Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ooops in trouble again...!!!!

Yup failed blogger this week. Too busy teaching, prepping, previewing, journaling, brochuring, cooking...ha ha just throwing that in for a laugh.!! Actually I have been cooking. I put a carton of soup in the microwave for Ali and I even stirred it..!!!

Anyways on to more important stuff, the shop and website are still going barmy, with restocks arriving all the time. Today it was the turn of Stampotique. Which reminds me, if you have any Stampotique stamps on back order can you email us to let us know which, because, unfortunately, someone....that'll be me then... has wiped the list off. Oooops sorry bout that.

I've not had a very good week with electrical items really.. I've blown up a kettle, my laptop charger, Ben's brand new, 10 min old iPod speakers, an extension lead, and an iron....think I am collecting static as I flippy flappy whirly dance around the studio.!! Could explain why my hair seems to be getting curlier by the minute..!!!

Preview day went fabulously, thank you to all those who came. Big thanks to Teresa, Amelia, Claudia and Giddy for baking the most fabulous cupcakes. They went down a treat. All the new workshops are now online and you can see them all HERE. There are some fabulous ones to choose from, and once again we have the pleasure of the tutelage of the lovely Kate and Sandy

Here's some sneaks of what we have in store for you.

They should definitely keep you all busy for a bit...

Enjoy xx

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dina, Dina and more Dina

Yayy yet again we at Art from the Heart have managed to obtain top class workshops with the return of the fabulous Art Goddess, the one and only, Dina Wakely.

Heres what she says about her classes

Come and make 3 handmade journals and join me on a journey through the sun, the moon, and the stars! We'll create a different type of journal structure each day. Then we'll fill the journals to the brim with art and techniques and emotions. We'll focus on various painting and background techniques, and I will teach you some sketching tricks with the Stabilo Marks-All Pencil. You will fall in love with it, and it will take your art to a new level.

Are you rDay 1: Sun Journal.(6th May 9-5pm)

This journal will be filled to the brim with happiness and collage! We'll create a bamboo-skewer journal structure. Then we'll take some time to write about happiness and joy. Next will come art techniques! We'll layer paint and collage and start sketching with the Stabilo.

Day 2: Moon Journal.(7th May 9-5pm)

This journal will be rich and subtle and full of the things of the night. We'll be working with gel medium and paint, and doing some stamping as well. We'll write about our dark sides and create an an accordion-folded work of art.

Day 3: Stars Journal. (8th May 9-5pm)

This journal will focus on reaching for the stars! We'll be cutting our own stencils, scraping paint, and lifting paint. We'll write about our dreams, and our journal will have windows and passageways that we can go through to reach them.

Ready to come and create the Sun, Moon, and Stars with me? I can't wait to create art with you!

Booking will go live on Monday 21st March @ 7pm UK time (places won't be available until then, it will just show out of stock)

Dina Wakley - Earth, Moon & Stars Workshop - 6th, 7th & 8th May

£180.00 including all materials, snacks and lunch.

Thats tonight....eeeeeek.its in 35 mins.....BOOK HERE

Sorry to leave it late but have had a hectic weekend with the show etc..not so much burning the candle at both ends but, as someone bluntly pointed out to me, actually taking a massive blowtorch to the frikkin candle...lmao.

Dina's classes are absolutely brilliant and suitable for total beginners as well as the very experienced. You will leave stuffed full of techniques and zillions of inspiration, as well as 3 very unique journals. I've baggsied my spot. Our Ben said I had to book like everyone else, but I have managed to break into the system, he he he.

Big thanks to everyone who supported us at The GNPS at the weekend, we had a ball. And luckily, due to lots of threats to the crowd, lol....I did not retain  my title of The Ready Steady Craft...cardmaker of the show. Thank frikk for that is all I can say.

Ok fingers on the website ready, off you go ...

Enjoy xx

Ooops nearly forgot. The lovely Ali counted the brushes for me and came up with 648.... so the winner is ....

Annette said...

WOW - my tag is famous!!!! Guess you must have at least 655 brushes

She will soon be the proud own of some Claudine Helmuth brushes and a water caddy, congratulations.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Part 3....the end is nigh..!!

And we are into the final furlong, the last installment of My Studio tour.

Heres Tallulah' in her bri-nylon basque...

 One of the many canvas's

Tags on display

Early for Christmas..???

Oldies but goodies, lots of memories

Drawers bursting with supplies

Some of my well used books

The "Vintage book" shelves

A treasure chest from Egypt

filled with treasure, of course...

Well used old books...

Pink pinnies

Jay made this for me over 10 yrs ago...love it.

Boxes of Grunge board

Baskets of tags

oodles of embellishments


Sewing paraphanelia

Vintage fabric

Yes I do buy it by the gallon...

My alternative means of transport...!!

Christmas projects waiting for me to do instructions for kits.

Stacks of stencils

A myriad of magazine cuttings

Cotton bag in my fave retro cowboy print.

Filled with Northern Soul cd's

The essentials, champagne, chocolate and nail polish

Salt dough turtles, nearly 10 yrs old

More knick knacks collecting dust, including my beloved, broken, Northern Soul mug...

Baskets of buttons

Tons of tags

gypsy journals

can never have too many...

Remember old button nose,  Ms Wiseman..?? She now sports an Egyptian hat and 2 prs of dealy boppers

More buttons and another machine

Workshop kits, already packed.

 Always have my Northern on.

Don't go anywhere without my pens.

Stacks of altered books in various stages of completion...

These were a present when I first started teaching 13 yrs ago...big wooden paintbrushes...and have travelled with me every step of the way.

Oooops camera back to front...

Ah well, might as well take a more professional one

Or maybe not...!!

Hope you've enjoyed seeing where I create, think I might whizz round the shop next...lol.

Enjoy xx

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott