Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Watch out David Bailley, theres a new kid on the block...!!!

Well I,m slowly recovering. Not sure whayt I,ve had but it wasnt very nice. I still feel absolutely bloody knackered and have no mojo or concentration at all. Not good when we have a preview on Saturday..!!! Dont worry it will be done, isnt it always...? I,m working at home at the moment, for a couple of reasons.
1. Its The Great Yorkshire Show this week , which means Harrogate comes to a standstill, and you only venture out if necessary, or allow an extra 1 1/2 hrs onto your journey.
and 2. I still feel and looke like a bag of sh%te...!!!
I,m not getting that much done either due to the misplaced concentration and the stolen mojo. But I have a lovely tidy house, spotless garden, no ironing and clean cupboards. Oh and I think I have done every quizz there is on facebook..!!! lol. So by today there was nothing left to do except get on woith some work. So heres some sneaks of 2 classes in the next brochure..

The first is a Xmas album/planner. I love this and so does every one who has seen it so far. Theres always one class that always sells straight out, and I think that this time it is going to be this one...!!

And the next one is a card class. I have used the new Crowns and Castles set from Paper Artsy. It took me a while to get going on these but once I started I could have gone on for ever. Had to force myself to stop and come and write the blog, lol.

I got told off yesterday. By who..?? I can hear you saying. Well it was the most beautiful grand daughter in the whole world. I was showing her the pictures we took at the Feast we went to on Sunday, when she asked where where her pictures that she took on the day. She wasn't impressed to see that I hadn't used them..Oops.. So I promised her I would put them on tonight, and I have no doubt she Will be checking in the morning if I have. I have to say, for a 3 yr old I am amazed..!!! Wonder if shes been sneakily having lessons with the lovli-icious Kirsty Wiseman.

How cool are they..?? Do you think it was a fluke or has she inherited our creative skills, lol. I was surprised she knew which way to look through it. Mind you seen as she has had a camera pointed at her everyday since she was born, it shouldn't come as a shock...!!
Right one more thing before I pass out from exhaustion... An Art Journal page. This one is very simple but is one of my faves.

Enjoy xx


ForgedinPaper said...

Christmas looks fab. I hope something Christmassy is coming north in September. Glad your on the mend.

Sharon said...

Ooh love the sneak peeks!

Great photos from Maisie too

Darcy Marshall said...

Aww she did great with her photos, love the feet one.

I have painted all my art journal but not got much further, though I have stuck a unicorns head on a zebras body...not entirely sure where that will lead me lol

Annette said...

Swine Flu?????

Hope you are feeling better every day. Take care. See you soon.

Annette said...

BTW Fab photos Maisie - well done you little star

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Tell Maisie the photos are fab.
Just as good as Gran's. :-)
Love the sneaky peaks.
Hope you are feeling a lot better.
Michelle xx

sam21ski said...

Hope you're feeling better soon xxx

Photo's are fab xxx

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