Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas so far...

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas. I certainly did.

 As you can imagine, with four beautiful grown up kids, one gorgeously delectable grand daughter, one Mr Babe of deliciousness, one gorgeous girlies birthday, an extremely dangerous gas leak !!! AND tons and tons of deadlines to meet ( some I am meeting on the way back.!!!), mine was eventful to say the least. I am up to my eyes in samples so I will just give you a quick run down of events at Reaveley Towers.

Christmas Eve I did the rounds, calling first at Ben and Katies, and then on to the girls, for a quick sherry.!!

The Goddess seemed to enjoy her pressies, but the resident bit of glamour declined to be photographed, due to just getting out of the bath, lol.

Then on to Our Tom's, where the most gorgeous grand daughter in the whole world, was really excited about her non girly pressies.

Then it was home, where in my absence, Mr Babe of Deliciousness had installed a television in the front room.!!!

Only to find it didn't work very well..!!! He he he , the best laid plans and all that.!!!

I got totally spoilt as usual with pressies.....loads to add to my vintage stash...

Original Babycham glasses, plus Babycham...

Beautiful vintage tree decorations for the naff tree

Her's the photo I forgot to post before of my beloved radio/record player.

A vintage mirror

I have always collected Nativity sets, but this is my fave. It is the one we used to have when I was a child. These are the only bits left, unfortunately.

more vintage glasses


Yes that is tinsel on that gorgeous cake stand, but it is vintage so I am allowed, lol.

|I think this is a jam pot, not sure, but love it what ever.

I also got a kindle from my boy's. I have always had kindle on the laptop, but this is so much more convenient. I frikkin love it. So all in all, a very happy Mama.

Wednesday was all about The resident bit of Glamours birthday.  26 yrs old and looking frikkin gorgeous.!!

I think she has turned out mighty fine since I told every one I had given birth to my third boy.!!! Gas and air has a lot to answer for, lmao.

I had the pleasure of Maisies company the day before, and when she wasn't bossing Andy around in the garden she was helping me make Jay a birthday cake.

I had left the decorating up to her, and she insisted on using snowmen.!!!

We had a tea party round at Jay's where Maisie entertained us all in her Transformer outfit.

And of course no party is complete without a go on the Sing star, is it.

Ok, must dash, before He who must be Obeyed from Ranger, spots me slacking off.

Have a fabulous New Year.

Enjoy xx

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Big apologies.....

....for the long delay in posting....

Here is my excuse...I have been running around like a.....

tee hee hee....

I told you that a while ago I went to a Vintage fair, and so here is some of the pictures.

Look at this fantastic Steampunk outfit...

This lady was an absolute doll and I bought quite a few things of her, including this tapestry sewing box.

You can't beat vintage fabric, can you...ready to be transformed over the Christmas period.

And this was one of my favourite finds of the day. Fabulous oil painting, and the frame is divine...

Here is my sewing box in situ

and one corner of my living room

We finished off the day with traditional Yorkshires and gravy on vintage crockery...bliss

I am so lucky with my lovely students. I never get round to even making cards, and yet they bring me the lovliest of gifts. This gorgeous cup and saucer is from the lovely clog dancing Anne.

And the lovely Gill got me this gorgeous tin ornament

This gorgeous ensemble was from the lovely Pat. She wrapped the large parcel with a map of Whitby, especially, lol. And she handpainted the tag after learning how in one of my workshops.

He he, look what she found for me

How fabulously naff is this.!!! Love it

At Sundays art journaling I dressed for the occasion in one of dresses I made. This is my Cougar dress, lol. Rarrrrr..!!!!

It calls for 7inch stacked heels

Clare brought along her Steampunk Iron Fist shoes. But seen as she can't walk in them, let alone stand up, I had to model them.

And if Father Christmas is listening, this shower curtain is on my list

 And this wallpaper from this frikkin fabulous website Dupenny

At £196 for a 10m roll it's not cheap but in my eyes it's worth every penny.

So Santa....Is it too late to negotiate...??

Enjoy xx

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Long, long post.....

grab a cuppa and a sticky bun, put your feet up and we'll begin...

Well Saturday was our Winter Workshop Preview and Taster day. It's always a relief when people turn up..!!!

All the classes were laid out in order for people to inspect.

Ben was ready with the diary for the bookings...

Here's a closer look at the classes ( now all online Here)

The lovely Sandy Poppins arrived bright and early and raring to go...

My class in progress

THE most wonderful cup cakes...

Courtesy of Teresa, Amelia and Claudia.

Kates class....the calm before the storm, lol...

People travel a long way to attend our Preview days lol. Here is the lovely Debra Ann all the way from Washington. Well, actually she is over here studying in Lancaster and thought she would call in to make all the girls at her regular classes back home really jealous. Turns out her local shop is Paper Pals owned by the lovely Karen Tews Lien and they have my stamps in stock and love using them. Yee hah, how frikkin fabby is that.???

No peace for the wicked, I demoed the rest of the day...

And for those who may be wondering if I have altered since being made a Signature Designer for Ranger....

Guess that answers that, then, lmao

Sandra got collared for the job of sorting and cleaning all the stamps...big mistake..tee hee...this is what she ended up like.

I managed to snaffle a cup cake

Andy decided to ordain me with the tea cosy...Hope that means I am now part of the clergy as well as Royalty.!!!

Big big thanks to everyone who helped, special amazing thanks to Bezzie Su who somehow got conned into doing the days catering. |Yes you heard me right, the Culinary UnGoddess, was locked into the kitchen. And to be fair, no one has claimed damages, so far.....

Also big thanks to all who came and supported us and made it a fabulous day.

Sunday was spent at a Vintage Craft fair, where I met the most lovely people and nabbed myself some fabulous retro stuff for Reaveley Towers. Will blog about that in the next couple of days when I hjave everything in situ.

So onto today's workshop.The lovely Sue arrived with a card for me. I was decidedly nervous, and rightly so...

Cheers and all that Sue, peel offs...hmmmmm my fave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The lovely Tracey heard my plea for naff tea cosies, and brought me this beauty... Just frikkin perfect...

I just love things that are multi purpose..this can double as a turban on bad hair days.

Which do you prefer, the tea cosie or the contest really...!!!

Here it is in all it's glory.. All you knitters out there, can you top that.!!! Prize for the naffest, of course..

The gorgeous Amy Shaw, of QVC crafting royalty brought some of her pals along for the day. I think I was a bit of a shock to some of them, as you know I can be an acquired taste !!! Still they put on a brave face and got on with it, despite ending up all clarted with ink and paint.

Lollies always make for a peaceful afternoon.

Amy is such a doll, pop over to her blog and see what she has to report...

Right, have you survived all that..??? Good on ya...

Enjoy xx

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott