Sunday, May 17, 2009

Peeks, wax and tears...

So that's Sunday over and done with. I had a bit of a late start today because I , shock horror, actually rolled over and went back to sleep..!! I never do that , its always a miracle if I actually sleep at all. But I woke up with a start mid morning. I would like to say that I was beautifully refreshed , but I would just be lying, lol. I gave our Tom a lift and was passing bezzie Su's house so thought I would invite myself in for a cuppa. She seems to have gone a little crazy and after having the builders in is attempting to repaint the entire house. Not one room is safe. Now if you remember , it was a major operation for me to paint just one room and I still haven't painted the ceiling (and not bloody likely to in the near future, either lol). So I was in awe at her optimism that it would all be finished by midweek. Maybe I should slip her some of my medication to ease her pain slightly, lol. Anyway after 2 lovely cuppas and my weekly cry ( not sure how she manages that) I blew my snotty nose and headed home to work. I finished off another workshop sample. The house book of houses. .!! It is using Paper Artsy,s new paper range. We are expecting a delivery any day now and so I will tell you more then. Its real cool and suits the book really well.

Here's some sneeks.

I then moved on to Beeswax collage. I have a workshop on Saturday and so I thought I would play and whip up some new bits. The smell of melting beeswax is always so calming. Here's some works in progress.

Yesterday I was talking to you all about my personal art journal. It was all written in the early hours of this morning and was written from the heart as usual. I usually type just like I speak , 100 miles an hour and without thinking first. It is one of my most annoying traits ( well annoying to me) that I don't engage brain before speaking.I open my mouth and out it comes.But when I woke up this morning I instantly regretted writing it. I just thought that maybe I had unintentionally placed myself in the firing line, and felt extremely vulnerable for exposing myself. I very nearly deleted it all, but my laptop is playing up and was going so slow that I gave up. However I have received such positive feedback and I am overwhelmed by the response. Writing about such things is proving to be very therapeutic to me personally and I am glad that it is also helping a few others. I was worried that exposing my insecurities would be received negatively, but you know what, what does it matter . The main thing is that it is part of my healing process and it is helping me. Here's some more pages.
The double spread

Love this page and feel it is really me. Two people trapped In the same body. The person who everybody expects me to be and the real me. The two pulling against each other all the time. I need to stop trying to let every one elses preconceptions shape me and just be the person I am. The problem is when you lose sight of who that person really is.

I just love this quote and really need to take more notice of it.
"I am w ho I am - your opinion is not required..!!"

This is a "don't mess with me page"

I think the model in this picture gives off a real confident glow. She looks good and she knows it , but not in a big headed way. She just knows her mind and would never be taken for granted or put upon. I find it really hard to say no to anything or anyone, and can then end up feeling resentful.. I have always thought it was easier to let people do whatever, but its not in the long run.

Another spread.

This hasn't photographed too well. (Yes I know its me who's crap,lol). Again this is all about being yourself. Just because you may be different doesn't mean you are not good enough. We are all unique , each and every one of us, and that should be a cause for celebration. I am fed up of trying to fit in and "appear" normal. Who defines normal anyway. What if i,m normal and its actually you lot who are all barmy, lmao.

I,m going to do as it says
Be original
Be creative
Be yourself.....
Of course this is all going to be an instant transformation and happen overnight (as Jim Royle would say "My arse..!!") Its alright talking the talk, but walking it talks a lot more courage. It could be a long job, watch this space.

This next page is has an extremely personal meaning to me, which I am not going to explain, but I,ll still show you it.

I hope showing these pages helps to inspire others to start journals themselves. We run regular Art Journal workshops at the studio, that you can join in at any time, just ring and I will advise you. But don't be frightened to start one yourselves. People ask me all the time where I learnt to Art Journal, and the honest answer is - I just made it up as I went along..!! I feel there is no right or wrong to your art. We need to shake off the chains that stifle our creativity and just dive straight in. It comes from within, deep in our souls, it just needs a trigger to signal its release. Some people like to use words, others prefer images or symbolism. Sometimes I start with a colour scheme, other times an emotion or sometimes an image torn from a magazine or a favourite quote. It is all freestyle and there are no rules to break, you can colour "outside the lines" to your hearts content.
Go on give it a go and send me some of your work. I dare you..!!!!!
Tomorrow I,ll be giving some linky blog shouts so if you have a blog you think my readers would be interested in let me know. Until then....
Ps. I have now ventured into the world of Twitter. Amazing that 8 mths ago I couldn't even email very well and now here I am blogging, face booking and twittering all day long. Please feel free to become a follower and keep up with all the regular daily comings and goings. I,m following loads iincluding , would you believe it, a Northern Soul twitter. Yes you would believe it. I am still trying to work out how to upload music onto my blog so I can bombard your ears with my passion for Northern Soul. I ant understand why I cant do it as it is a doddle to do on face book where everyone is subject to my eclectic musical taste depending on my mood. Love my music and I think you can always tell what type of mood a person is in by the music they play. When I post Leonard Cohen everybody run, lmao.
Enjoy xx


Terri said...

Love the snesk peaks. and the beeswax collage is looking good. And how cool is your journal. Thanks for sharing it all.

Like the expression cuppa(s)
I hadn't heard it before.

Ycarruthers said...

I can't thank you enough for sharing your art journal with the world Dyan. What a fabulous idea and well done for being so brave! I am collecting bits and pieces to start my own... you have given me the push I needed. thank you again. Love and light from Yvonne. XOXOX

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

It's great to see you have found some outlet for your emotions, I know you sum up how many people feel, we are all lost souls in this world, my Mum always says life is going from one crisis to the next but I don't see it like that, life is challenging and our greatest gift is to learn to be who we really are. I've spent years trying to find myself, I can thoroughly recommend a couple of self help books - they help put life in perspective and also allow you to realise you are not alone. For dealing with life when things get tough I recommend either "Feel the fear and Do It Anyway" by Susan Jeffers and/or "Embracing Uncertainty" by the same author. Both of these have proved great starting points for my recently started art journal, sometimes I sit with a page and don't know where to start but just a little bit of reading can let the mind ramble and the soul to download. Hugs today hope its a good one

Unknown said...

Hi Dy I cant imagine your personal take on art journals upsetting anyone. We are all vulnerable and sometimes forget that someone else who appears ok could well be crying on the inside just putting on a face. Its good to be reminded that we are emotional and insecure at times - I love your journals (tho you know I love everything you do!) I love it that you are so honest and upfront - makes me feel normal too xx

Brian K said...

Oh Dylan! I love this post!!!! So awesome and sooo speaks from the heart! I took an online class from Mary Ann Moss about Stenciling... it has opened sooo many doors for me artwise! Freed me to make a mess, freed me of my fear/dislike of some colors! Now I love all colors! And now you along with many others are freeing me to make an art journal! I am just setting my butt down to do it!

Here is my blog...

I love your blog and have followed you for about a year via Tim Holtz! I cheer for you every day!

Paper Paradise said...

Keep doing what you are doing on your blog Dy, that's what it's all about. It allows others to realise that we are not alone when we feel like this. Hope you can give me more info for your journal classes, I really fancy havin a go now I have more time.

I CAN'T WAIT FOR SATURDAY even more now I have seen the peeks of the beeswax collage workshop, only 5 more sleeps yay hey!!!!!!!!

Siobhan Brignull said...

oh Dyan, you make me laugh out loud, and then you make me well up, all mixed up with your beautiful creativity, love reading your blog and your soul searching helps me look at life in a more positive way as well, take care and keep crearting (new word-do you think it works, LOL), all the best Siobhan

Linda M. Cain said...

Houses are one of my passions! Great stuff!

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott