Friday, January 15, 2016

My CHA trip

With New Year only just over I had to hop on a plane and cross the pond to not so sunny California. Not sure who ordered the cold weather but I wasn't amused!!

First stop was to teach a lovely bunch of ladies who belong to the Crafters Home network. It was my first time educating for them and I had a blast.

Next day we were headed for the show to start the set up.

As usual, Friday at the show is education day. 85 retailers all excited so how do you keep them quiet???

You make them do colouring in, lol.

It even worked on all my assistants lol. Can you spot Gentleman Jim? Its my only photo of him from the show...not sure how that happened!!!

Even the lovely Patti, who is my trusty right hand woman, sat down to enjoy 

Then its back on to the show floor for more prep.

Smooching with the fabulous Dina Wakley

And before you know it its showtime.

The adorable Suze Weinberg

Fabulous ear rings made from one of my stamps

The ever so lovely Seth Apter

and Marjie Kemper

Display boards

The lovely Jonathan Fong, first time of meeting but obviously a brother from another Mother !!
See how wonderfully we coordinate!!

Lots of chats with Dawn Bibby, bringing Dylusions to The Craft Channel


The ever so talented Jamie

Now this stand was the pick of the show for me. Their colour and enthusiasm just stood out. They had the most fabulous Day of the Dead papers and they kindly gave me some to do a project. It won't be till I get home but keep your eyes peeled.

He adores me really !!!

More random shots

And before you know it its time for it all to come down again !!!

Then on to a plane bound for San Fransisco
I'm teaching at The Creative Escape and the next few days will be jam packed.

I'm stocking up at Whole Foods for all the good stuff to keep me healthy

Unfortunately that's all the photos I have...too busy working and socialising, lol, to take many.

I'll be back with some of my individual samples.

Enjoy xx

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Yayyyyy New Dylusions release...goodies galore

Oh yes its that exciting time of year again where we launch the first new products of the year, and I can't frikkin wait to show you mine, I'm sooooooo excited.

First off we have two products that each of the signature designers have in their own signature colours.

A fabulous palette of four Archival inks. Permanent, quick drying ink in the four colours I use the most.
Black marbled
Bubblegum Pink
Calypso Teal
Dirty Martini.

Now we all know I'm not a glitter girl, but I do love a bit of shimmer, now and again. So here we have 3 of my favourite colours all ready to add a bit of glitz.

Crushed Grape
Vibrant Turquoise
Bubblegum Pink

And what about paint???
Oh go on then, six more of the colours from my spray ink line.
Three from the cool colour palette
and 3 from the warm colour palette.

First the cools.

After Midnight
A gorgeous rich deep blue, almost purple

Calypso Teal
A bright refreshing blue

Dirty Martini
One of my favourite of all, a dirty musky green

Then the warms

Cherry Pie
the cooler of the two reds

Tangerine Dream
A beautiful deep orange

Pomegranate Seed
A stunningly rich deep red almost burgundy
AND....wait for it....

Oh crikey, my very own paint pens!!!!!

Whoopy doopy doodhas!!!

Finally I have a paint pen for all my doodling
one in Black Marble
and one in white linen
Its got a fabulous fine tip, perfect for all my intricate stuff
AND its water based, which is really important to me.

Love love love my tags in the large sizes, 10 and 12, and have now added my Mixed Media cardstock into the range, which match the journal pages perfectly and , in my honest opinion, are THE only surface to ink on lol.

He he you all know that my favourite things to work on are the journal pages, but not necessarily whilst in the journal, so I am forever tearing them out and sticking them back in.
Now there is an easier way.
Welcome to Dylusions Inclusions.
Separate pages ready sized to stick in. Including rounded corners.
How fabulous.
We have them in mixed packs of Mixed Media Card stock, Kraft and Black.

Available for the large journal

Small journal
 And the square journal.

Or you can take no notice and add whatever size to whatever journal lol.

I just know you are going to love this next product as the craze for colouring books seem to be taking over the world, lol.
Mine is a little different.
They are colouring sheets that you can tear out and use in your own artwork and journals.
Quality was extremely important to me and so they are printed on a top quality paper that my inks don't bleed through.
The sheets are repros of some of the tags I design with my interpretations of my stamps.
Perfect for anyone who isn't into stamping, but also invaluable for those who are
Use the whole sheet or cut out the images separately.

This next product, is just soooooo....
 Oooooooh I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am with it.
 For years I have loved to collect small pieces of peoples art work, and postcards were the creme de la creme, because they are so versatile.
I could collect and keep them for myself,
Send them in the post,
Give them in lieu of birthday cards,
Add them to a gift,
Frame them for wall art,
Use them in art work,
Or just plain old enjoy them.
Printed on a really high quality glossy card, I hope you will love them as much as me.

Another product I am so excited to see come to fruition are my canvas sheets, plain and printed.
For a long, long time I have used these in my own artwork, especially any canvas art I have done.
I am a seamstress at heart and so love to add bits of sewing in my art, but I also know many of you wont sew so we have made these sticky back for you.
8 designs of my original journal pages, were reduced in size to bring you the extremely useful pieces. 
Add them to your journals tags, cards and Mixed Media projects

I've also brought you blank pieces in this handy size to match
You can stamp on them, paint them, colour them, whatever you fancy.

Of course, it wouldn't be Dylusions without stencils.
Five stencils this time round, all background images, available in large and small.

Bowl of Cherries
who can't resist cherries in their art, not this 50's inspired girlie!!!

Breeze of Birds
Birds of all descriptions facing every which way you like.
 Fronds of Foliage
Use as an allover background or pick out individual fronds
 Its raining Cats
I couldn't resist including my beloved Boo into my work
Stash of Tache
I thought I might be over my 20 yr moustache obsession, but obviously not lol!
Any one else notice how these could be wings as well?

And, last but no way least, stamps.
I have eight stamp sets this release, yes eight, I just couldn't narrow them down any less lol.

First up Branching Out
Large leaves to add to my collection and the most darling rosebuds.

Doodle Blooms
gorgeous doodled flowers and stems
Fabulous for cutting and layering, or using as a whole.

I Can See Clearly
Collage originated bodies
and who doesn't need more glasses and sunnies ?

Oh Dear!
2 designs of heads to mix and match and I couldn't resist adding the adorable little Bambi

Put a Bird on it.
I just couldn't resist these quirky little birds that kept cropping up in my artwork, So here they are...

The Eyes Have It.
You can never have too many heads to play with, can you?

These Boots are Made..
And if you have more heads then of course you need more bodies.

Ugh, People
And of course it wouldn't be me with out my customary snarky word stamps. Who doesn't love a bit of snark?

Phew, there we go, finally at the end.
I hope you love all the releases as much as I do.
I put my heart and soul into all my designs and work really hard to make the line cohesive for you all to use.
I thank you for supporting what I do and for loving the eclectic quirkiness that is my nature.

I have tons and tons and even more tons of samples to show you, incorporating all the above and more, so check back tomorrow to see where to start.

I'd love to hear your comments on what you feel might become your favourites

Enjoy xx

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott