Friday, July 24, 2009

A Quaggle of Queens...

Forgot to show you this pic of 2 of my Wed night girlies with the tags. They had great fun doing these under the supervision of Pam. Kids classes have now ended for the summer so I wont see any of them for over 6 weeks. They have all taken their art journals home and I cant wait to see what they produce over the summer. Have a good one , all of you...xx

Here's some better photos of the Step by Step Beauty Queen page I did, and it has stayed its true colour this time..!!

So the cry went out for your Queen creations, and respond you did. Here's some..

This is from Sharon, cool idea. There are a lot more piccies on her BLOG

This is from Ann J. Love the title...!!! That's her going mad on lingerie shopping seen as she doesn't have to buy the biggest pants in the world any more..!!!

The next four are from Janet K, and I am so pleased she has entered as she has no confidence in herself whatsoever..!! I think she has done a cracking job.

And this one is from her 14 yr old daughter Heather, who up until today has expressed no interest at all in art. But this grabbed her attention and she just had to have a go. Way to go Heather, keep it up.

And here's another one of mine...

Keep them coming in, I,m loving them... Sarah H - your link isn't working hun, can you email me another one..

Right, must dash, I am in the middle of designing new papers and stamps...Yayy...

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

OMG new papers and stamps Dy should I start saving now???? Janet

Katy said...

Hi honey

Loving the Queen entries, I have been struck down by swine flu so don't think I will be able to enter as I feel horrendous boo hoo!!

Can't wait to see new papers and stamps *hint hint*!!


Dylan said...

Now now girls you know its gotta be top secret, lmao...

Katy hope you feel better soon. Big apologies, forgot to send you your prize. durr..!!! Will get the Goddess on to it on Mon..

Sharon said...

New papers and stamps!!!! Ooooh yes!

Love the new Queenie Pink page.
Also all the entries for the Queen's challenge.

suzyq said...

Hi Dy ?How you doin? I was hoping to tell you that i was going to have a go at doing the challenge. My first hurdle was not having a credit card or paypal account, but Sarah came to the rescue when she got in from work and paid for my goodies. Aren't Patty's papers great! Hurdle number 2, our printer was only printing was out in black and white, ok so thought that could be park of the design but no. Plugged the printer into my laptop and hey presto the The cumputer (male voice) says it can't communicate with the printer!LoL. Going to have some hot choc (with a bit of the hard stuff in it, and will try agaian tomorrow sue

Sarah Louise said...

New papers i hear you say, yes.

Love all those queenie projects so far. Just printed mine out so off to plaqy while the men filk are away, lol

Anne Jagger said...

LOL Dyan! Love what people are sending you x

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