Thursday, August 7, 2008

Busy last two days...

Yesterday was the 7 gypsies card class. Really cool class, i enjoyed working with the grungy colours as i am normally working with brights as you know. Now the girlies have gone i have started decorating the house, i am going to go all neutral and minimal. A blank canvas that i can then jazz up with artwork (if i ever get time to do it).

Today's workshop was a 6x6 Daisy D's album, lots of paint, stitching, flaps, pockets and tags. Ooh just what we like, all in lovely pastel shades. One of today's students Gemma got up at 5am to catch a flight from Southampton. She's staying in a hotel tonight, doing the princess canvas tommorow and flying back tommorow night - there's dedication for you.

Just recieved my copy of September Craft Stamper, i've made front cover and got 5 pages inside, i'm really pleased with the article. It's a masterclass on acrylic paints in my fav colours pink and turquoise. I have to say that Craft Stamper has had a re-vamp and is turning back into a really fab magazine. There's a cool article in there from Leandra - funky pennant bunting, just my sytle and my colours. Go check it out it's on sale now.

I am afraid there is no 'shoe watch' today but fear not it will return shortly. In the meantime i have 'nail watch'. I'm well known for only ever wearing black nail varnish (O.P.I - light my sapphire) bought in bulk whilst in the states. Black is always my fave because it doesn't get stained by all the inks, paints and dyes I am constantly sticking my fingers in.

Well the girlies treated me to a bumper pack of Nails Inc polishs - every colour under the sun!!! help - out of my comfort zone. But i am going to give them a go. And why not start of subtly with an in your face hot pink!! Ooh it could take me a while.


Sandra said...

Love the pink nails!

Unknown said...

From the Southern one with 'dedication': Had a great 2 days doing the Daisy D's and canvas workshops! Dyan was definitely the hostess with the mostess - I got taxied around and even had my lunch made for me! A huge thanks to Dyan, Emmi and Ben for being so fab! Would recommend the workshops to everyone - you'll learn loads and have a great laugh too!

Michelle Green said...

Loving the new nail colour Dy!

Lavender Rose said...

Just discovered your blog after reading your brilliant article in the latest issue of Craft Stamper. It is so informative and I love the projects!!!!

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