Sunday, May 31, 2009

journaling in the sun

Yummy ,yummy journaling classes. What better way to spend a Sunday..???

Here's some of the regulars L_R

Jeanne aka Chocolate lady, Jayne, Antonio, Kate(now of Craft Stamper fame) and Sara.

Stood at the back Pat, Sara, Claire, Dawn and bezzie Su.

How much stuff can you get on one table..??? Mind you this was a photo of my desk at lunch..Oops, lmao.. You see the tiny bit at the bottom right, yup that's all the space I had left to work in..

It was a glorious day and as you know my studio has no windows and so an executive decision was taken to decamp outside for a cuppa. Do I look like I,m working..?? Do I love my job..?? Oh yes..!!!

And hows about this then for some nifty photography.. We were amazed when they flew over our heads, but not as amazed at me that I actually got them in frame. woop woop..
Some people you just cant take anywhere, lol. This is how not to open a yogurt like Jeanne..

Our studio is near a really popular dog walking area and so there are always cars in and out of our car park. One of them pulled up and stopped and I was surprised to see it was one of my Mum's dearest friends who I haven't seen since the day of the funeral. Unfortunately it all just comes flooding back and it was a real struggle to keep it together, go back upstairs and continue with the class. Luckily the ladies didn't need much assistance at all. We are still exploring colour and emotions. The ladies did some fantastic work. I even did some personal journalling for myself this afternoon. It was very emotional but necessary. I cant keep it all in my head fermenting, it needs to be out there and faced. You can't conquer your fears if you don't face up to what they are, can you..?? I,ll probably show you them tomorrow.
Just want to show you first bezzie Su's background page. And she thinks she cant do it. What a crock of s**t, lol. I love it..

So heres some of the work today.

So cool eh. I hope you are all joining in at home... If you are still wary then get your cute little asses into one of the classes, where I,ll throw you in without armbands and watch you rise back to the surface, lol. Only joking I shall apply my extremely knowledgeable expertise (ooh get me.!!! lol) and take you by the hand and gently guide you. Then and only then will I throw you in kicking and screaming. It's for your own good you know, lmao...
After class I went home, watered the plants (45 mins, whose idea was it to have so many? Oh that would be mine then) ,cleaned the house, hung loads of washing, stripped the beds and then lounged in the sun for 20 mins. I then started to feel guilty that I should be doing the ironing, which at the moment is a necessary evil as I am running out of things to wear. Yes, you heard me correctly, Dyan, of the extensive wardrobes is running short. Jeez it must be months since I cracked on with it. I was just about to lug it all out, when Bezzie Su invited me for a BBQ. Now I know how offended and hurt she would have been if I had turned down her invitation , so I made a decision and rescheduled the ironing for another day. Ooh the sacrifices I make for my Bezzies...!!!
Well I was richly rewarded for the aforementioned sacrifice, as unbelievably, and never before known, Su actually managed to not burn anything. That's right, not even a singe..!!!..Shame I didn't have my trusty camera with me as this momentous occasion may never happen again, and could have done with being journalled. Or this may be the start of a whole new culinary experience for her (as if). I do have to say though in her defence you can't be ace at everything, and she is the best creamy tea maker, drawer labeller, lollipop eater, manic decorator, and always available with a clean and dry shoulder for me to snot, snivel, and blubber on. Wouldn't swap her for the world. And not forgetting that "Yes, she really is a professional women". lmao...

Need to show you these as well. Ben and Katie are going to see the Kings of Leon later on in the month, and they are sooooooo excited. I would like to tell you that Ben was charging around whooping and hollering with excitement, but in reality he was as cool as a cucumber and just smiled smugly, ha ha . Doesn't take after me with giddyness fortunately...

Ok its 2.40 am and I need to sleep, being taken out for the day tomorrow, ooh that will be nice wont it..?? Oh and Su if you are reading this its only 10.30 and I,m on my way to bed now, lol. Honest..
Enjoy xx

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sun, what sun..??

Yesterday was Craft Day and as you know that usually involves me running around like a mad woman . Well This class was quite calm, amazing I know. Maybe its because a few of them were doing the same projects. We had :-
1 x garden canvas
1 x Memories shadow frame
2 x A - Z of me
1 x journal pages
4 x Day to Remember Album.
Heres the lovely ladies. From L - R Meghan, Janet, Janet and Jacqui.
And Ingrid, Lyn, Laura, Belle and Helen.
And big apologies to them but I forgot to put these out,lol.

It was Preview Day today, and me and the Goddess were on duty. Always a dangerous combination, as we do more giggling than working. We had a really good day and I want to say thank you to everyone who came to see us. It must have been really difficult to tear yourselves away from the gorgeous weather we are having. ( not that me and Emmi saw much of it )One of the classes sold out before lunch, and a few are getting quite close. Don't forget they will go online on Tues for those of you who couldn't get to the studio.
Here's a few more sneaks.

And here they are displayed on the unit. This unit is directly opposite the studio door and is always the home of upcoming workshops. If ever you come and visit us this is where you should always head first and check out. The studio and shop are packed chocker with samples and you could easily get confused, so if its workshops you are after this is where they live.

I,ve got a gorgeous shoe watch for you today. Yes its my gorgeous little Maisie. Aren't these just adorable..??Just like her.

Tomorrow is my fave, Art Journalling Workshop. We are still exploring colour and emotions. This kind of workshop can get really emotional and intense but at the same time is extremely cathartic and healing. I think Art Journalling should be made available for all on the NHS. What do you think, lol..??
And don't worry I haven't forgotten about showing you the studio, warts and all.!!! I have taken all the photos already , its just a matter of finding time to upload them. So heres a little glimpse of whats coming to you.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Preview of previews.

Ha ha , hows that then..?? Me previewing the preview of the previews....( think that's right lol)
So brace yourselves and here we go...

Phew..!!!!! Ok, got that..??? lol.
So first off the starting blocks on Saturday at the studio, 10.30 am. Come and join me and Ems for a cup of tea and a choccie biscuit.
A treat for you next week, think its time to do another step by step. Yayy..!! What to do it on though, any ideas..?? Was thinking Ultra thick or Alcohol inks. Tell me what you fancy and I,ll see what I can do.
I,ve also got a little studio tour to show you. Hopefully next week is going to be the big tidy up so I thought I would whizz round the studio before hand and let you see what its really like..!!! Ha ha I could live to regret it, couldn't I..?? I,m even going to show you my messy stand up desk that's hidden behind the scenes, oh yes..!!
Thanks for all the lovely comments and emails about the Northern Soul. Its such a big part of my life that I always forget that others haven't a clue what I,m talking about, lmao. Maybe you can see now why my blog is called Art and Soul..!!!!

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott