Saturday, May 23, 2009

Perfect Day..!!

I,ve go tons to tell you about, so I,m gonna tell you half today and half tomorrow. Well ok third today , two thirds tomorrow,lol.

First how to become teachers pet... Bring flowers, toffees, chocolate cake to sniff, or a new contender, brought in by the lovely Helen, clotted cream fudge..!!! Ooh yummy.!!

So, Fridays class was one of my faves, the Ultra Thick Embossing Techniques. Here's some of the techniques using the Melt Pot.

This is faux soldering. An image is wedged between 2 pieces of Memory Glass and the embossing "solders" it together.

These are reuseable moulds made out of Mold n Pour.

You pour in the melted Ultra Thick from the Melt pot and leave to set. When cool, remove and brush over with Blonde Moments Pearl Pigments. Here's some examples. (not the one in the frame).

This is a mould I took from my beloved Bhodavista statue. So cool.

The technique within the frame is made by laying the frame onto a rubber stamp (this is from the Blonde Moments plate A little bit of this ). You then pour in the melted Ultra Thick, leave to set and embellish with Pearl Pigments. This is a piece of jewellery that I made using one. The chunky chain, and flowers are part of Tim's new range

Just love it...

Last night I got a all togged up in my dancing and a prancing shoes and joined other like minded souls on a coach to a Northern Soul do. Woop woop, there is nothing like a soul do to re-energise the soul..!! Some of the people that I go to these do's with are from when I first started going to the infamous Wigan Casino aged 13/14 So we have been "keeping the faith " together for 32 years. Wow, how about that. Its great cos it makes me feel really young still. My Mum and Dad used to despair of me with my Northern Soul, and I was a real feisty child (what a shock) and was determined I was going, and indeed used to run away from home to do so. They always knew where I would end up. So in the end it was just easier to let me go. I didn't go anywhere else- no youth club or discos - I just loved my Northern. And it is still a massive passion for me now. I am extremely anti-social at such do's, as I spend most of the time on the dance floor, dancing my little heart out. Many a man has tried and fail miserably to keep my attention, lmao. I always tell them not to take it personally..!!!! Many of my soul mates are the same and if you come to a do you have to quickly get used to abrupt endings of conversation and mad rushes back from the toilets or bar as tune after quality tune is played. you come home drenched in sweat ( how attractive, lol) and with your very flat, unglamorous, but necessary dancing shoes covered with talcum powder. Piling on to a coach at the end of the evening, tunes still ringing in your ears, snuggling up and sharing lager from cans with your oldest pals is the best feeling in the world sometimes.

Saturdays class, Beeswax Collage, was absolutely fabby. The standard of the work the students produced was amazing. All credit to them. I have tons of pics to show you of the students and their work. We have a shoe watch and a pressie watch as well. So come back tomorrow to drool.
In the mean time
Enjoy xx


Deb said...

I am so jealous that you still go to Northern Soul do's! My biggest regret is that I never made it to Wigan Casino - but Northern Soul is still played everyday in our house and the poor children were raised on it! Keep the Faith.

Sandra Hall said...

Well I have to make comment to this Soul Sister!! You've evoked powerful memories of Wigan there..
Our kids were brought up on northern too - in fact our mantra to them is "You gotta keep on keepin' on no matter how hard it is...."
I'm listening right now to Garnet Mimms "Looking for You" makes you wanna dance.... See you next Saturday x

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