Friday, August 29, 2008

That's it, I've just finished the latest masterclass article for Craft Stamper. This one is all about Ultra Thick embossing. I've made some cool Christmas ornaments and canvas, also jay's done a gorgeous mini album. If you haven't seen Craft Stamper lately. Take a look, it's a really cool magazine now. I think Jay has an article in this month - not quite sure - you know what I'm like for losing track. Anyway it just needs typing up, packing and posting out just in time for the deadline. I'm always right up to the nose with deadlines, I'm sure all the editors bring it forward for me, just in case!

Spent all last night ripping, sticking and painting. I've decided I need a journal and this time one with ready prepared pages, so that when inspiration hits I can just go for it. I made it using a Donna Downey technique with old newspapers - it is time consuming, but really cool. I'll tell you more about it at a later date. As you can see from the photo it is really raw at the moment, but soon I will be adding painty and pastel backgrounds. It has taken all my determination not to play with it all day. I made a pact to finish the article and play tonight! I'll keep you up to date as I go. I am thinking of doing an online journaling class later in the year - let me know if you are interested.

Yey, yey, yey. Took a delivery today of my flip camera. I have been trying to source one for ages. While I was over at Ranger U, Mario tried every store he could think of, but they were all sold out. Well I finally tracked it down (thanks Mel) at amazon and whey hey it's white and pink. It's actually a camcorder for idiots and oh yes even I have worked out how to use it. Its main use is to provide video demonstrations of techniques on the blog. So watch this space.

Sale day tomorrow. The studio has been turned upside down and there are bargains galore. Get yourself here as lots of things are greatly reduced. Blonde Moments papers 50% off, Love Elsie 30% off and many more bargains to be had.

The lovely Ben will be on hand to assit with all your enquiries, but unfortunately will not be able to do any rugby tackling as he has torn his hamstring. He says he will be fine as long as I do all the running around for him. Hmmm wonder how long that will last! Both girls are working at a wedding, so there will be a new face Caralyn ( who by the way is a wizz with a needle and thread and runs a thriving alteration business. I'm giving up buying new and I'm just going to tart up the things I've got already - It'll be like having my very own Gok Wan as a mate). Also the gorgeous Pam will be on hand to point you in the right direction.

The sale is only tomorrow 11-4pm and I'm having Sunday off. Woo, not sure what we are doing as it is a toss up between seaside and ten pin bowling. I'll let you know later...

Dy xxx

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shoe Watch - YEY!!

Just a quick one today, We haven't had a shoe watch update for a while, so here we go. I am loving the fashion for shoe boots and these have a peep toe as well to soften them. i wore them out at the weekend with a flapper style dress and wine tights!! Love the ribbons instead of the laces.

Here's a little sneak of the 12 days of Christmas book I started yesterday. I'm loving it.

Product List - Notting Hill Handabag

Here is the link to the products that I used to make the 7gypsies handbag purse from yesterdays post. You can see what I used HERE

Thanks Dy xx

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bank Holiday Fun.....

Well the preview weekend was a great success, some of the classes have sold out already - told you that you had to be quick! I was worried that we wouldn't have many people come with it being Bank Holiday, but I was wrong.

I hope you all had a fab bank holiday weekend. I did a fair bit of partying ( I have photos of party shoes, but the other camera is jammed and I can't get the photos off!), but I also did a fair bit of work. I finally finished the 7gypsies handbag sample. These handbags are really sturdy and come with metal handles. I used all 7gypsies NottingHill papers and embellishments, including their clear stamps which are an absolute must. I am really pleased with it. The main theme of the album is my lovely late dad - bless him. A full list of all the materials used in this sample will be put up tomorrow.

I am already starting on samples for the Nov/Dec workshops. Today I was making a gorgeous little book all about the 12 days of Christmas. I just adore Christmas and it's a good job really as I spend most of the year revolving round it. I start planning Christmas in Feb and do my last Christmas class in Jan at the ScrapAttack weekend - so that only gives me 4 weeks off a year. Some people might think that is really sad, but I love it! Tomorrows class is a Christmas book in a tin, which is always a popular class and then we are having a break from classes for 2 weeks.

Saturday is our sale day. It's at the studio only and runs from 11-4pm. We will once again be having a massive clear out, so plenty of bargains to be had. Next is the run up to the McDuff retreat, so we will be packing kit after kit after kit. It's always a nightmare worrying if you have forgotten anything (It's a 12hr drive back), but luckily it normally goes really smoothly.

Spoke to Lance (Mr Pickle) a couple of days ago and he is going to come and teach for me in early December. He will defiantly be at my studio, but we may still be doing something down south as we - Fingers crossed and I will keep you informed.

Dy xxx

Friday, August 22, 2008

New Workshop Schedule...

Well it's done, the schedule is written and should be up on from tonight. Go on the website, click on the workshops and a picture should appear showing you what you could be making in Sept/Oct. Don't leave it too late to book as they do fill really quickly and I would hate you to be disappointed. If you don't celebrate Christmas but like the look of some of the Christmas projects then let me know and i could come up with some alternative papers for you. Here's a few sneaks of some of the projects.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sorry it's been a while.....

Sorry I have been missing in action recently. I have yet another abscess in my mouth, so I am dosed up on antibiotics and painkillers whilst running around like a mad women - nothing new there then!!

Ben is back from Ibiza looking like a bronzed god, so me and Emsie have to start behaving ourselves again! As if!! It just means we can't sing at the top of our voices and dance around the studio to stupid girly songs. We look upon it as a form of exercise and feel that we are doing our bit to keep fit and healthy, but he takes the view that we must be raving loonies.....

Another fabulous kids day today. They were all making personalised canvas's. Today was all girls, so you can imagine it was all just a sea of pink. I have to say the results were gorgeous. Here's one that Jay made of the domestic goddess at work.

Preview of all new Sept/Oct workshops at the studio is Sat 23rd August 12-4pm and Sun 24th Aug 12-3pm. Come along and see what you could be making. All workshops booked and paid for on those days receive a 10% discount. This is also available for online customers on those two days. Don't worry if the discount doesn't come up at the checkout, it will be taken off when processing....


Dyan xx

Friday, August 15, 2008

New workshop samples... Almost!!!

I have spent all day frantically trying to do samples for the next brochure. Preview day is next saturday and sunday 23rd and 24th August. I'll let you know times later in the week.

The idea of preview day is that the workshop samples for the next couple of months are all on display in the studio ready for you to view. All those booking and paying for workshops on either of those days will recieve a 10% discount on the workshop. Plus there is also 10% off all goods purchased on the day.

Online customers can still get 10% discount by booking the workshop online on both those days. Dont worry if the discount doesn't show at the checkout, you will not be charged the full price.

Photos of all workshops should go up on on saturday 23rd August. Here's a few sneaks of what i've been up to today.

Blog Candy...

Here's news of some blog candy that I am giving away. I have 20 double sets of Blonde Moments Friends Junction papers (16 papers in total worth £10 and can be combined with any other products you order). All you have to do is click the link, pay the post and packaging and they are yours. When they are gone they are gone!! Enjoy...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Kids Class...

Aren't kids great? We had a full class of all ages wuth fantastic results. Everyone completed their personalised clock to perfection, even the teeny weeny littlies. Here's a couple of examples of the styles they did.

If you love the clocks the wooden blanks are available to buy here.

Next weeks kids class is a personalised canvas. We still have 3 places left on the course. If you are interested please click to book. And no mums aren't allowed on the class you have to come to your own!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hectic week...

Aaargh has it really been that long since i last blogged. Ben is in Ibiza on his jollies and me and Ems are running around like the proverbial blue flies! The classes this week are really, really busy which is great, but it does mean we are really hectic.

Todays class was really good. We made wooden xmas houses. The roof comes off enabling you to fill it with sweets or pressies. A perfect centre piece for the xmas table. We used Basic Greys Fruitcake papers. Check out the roof tiles. There are 100 individually cut out hearts on there. Phew that certainley kept them quiet. The class was totally full, i couldn't squeeze one more person on, but for those of you on the waiting list and any others who fancy coming, I will be repeating this class in the next brochure so keep an eye out.

I have my regular Tuesday gang tonight and we are playing with alcohol inks. They have spent the last 2 weeks learning all the techniques and tonight is playtime to bring it all together. I'll show you some of the results tommorow. Talking about tommorow, i have 16 kids all coming to a workshop. They will be making a personalised wooden clock. Their ages range from 5 1/2 years to 16 years so its quite a challenge keeping them all in check, but well worth it. At the end of the class they are always so pleased with what they have made that confidence just oozes out of their pores and pride just shines through their eyes. And thats what its all about isn't it. - The next generation.

Shoe watch - Because today started off all miserably and rainy and because i have been MIA with my blogging i decided to give my feet a treat. These bobby dazzler shoes normally sit on a high shelf in my room to be gazed at like ornaments and have only been aired once or twice. But they are still a firm favourite.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Blog Candy...

Blog Candy...
Freebie Friday

Here's news of some blog candy that I am giving away. I have 20 double sets of Blonde Moments Spring Fling papers (16 papers in total worth £10 and can be combined with any other products you order). All you have to do is click the link, pay the post and packaging and they are yours. When they are gone they are gone!! Enjoy...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy last two days...

Yesterday was the 7 gypsies card class. Really cool class, i enjoyed working with the grungy colours as i am normally working with brights as you know. Now the girlies have gone i have started decorating the house, i am going to go all neutral and minimal. A blank canvas that i can then jazz up with artwork (if i ever get time to do it).

Today's workshop was a 6x6 Daisy D's album, lots of paint, stitching, flaps, pockets and tags. Ooh just what we like, all in lovely pastel shades. One of today's students Gemma got up at 5am to catch a flight from Southampton. She's staying in a hotel tonight, doing the princess canvas tommorow and flying back tommorow night - there's dedication for you.

Just recieved my copy of September Craft Stamper, i've made front cover and got 5 pages inside, i'm really pleased with the article. It's a masterclass on acrylic paints in my fav colours pink and turquoise. I have to say that Craft Stamper has had a re-vamp and is turning back into a really fab magazine. There's a cool article in there from Leandra - funky pennant bunting, just my sytle and my colours. Go check it out it's on sale now.

I am afraid there is no 'shoe watch' today but fear not it will return shortly. In the meantime i have 'nail watch'. I'm well known for only ever wearing black nail varnish (O.P.I - light my sapphire) bought in bulk whilst in the states. Black is always my fave because it doesn't get stained by all the inks, paints and dyes I am constantly sticking my fingers in.

Well the girlies treated me to a bumper pack of Nails Inc polishs - every colour under the sun!!! help - out of my comfort zone. But i am going to give them a go. And why not start of subtly with an in your face hot pink!! Ooh it could take me a while.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sneak peaks 2.....

So all the McDuff samples are now finished. I am really pleased with the eclectic mix of workshops. For those of you who are going it's only around 5 weeks to wait - I hope you are all excited? For those of you who aren't going - why not - go go go - book yourself a fabby weekend with good workshops, good company and lots of laughs. For more info click - HERE

I went to see the girlie's in their new flat last night. Jealous or what! It's all spacious and modern. I could easily live there myself....I stocked up their food cupboards, all their laundry products, so hopefully they won't be coming home with all their dirty washing!

They live near a fabulous interiors shop and I spent about half an hour with my face pressed against the window. Loads and loads of inspiration there, I just need the time now to get on and create. I am thinking of turning the girls old room into a creative haven just for me. A place where I can create and be inspired away from work. Knowing my luck I'll do it and the girls will move home again. Ooh that's a tough one - inspiring creative space vs girlie's home. I don't think I'll answer that!

Cool class going on tomorrow - Birthday cards using 7gypsies papers and stickers. I don't do many card classes these days, but was really pleased with these. I have never been a sticker person, but 7gypsies really converted me. These are so versatile and all the samples were made with just 2 sets of stickers!!

Bye for now

Dy xx

Monday, August 4, 2008

Working on projects......

Hi everyone, hope you all had a fabby weekend. I've been busy trying to get lots and lots of samples done and here is a sneak of a few of the projects for the McDuff ScrapAttack weekend.

I am also working like mad on projects for the next brochure. This one is sure to be popular! A large wooden sleigh that will be filled with gift boxes. Add sweets and nuts and it will be gorgeous on your Christmas table.

Plus shoe watch - todays little beauties......

I promise I will talk longer tomorrow, but the girls are still in the middle of moving house, so it's manic!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Blog Candy....

Freebie Friday

Here's news of some blog candy that I am giving away. I have 20 double sets of Blonde Moments Suet Pudding papers (16 papers in total worth £10 and can be combined with any other products you order). All you have to do is click the link, pay the post and packaging and they are yours. When they are gone they are gone!! Enjoy...

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott