a quickie cos I am hell bent on painting mode today. More luvvly duvvly queen challenges to show you. The first is from Sonja, who is one of the Macduff retreat girlies. You can see more on her blog

Just love the throne..methinks I need one of them...
This is from the lovely Sue, who travels all the way from Liverpool with her lovely daughter Sarah just to come to journaling classes. That's dedication isn't it..?? Just love this and the way she has used real pieces of jewellery.

The next two are canvas's from my lovely Pam. Really neat idea this and great for gifts. Can see these going on my Christmas list...

I know there are loads more to come in, so don't be shy, get them sent...
It was Art Journaling again yesterday and we had a lovely day, but I forgot to take any photos, sorry bout that lol. The only one I managed to get was for shoe watch. This is the lovely Caroline.

Right, told you I would be quick, didn't I..?? I,m off for a cuppa creamy char and then armed with my trusty paintbrush I am going to attack Rudolph and friends...
Enjoy xx

Monday, July 27, 2009

And then there was light..!!!

Well it was all fun and games this morning. Me and the Goddess had an appointment with the bank , so I got in early so I could collate all the info we needed. there I was sat at my desk, applying my slap, when one of the lights started buzzing. I ignored it but it got louder and louder until the noise was quite frightening. Then all of a sudden there was an almighty bang and I was thrown into total darkness, mascara wand in hand, lol. I wasn't sure what to do as there was a real strong smell of burning but I couldn't see a thing. I eventually negotiated my way to the door and rang the landlord with an SOS. no prob he said someone will be there sometime today..!!! NOOOOOOOOOO I practically shrieked I need them NOW, got to sort the bank...
I found my way back to my desk and plugged the laptop in to give me a little light and that's where Emmi found me 10 mins later. For one moment she had a horrible feeling I was sat there intentionally in darkness, lmao. Depression was setting in fast, but then Emmi discovered the kettle was still working , joy of joy's..!!! A cup of creamy tea makes everything more bearable.. Simples.
Well the cavalry swung into action, ok the builders from down the corridor. They brought me a big flood light and a transformer. Not quite sure how much make up they actually thought I was applying..?? Anyhow they plugged it in, only to have no joy at all. maybe I,m jinxed ha ha . Eventually they provided me with light and we could proceed with applying the slap and collating the bank files. Then we hotfooted it into town as fast as our high heels would carry us, and made it with mins to spare. yayy..!! We then proceeded to dazzle them with our charisma and charm and hope it did the trick..fingers all crossed. Cant say any more as I know he reads the blog.. Hi Steve , lovely seeing you today, you get younger and better looking every time. ( well a bit of buttering up never did any harm, did it..? lol ).

I then spent the rest of the day, drawing and painting Christmas. And no there are no sneak peeks, you will just have to exercise a bit of patience. But OMG are you gonna love it when you see it..!!! Its ages since I,ve painted like that, and although it is time consuming it is extremely relaxing.

Ok I,ll leave you with 2 more queen entries.

The first is from Anne. Love the use of Tim's Distress Crackle paint on the background. The matt finish contrasts beautifully with the jewels.

And here's one from Su. You need to look closely, but there are a lot more queens sandwiched between a dress pattern stuck on the page.

Keep sending them and I,ll keep posting them.
Guess what I,m teaching tomorrow. Yes that's right Art Journals again. You all cant get enough of them. Wonder if we'll have tears during..??
Whatever you are up to Enjoy xx

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Trouble with me antlers..!!!

Here we go with some more entries for my Queen challenge. I will be keeping it open for a while so keep them coming in. Rules are you have to hop over to , purchase one of the queens digital downloads and make something with it. Tell Patty who owns the site you have come from me. Prize is a load of goodies from me and some digital downloads from Patty. What are you waiting for..??

This one is from Sarah. She has made a sign for her craft room door. Love it.. To see more pics of it hop over to her blog .

This next one is from the lovely Susie, who I bullied into entering. She apparently tore up her first lot in fright. But she gamely complied and here it is. Its great, you daft bat,,!! lol

And this is from Christine, who I have got hooked on mini books and my fabby dabby weekends, lol. It is an actual mini book of queens. Gorgeous...

Yesterday was Technique Mirror, always a cool class , but I forgot to take any photos...Durr..!!! Did remember at the end to photo this gorgeous heritage book that the lovely Jean made.

Loving the burnt edge technique round all the photos.

And as usual she had on jazzy shoes. Here she is with Sexy Susie.. Such glamour pusses...Love them to

After the class I had a surprise visit from the most beautiful grand daughter in the world. She had been making buns with Aunty jay and was desperate for me to taste them.

How cool are they..?? She insisted that I have two, one for each hand lol..

Today was Art Journals Day. It is in the middle of every ones holidays and so the class was not quite as busy as usual. Look at this gorgeous card that Bezzie Su made me. With a queen theme of course..!! Thanks doll .. xx

After much show and tell, cups of tea, rude insults and a demo from me, they all settled down and got on with their own thing. I love to see how confident they have all grown in just a few months.

Here's some of the work, too late with the camera again..!!!

This was the demo I did for them, to make two pages in my Queen book.

And here's the inner page for the book.

Ok, must get back to my designing now, having trouble with Rudolphs ears..lmao

Enjoy xx

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott