Friday, July 3, 2009

How hot...??

So here I am with a tattoo less arm, lol. But great news...the fabulous Argentinian artist, Diego, has agreed to an appointment with me..Yayys..!!! So watch this space...

Here's Ems supervising me yesterday at breakfast.

And look, here's proof that I do eat..!!

I hope you are all as addicted to the tattoo show on TV Miami Ink. I love it and cant get enough. Its a reality show with real tattoo artists, real customers being tattooed. So real pain and real blood. But they do some really awesome work. Maybe one day I will fly over and get them to do one for me..
Here's my favourite Ami... Well you just would girls wouldn't you..??

Really need to show you these next 2 pics. Bezzie Su's gorgeous hubby,How, is a musician and children's entertainer.He is How in Howdidoodi and is always dressed really casually. So it was a shock to see him like this.

Unfortunately it was all due to a funeral.. It took him ages to find the outfit, but I think he scrubs up well, lol. Told him I was putting his shoes on shoe watch, but he thought I was joking. So, there you go How...told ya..lmao Bet you never wear them again babe...

Me and Bezzie Su where sat out in the sun yesterday and amazingly we both got burnt. She looked hilarious as she had a red body but a white face and neck., which didnt look as though it belonged to her body. Do you remember Worzel Gummidge, the scarecrow, who had a different head for all occasions..?? Well that's what she looked like, as though she,d put the wrong head on, ha ha . Unfortunately, or fortunately for her, I haven't got a piccie. But I do have a burnt piccie of me...!!!

Today was alcohol ink cards, and we had a fab time all round.
L - R Elaine the baker, Lisa Pat and Pat.
Sue, newcomer Vicki, Frances and Chris.

And here's more art journal pages for you...

Tomorrows class is Tim Holtz style tags and Sunday, more journaling..yayy..!!!
Enjoy xx

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Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Oooch, that sunburn looks sore. Poor you, keep it covered up.
Have never seen the Miami Ink show, that guy is V CUTE though.
Am so pleased you got your appointment.
Great journel pages yet again.
Tell your friend she has great taste, I have the same kitchen units but with the full length handels.:-)
Hope you have a great weekend.
Michelle xx

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