Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More show and tells

Lots of students show and tells again. First of all we have the two lovely sisters Denny and Sue, affectionately known as giddy and giddier..!!! They attended their first workshop not long ago, and it was the Starbook. It included lots of inked and faux bleached backgrounds. When they turned up for class today I was real chuffed to see that they had made more, and had brought one each for me to see. I was amazed how well they have done for beginners and it just shows what you can do when you set your mind to it. They said they enjoyed every minute of making them and I feel that it shows. They are both Works in Progress - that's the starbooks and not Denny and Sue, lol

This is Denny,s starbook. All the papers on the book are inked and stamped.

She is filling the pockets with photos on tags.

And this is Sue's. Again most of the papers on the front are inked and bleached.

And the insides are made from Blonde Moments papers, with inked tags.

And here's a lovely album from Sexy Suzy from Saltburn ( don't ask,lol). She has made this as a gift for her friends birthday. I,m not sure how she can bear to part with it though.

Todays class was the Hidden Surprise Quote book, always a popular class and you can see today was no exception.
L - R Sexy Suzy, Jean ,Caroline and Elaine the Baker.

Sue, Denny(giddier), Sue and Gill.

Newcomers Alison and Anne. Jane, Joy, Carol and Sue( giddy)

And here's Sue with a massive amount of rhubarb which she very kindly brought in for whoever wanted it.
As usual Suzy contributed to shoe watch. Check out these strappy metallic wedges. Ace for summer.
There was a lot of eating going on today, what with Suzy's blueberry muffins and Elaine the Baker's chocolate cake and chocolate Tiffin.

There was enough to feed a small army, and just look what was left at the end of the day. Not a lot, lmao...The plate was full and it is no ordinary plate, it is a massive meat dish that's at least 2ft long.

So all in all a good day was had. Next workshop of this brochure is on Friday. It is a Craft Day, where you can maybe catch up on a class you missed previously or just have an idea in mind to work on. We still have a few places left, if anyone is interested/. Unfortunately technique classes are too time consuming for me to teach on Craft Days, so its project based only, subject to availability.
Talking of workshops, all the classes for the next 2 mths and more will be available to preview on Saturday at the Studio. As usual all the samples ( some finished, some works in progress) will be laid out on show for you to have a look. This is always really successful as you get to see the projects in the flesh, so to speak. But be warned we have had a few sell outs on Preview Day alone and I am sure this one will be no exception. All workshops booked and paid on the day will qualify for a 10 % discount.
The workshops will then be released online on the Sunday, and again if they are booked and paid for on that day the 10% discount also applies. I will also tell you news of further Ranger technique and Fabby Dabby weekends in the Autumn and Winter.
I seem to have a craving for bananas at the moment, have had 2 today already and I can feel another urge slowly coming on. So I am off to see if Maisie has left me any. If not it will have to be chocolate again. I know , I know, but if that's all that's left whats a girl supposed to do..???
Enjoy xx

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borgqueen said...

Thank you to cake bakers for the day....finished off the tiffin almost without sharing at night class this eve ;o) yummmmmmmmy
And really Dy should AFTH workshops be renamed a club for those whose names begin with Su - Su, Sue, Susie...or is that just what you call people when you cant remember!!!?
Didnt comment on saturdays class at the time but absolutely loved the beswax class and would recommend to anyone, almost as good as art journals ;o)
Enjoy your bananas
x X x

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