Friday, December 2, 2011


Oh yes, have I got a little treat for you...!!!!

Here is the naffest tree in the world in all it's entirety..!! In fact, it is so naff I frikkin love it.!!!!

Even though they are nearly as big as the tree itself I just had to hang my glamour girls from it, lol

You know you all want one, lmao..

Here's today's daily outfit.

I had a vintage dress of which I loved the material but hated the style, so I cut it up and added a gingham top and matching head band. Certainly calls for some understated wedges.!!

 Ooops couldn't resist a bit of a soulie spin, lol

I have had a few questions about the dresses I make.

No I don't have a pattern, I cut up old things that I love and juggle patterns together out of them.

The fabrics I use are either vintage, old dresses, even curtains, lol...or just from the local material shop.

Hope that helps.

Some pages from The Ledger

Enjoy xx


Heavens2Betsy said...

Wow! you are a very talented woman. Love your ladies and your outfits are sublime as are your ledger pages. Lovely, lovely, lovely. penny

Laure Janus ~ Little Joys Studio said...

I never realized I needed bright yellow wedges until I saw your photo. *swoon* I also adore your journals!

Mandy Makes and Mends said...

Oh how I just love that tree it's just fab it made me chuckle your right it's so naff it's brilliant ! Love the ladies dangling from it x

Sid said...

Fab journal pages and that tree is deffo naff !! lol

jackiescrafts said...

That tree is quite something I've not seen a pink one before.
I love that outfit especially with those "understated" shoes and your pages from your journal are fab. I especially like the last one

Jackie x

Sandra Hall said...

Do know what, I had a real chuckle when you were telling us how you made the dresses , chop it up, jiggle it around and hey presto - a fab Dy creation! That's so YOU :D The ledger pages are amazing - I love the one with Mr froggy - unusual colour background that I wouldn't normally choose, but you make it work, you artist you!

Tracy said...

Yes you are right loooving the tree and the glamour girls are deelish..okay i am jealous,lol!!!
Outfit fab and the shoes gorgeous...
Ledger beautiful as always.
Wishing you a great weekend.

ScrappyDandyDoo said...

I NEED those baubles!!! they are amazing!!!
Love everything else too :D
Julie xx

susiesu said...

you're right the tree is so NAFF it is briliant - think I might have to get one!!!!! Love the yellow wedges and as always the journal pages - I need to get some of those white pens u use. thanks for answering my questions about your new dresses lol susiesu xxx

khushifairy said...

yeah though these glamour girls are big but they are going well with the tree :). It is something new, i have never seen before. and for the dress presentation, i would like to suggest that you ought to improve your modelling... :P it was cute anyway.
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sixofone aka Leah said...

I love what you've done with that dress, and those shoes are just great, I want a pair like thar

Miranda said...

I use to have a black xmas tree with pink and purple ornaments, but your pinky tree is just as cute, love the glamourgirls, awesome
cool dress too and
fab journal pages, LOVE them

borgqueen said...

think we might have caught something - H brought some lime green tinsel this morning.
Accchhhhhoooooooo xxx

Alison Horne said...

the page with the long coat is awesome, not a word often bandied about by the english, don't you know ma'am.
Loving the tree, but prob as I have one even more pink and just as tacky. But wish I had your elegant ladies, they are fab.xx

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