Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blank Canvas...

Ooh just time for a quickie post tonight... Am running around like a headless chicken ( no change there then, lol ). It started badly this morning with the builders continuing their assault on our eardrums. they are lowering the floor to accommodate a large trampoline, and unfortunately the floor is 18 in of pure concrete, hence the noise. well we couldn't answer the phone, we couldn't hear the music (biggest sin in my book) and me and Ems couldn't even hear each other without resorting to sign language. We stuck it out as long as we could and then though , bugger it and closed the shop and studio. So Builders 1 - Dylan 1, ha ha ...

Ben has been off sick today, so I hope hes better tomorrow as he is the only one in. Ems is coming with me to hold my hand as I embark on my next tattoo.... This tattoo is very important to me and I have been planning it for years. It is all designed and consists of all things that are really symbolic to me. Will share peeks as soon as it calms down lol. I understand that a lot of you find the idea of tattoos distasteful and weird, but I love them and that's what matters. I am still the same person underneath , I am just extending my art to my skin. I believe we are all tattooed under the skin , its just that some choose to make theirs more visible than others.

So onto more art....more journal pages

for a neat twist on the newspaper pages of my journals, pop over to Red shoooes and inky fingers
Darcy (00ps, not quite sure if that is her name, apologies if it isn't,..) has made a journal ready to start and just needs to get over her fear of the blank page lol. But shes taken the first step which is the most important. Once she starts I,m sure she will fly through it..
Enjoy xx


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Good luck with the tatoo, you are so brave!! I'll be thinking of you, hope it's not too painful. :-)
Love the journel pages.
I seem to have completly lost my mojo. I can't do anthing.
I pull out things to do and just end up putting them all back again.
I am so frustrated.
Where do you get all the great images for your journels??
They are fab.
Michelle xx

Dylan said...

Hey girl, its gonna kill, lol. It will be hitting a lot of bone..!!! But it is something that is going to help me with my healing and my journey onwards...
All my images are just cut from magazines ets. The glossies int he |Sunday Times and Mail on Sunday are great. I also buy mags like ID, Another magazine amd health mags. I spend hours cutting them out and then they are all there ready to use. \start cutting out and your mojo will come back xx

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

The journal pages are awesome as always. I've never been brave enough to have a tattoo or come to that find a part of my body that I'm happy enough with to paint on it LOL, but have a brother and sister who both seriously have the tattoo bug and I love how something that may only look skin deep has the biggest most symbolic meaning for their lives - awesome!

We did paint our last house in Celtic knotwork although it started small before we knew it the house was knotworked - even to the point where we painted the stairs with knotwork whilst stood on scaffolding!

When we came to sell the house we might as well have given out tourist tickets! LOL - Someone even said "Wow you've tattooed your house" - closest I ever got to a tattoo, eventually we had to paint over it to sell the house - but those tattoos I know are still there! Hope it goes well today.

Bobs said...

I'm soooo jealous of you getting another tattoo. I haven't had a new one for ages and I'm definitely getting withdrawal symptoms!


Darcy Marshall said...

Thankyou for the mention, and yes I am Darcy lol

I have a busy couple of weeks ahead, so I am waiting till I have some quiet time to start filling my pages.

So jealous of your new ink, I haven't had a tattoo in ages, or a new piercing. Can't wait to see what you have

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