Sunday, February 28, 2010

In the blink of an eye...!!!

Alarm goes off

bath and make up

pick up milk and red bulls

set studio up and crank up the heating

Get the Northern playing

greet the students

nearly cry over a birthday pressie from the lovely Olive

show and tell

explain todays challenge

answer emails

slice Olives homemade chocolate cake

eat it, lol

more emails

update Art from the Heart facebook page

Finish journal challenge page

cut up Clares birthday cakes

cutting and sticking

serving in the shop

over ringing £62531.80 in the till

trying and failing to cover my tracks..!!

more emails

more face booking

round to girlies for tea

homemade shepherds pie - yummy

more cutting and sticking

Come dine with me

tootle home

washing up

washing in

washing folded

tidied Maisies/craft room

new bedding for visitor

more washing

more emails

magazine article



bramble jelly on toast

blog replying

checking online orders

writing shopping list for Dina's days

looking for a bargain week in Egypt

changing blown light bulb


phone calls

washing up





nite nite xx                    

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bring me sunshine...

Ha ha that stunned a lot of you didn't it. You never had me down for a Law student did you..?. Its funny what useles bits of information you retain, I can still quote you the Sale of Goods Act 1982..!!! Comes in handy at times, I can tell you. Love the comment from Jude who says under my court gowns I would be wearing Dr Martens and doodling all over the court notes.!!! Damn right girly..!!!lol. My Mum and Dad were so proud of me then, I think they always expected me to end up on the other side of the bench. !!  Anyway so bang goes the theory of left hand/ right hand brain, I am equal in both, so what does that mean..???

Got a lovely award today all the way from Lynne  in Florida. This is what she said about me

Dyan...her blog is my go to fave!!! Wonderful sense of humor, I find myself ROTFLMAO everytime I read her blog!!!! Love her work and her genuine & unique style!!.

How nice is that..??? Thanks Lynne. Go check out her blog, plus she was guest designer for Graphic 45 this month. Way to go girl.....

Isn't it lovely to be sent a bit of sunshine..???
Here's the rules of the Sunshine Award!!

 Put the logo on your blog, or within your post
~ Pass the award to 6 bloggers who are followers of your blog
~ Link the nominees within your post
~ Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog
~ Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award

I really struggle passing these on, as you know and I can,t send sunshine to some and not others. So I am sending every one a massive rainbow, because the darkest hour is just before the storm.

If your life is real rosy at the moment, just tuck the sunshine in a safe place so you can bring it out when its needed. 

Now heres another big shock for you....I, Dyan, commonly known as Dylan the last minute babe, has not only gone and finished the 365 day challenge for Feb, and , get this , with 2 days to spare. ( walking with puffed out chest and head held high..lmao). That took the wind from your sails didnt it...??? And heres the proof of the Spotted Dick.

Ooh it appears to have changed colour halfway through. Maybe its a two tone entry..!!!! If youn have't heard of the 365 challenge you will find all the details HERE.

Its the regular Art Journaling class tomorrow yayy..!!! I am setting them a little challenge that they don,t know about yet, tee hee. That should keep them quiet for a wee bit.

heres one of mine....

and I,m going to leave you with one of my favoutite memories of growing up. The end credits of Morecombe and Wise.  And Lynne I am returning the gift, this is for you...

Enjoy xx

Ooh had to come back and add this, I think its as funny today as it was then. This was me and my Dad in a morning,,,happy times,,,,xx

Friday, February 26, 2010

Poorly sick, me no likey...!!!

Well I have been laid up in bed today. I told Ben and Our Em,s that I was going to try to have a lie in but I just didnt really get up. I think it's more knackerdness ( is there such a word ) rather than illness, but whatever it is I don't like it. Its bad when you have to have a lie down to recover from making a cup of tea..!!! Of course I didn,t sit here all day doing nowt, I made some more projects for the next round of workshops. Do you want some sneeks..??? Ok here we go.

This is a little project for Fathers Day, lots of tags, pockets and envelopes. I am going to fill mine eith memories of Dad, but I also thought it would be nice to write him 3 letters and seal them in the envelopes.

And this one is full of secret pockets and you wouldn't believe what it is made out of...

I also spent a bit of time reading this book.

A business plan book that I can relate to. I read tons of business books - I know, I know, you would never guess...!!!! But I am always buying them in airports etc. I love reading them and really take on board and agree with a lot of what they are saying. But I then struggle to apply it into MY business. A creative business feeds off the creativity you input, not the rules and regulations. It is a struggle mixing lsft brain thinking with right brain doing. I have often wished I was more business minded, but that would then leave me less creative, so whats a girl to do, lol.
In the words of Nobel Prize winning behavioural economist Daniel Kahneman

"Business is more about emotions than most people care to admit. It's time to put the passion for work and the joy of creation back into business."

At last!!!! people are always telling me to put emotions aside and be more business like, but I feel my business is surviving because of that very fact. It is full of emotions, and so is life. By showing my emotions and expressing them through my work, my journals and my blog, I am allowing others to do the same, and providing them with a safe place to do so. In an industry where they are dropping like flies, I feel the personal approach is what is required.  The world is turning so fast, can you believe its nearly March, and our lives are so busy that it is easy to jump on the treadmill with no viable means of escape. My studio is that little escape, where you are allowed to be you, to embrace your inner need and to pause the world if only for a few hours. Blue lollipops, colouring outside the lines, no rubbers cos there are no mistakes, tea coming out of your ears and permission to remove your mask are all available on request, Plus you are always safe in the knowledge that "what happens in the studio, STAYS in the studio" unless you happen to be Bezzie Su and then it appears on here. lmao
I have a passion for what I do, which sometimes gets lost in the humdrum, necessary world of being the head honcho, but the flame never goes out, no matter how low it gets. I have sat here today, feeling crap, making samples, not because I NEED to, but because I LOVE doing them. You can just imagine me when the kids put me in a home can't you. I will always be on the naughty wheelchair, due to smuggling in too much ink and paint. Nobody will be able to read the magazines cos I will have cut them to pieces and instead of sedate bingo session we will be having rousing art journaling sessions. They will call the doctors to diagnose the cause of our blue tongues and Tim's flexible scissors will be perfect for our poor arthritic fingers.. We can have regular weekly outings to Starbucks for therapy and Northern Soul will be blasting through the intercom. Sounds good yeah.??? well I will meet you there in around 20 yrs ish.  Mind you they had better put me in a room of my own seeing as I dont sleep. !!!
Well after all that I cant blooming remember what I was talking about or what the point was, ha ha.
Never mind, I came across this today. It is my old school report from Secondary school.

 I always got really good marks in most subjects and at this point I was still getting good marks in Art.!!

I have always been a bit wild, but I always enjoyed lessons. I was intop group and found the work easy but interesting. But because I found it easy I was left to my own devices a lot of the time and therefore consequently bored. It was when I was coming up 14 that I went really off the rails, didn,t turn in half the time, rebelled against the system, kicked out at society. I was extemely angry and anti and no one thought to wonder why. I didnt bother with homework or revision and scraped through 5 o levels. This from some one in top group who was expected to achieve great things. Just imagine what I would be doing if I had stuck with it. The world was my oyster. So do I regret it - do I eckerslike..!!! Cos if I did I wouldnt be doing what I'm doing now, would I.  At one time I did regret it and so at the age of 30 I went back to college to do an access course. This led to A levels in Law and Politics which in turn led to an unconditional place at Leeds Met studying Law. Yes, thats right , me a mature student amongst all these young academics.  I loved it there , I was like a sponge soaking up the information, learning the laws and precedents and applying the knowledge into essay after essay. I was sooooo organised, well I had to be, as a single Mum of 4, with 2 part time jobs and a very demanding hard core partying reputation to live up to. My notes were the ones every one wanted to borrow on a Monday morning, lol. But the pressure was too much, the workload was too much, the 4 hrs reading eveery night was too much. My perfectionist nature couldnt cope and my OCD and Bulinia went into overdrive. I started having panic attacks and eventually my body broke down and I was bedridden with the start of a 5/6 yr illness, Myalgic Encephalitis or M. E. as it is more commonly known.
So am I bitter, am I angry, am I regretful that I  didnt stay the course and had to drop out after working so hard. No, I arent and I wasn't. To me it is always about the journey. I never thought I would have got so far. I was soooooo proud of my achievements. I was the first member of my family to gain a place at University and I loved every minute of it. I didnt need to arrive at my intended destination, I just got off at a few stops before. I had proved to myself that I had it in me and that was all that mattered. My life now couldnt be any more different, paint instead of the pen, a studio instead of the courtroom and students instead of defendants. Instead of teaching and expecting people to live by the rules, I am instructing them to throw the rule book and make it up as they go along.
There are no half measures with me, its all or nothing, whatever I do. My Dad always said

"if a jobs worth doing its worth doing properly"

life is too frikkin short to spend your days doing something you don't like to pay the bills. I know and understand that bills have to be paid, I was a single Mum of 4 living on benifits remember. But I wanted out, I wanted more, I wanted to go meet my Maker having making the most of my time on Earth. Many a time I have felt like jacking it in and getting a job with no responsibilites that is 9 - 5 which would enable me to have a life. One that paid the bills every month with a bit left over. I am sure if I was means tested I would be below the breadline. Unfortunately I havent quite worked out how a shop full of product can feed, clothe and house us. But I would hate it in a flash wouldnt I. Every day of my work is different, I learn new things all the tine, I get ot hang out with the most amazing people and I get to see them transform into confident artists. Life might be shit a lot of the time but its frikkin ace the rest of the time. Its all a matter of altering your perspective.

"If you don't like something change it,
if you can't change it,
change your attitude".

Blimey..!!! Here ended the fifth lesson, lmao. Don,t know where that all came from, I blame the medication. Anyway better out than in. Life is for living and we are a long time dead. Lets hope wherever I am going they have an abundant supply of  paint, doublesided tape, toffees and Northern Soul..

Enjoy xx

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Yummy, yummy, yummy..!!!

Ha ha , that last post shocked you all didnt it..???? You didnt know I coul do short and sweet did you...??? You see you learn something knew every day...

Ok first things first, Wardrobe remix made a come back and then fell at the first hurdle. Forgot all about it and am now sat in my Pjs and slippers. Will try harder tomorrow. Shame cos I loved todays little number, lol.

The big news is we have some last minute classes on Mon 1st Mar, yes thats right, the Mon coming. Mr organised himself - NOT..!!! Lance Anderson of Rusty Pickle fame is shooting into my place with 2 fabby workshops. The first one is soooo me .... rustic, tags, envelopes, pu;ll outs, shabby, yummy. The 2nd is a surprise..!!! Dont worry I have seen it and it is cool. It pops up, out, round, love it .
Because he has left it soooo late I have bargained him down on price, each workshop is only £30 with approx £40 worth of product. Bargains, bargains..!!!

This may be the last time he will be available at the studio as he has reluctantly decided to close Rusty Pickle. It is always so sad to see people suffer in the present economic climate, isnt it. But he will be his usual, cheeky self ready to entertain you. You can book either class HERE   and HERE

I have been a busy bee as usual making projects for the next set of workshops, and finishing of a few of thie set.!!lol, no surprises there..This is the coolest project for boys ( saying that  I will be putting Maisie in it of course). These papers are a new range from Canadian company Bisous Zoo and they are gorgeous. Thay haven't half taken some getting though and at one point I thought they were never going to ship at all. But they are arriving any day now. 10 gorgeously different collections of papers and chipboard. Our Ben spotted these and I can honestly say I havent been this excited about a paper range since Basic Grey was first released and I was peeing my pants then..!!!
Anyway, I digress. Here is the almost finished book.

Its painty, inky, shabby, deconstructed, taggy, pockety, flappy, pull outy, doodly and available HERE.

Will give you some peeks of others at a later date.

So a journal page....

Enjoy xx

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the best things in life arent things...!!!!

Just a quickie tonight as running out of time fast..Wanted to show you the beautiful flowers that ,my girlies bought me for Mum's anniversaty...How gorgeous are these..???

And you may be glad to know that Wardrobe remix is making a come back. Here I am as professional as ever...!!!

When I got home after the kids class, Maisie was waiting for me and she helped me side my bedroom away, bless her. Then she discovered Talking Carl on the iphone which kept hrt amused for ages.

Whilst blog hopping and f/b ing in the last hour, I came upon this fabulous video. I am in awe at the artwork this man creates and has destroyed every day. Big salute to him. This is where I found the vid, she has a cool site you need to check out.. Dirty Footprints Studio

Enjoy xx

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You got a friend.....

awwwww I knew he loved me really...!!!  I am soooo honoured, after me telling you what a horror he is to me he goes and writes beautiful things about me on his blog. Who, what, where you might ask... Well its Tim and its all HERE...
I love the phrase he used  "she makes me smile from the inside"..... I think that needs to be made into a stamp don't you...??? I love Tim, Mario and Alain to death, and spending time with them is just the best. We just laugh, joke and pratt around all the time. They tease me mercilessly, and I am sooooo gullible that I fall for it every time.
Quite a few years back at one of the Ranger U's about 20 of us  went to Sawha's, a fabulous Japanese restaurant. I was really nervous about ordering as I hadn't eaten Japanese before. Tim recommended that I order a boat, as it had a selection of various dishes on there and he just knew I would love it...When the waiter took the order I confidently asked for a boat. The waiter asked "between how many"..?? to which I replied, only me... All the food atarted coming out when suddenly the restaurant fell silent as every body watched this waiter make his way across the room with a large wooden ship piled high with sushi, I watched open mouthed, until I suddenly realised he was heading my way. Tim was nearly under the table, he was laughing so hard and it was then the penny dropped. The waiter plonked this "boat" in front of me as the rest of the diners looked at me in amazement. The boat contained every type of sushi, etc, that there is and there was probably enough there to feed 10 people, no joke, and it was obvious to the whole restaurant that it was mine. I must have looked such an idiot with that in front of me...And that was the start of our beautiful friendship, and it has continued ever since, He takes the mick and I fall for it, over and over. He is so genuine and all round luvvly luvvly man.
I then met the luvvly Mario and instantly fell in love with him, he is the kindest sweetest person ever to walk the planet and will do anything for any one. As I said before we are always in trouble, well I say "we", as he has this uncanny knack of looking totally innocent just at the moment that Alain walks in, whereas I never quite master it, lmao.
And Alain, or He who must be obeyed, as we affectionately call him, has helped me sooo much with business issues, personal issues, anything I throw at him really. He sees beneath the loud mouthy brit and bolsters my confidence like you wouldn't know. It's like having an older brother look out for you, except he's not my brother, and hes not older than me. He is in fact 10 yrs younger than me..!!! Yes, yes , yes I really am that old...!"!
Although they live thousands of miles away, and I only get to see them 3 or 4 times a year, I love them to death, and our time together is so special, even when sandwiched between 2 car seats and left hanging. Yes really..!!!
Another special person is the luvvly Chris who has given me an original cash book/ledger to use as a journal. It is beautifull and I can't stop stroking it. It is massive, about 12 1/2 x 9 1/2 inces and is at least 3 in thick.That should keep me quiet for a while ye??

How cool is that...???? I have started to prep some of the pages already.

what a beautiful gift to give someone... And in a few weeks time I am spending my birthday weekend with 6 of my closest friends and my 2 girlies. I am grateful to realise that I am so loved  and the love flows back unconditionally.  fame and fortune sound like a good idea at the time, but without friendship they mean nothing, wheres love, laughs  and unconditional acceptance for who you really are means everything. they say in the advert

So to all my friends and especially Mario, Tim, Alain, Su, Susie, Marie, Kirsty, Liza T, Maggie and Caz, this ones for you... Love you all..xxxxx

Enjoy xx

Monday, February 22, 2010

Get a cuppa, you're in for a long one..!!!

Sooooooo Sat morning was indeed a 6am startwith breakfast. mario and I shared a bagel and banana and then it was off to the NEC. Then off to the NEC to set the classroom up. Well we would have if they were open..!!! Eventuallty a key was located and it was a mad dash of moving tables, routing all the electric extensions, filling the water pots, unpacking all the supplies, setting the tables, drinking the Starbucks we sent Alain for, applying first aid to Jayne who lost a fingernail and nearly the finger, fighting with melt pot packaging..,!!!, oohing and aahing over the fabulous project, reminding Tim's many excited fans to breeeeeeaaaaathe..., filling the mini misters, unwrapping the mirrors, checking the melt pots, doling out the UTEE, checcking the H&S leaflets were out, having a wee, pinching Marios muffin, getting told off for being my usual giddy self, lmao, sent on a stealing mission for Blending solution, trying , and failing, to appear professional, snogging Jane Dean, applying my slap and opening the doors to let them all in.

The calm before the storm..!!!!!

Heres the project, fab isnt it..???

The engrossed students...

The infamous Suze Weinberg

working her magic with the Melt Pot.

Here's Jane and her friend....I dont't think that "care in the Community" you..???

Any idea who these are...???

Yep they belong to my babe, the one and only partner in crime, the luvvly Mario..xxxxxx He only wears long trousers for special occasions.., and hes always telling me how "special" I am lol.

To the left of this picture is the lovely Sharon and her fella Jamie from the Artist Trading Post.

Oooops seem to have missed Claudines shots, I was running around like a mad woman at this point..!!! But heres Tim.

And here's some shots of the nearly finished projects..

Then it was a mad rush around for me and Mario, cleaning out the melt pots, washing the brushes, changing the water, tidying the tables, restocking the supplies, trying to get the first lot of retailers out, whilst not letting the next lot in, ha ha . And we did it all again..

The project was an ingenious idea of Tim's, it showcased all of the 3 designers talen ts whilst blending them together beautifully. A real inspiration board for the retailers to take and display in their shops. Wonder if one will be appearing down your way. And a massive round of applause to Mario and Michelle who packed all 110 kits, and patiently made 60 crown moulds from scratch...

After checking the booth was all set up with demo supplies, me, Alain, Tim and Mario set off for our annual choc buying frenzy and curry night. We used to make Tim go because he despises curry, but now he loves this place sooooo much that he insists we go. As you can see we are always so pleased to be sat together...!!!

I got my desert in this gorgeous tacky little Dragon boat. How naff is this..??? I love it..

Whilst there I bumped into my gorgeous, gorgeous friend, Barbara, from Clarity stamps. I love her to death, she is a doll, and has really helped me in this last year. She is the Queen of stamping and what she can't do with a brayer isn't worth knowing..!!! Pop over to her website and feast your eyes...
We then staggered back to the hotel, which rather handily happens to be a pub as well. Coincidence..??? err no I don't think so. I hardly ever drink but when the Ranger boys are in town, it is our ritual and to be expected. It was then we discovered that my room was supposed to be vacated by the morning. Wtf..??? where was I going to go, sleep under a hedge. So Tim and I ran accross the road to another hotel and luckily they had a spare.

Sunday started off at a much more leisurely time of 7.30, which gave me time to pack everything up and ship it out to the van. Imagine my surprise when I stepped outside to find it had snowed all night. So we got ourselves wedged by the log fire and had brekkie.

Me and Mario have our own place to sit, its called the naughty table.!!!! ha ha .

Now I have to let you into a secret , Tim, despite all his lovely public persona, is a night mare to me with practical jokes, you all remember the UTEE pile of poo that followed me everywhere... Well this year because there were so many of us, Alain had hired a cross between a van and a mini bus. Alain and Suze rode up front, Tim and Mario took the back seats, and Claudine and I had the middle row. My seat was the one nearest the sliding door, and it moved forward to let the back row out. Well Tim discovered that it was spring loaded, and that if he pressed it when I wasn't expectin, that it would eject me, with force, onto the floor, much to his amusement, and this had been going on all weekend. Well, this morning we went to the airport (nearest Starbucks fix), and I had opened the sliding door and put one leg out and down into the snow, when BOOOIIIINNNG he ejected me. This time it pinned me to the seat in front, and I was trapped with one leg out of the van and no way of getting free. Tim calmly climbed from behind me, and started walking away, whilst persisting himself with hysterical laughter. Alain followed suit and it was left to the gorgeous Mario to release me. I was wetting myself laughing, because it was soooo typical of him. You all think he is sweetness and light, when in truth he is a tw*************t of the first degree, finding any excuse to take the p out of me. We always end up in heaps on the floor, holding our stomachs and trying  to compose ourselves. What with me and |Tim like that half the time, and me and Mario in the naughty corner for the other half, I think Alain despairs of us.lmao. We also drove Alain mad with our Talking Carl apps on our iphones. you really need to go install it. It is hilarious, it mimics every thing you say, and goes ouch when you poke it in the eye, and giggles when you tickle it. If you just put your phone down it carries on talking to itself...Soooooo funny. Watch this video......

As it was cold I had on my fave hat which they all found hilarious and christened me Heidi. I really didn't care cos at least I was warm.

So then followed a day of Tim, Claudine and Suze demoing and I walked the show. I had told Ben that I wasn,t really looking whilst there so he trusted me to go on my own.  Big, BIG, mistake. It was the best show there that I have been to . I found some right little gems, I am really into funky retro fabric, and felty bits at the moment, and there was plenty to inspire me. I also picked up tons of gorgeous metal embellies for the journals, delightful wooden products ideal for the classes, some new paper ranges, re, re, restocked up on all the books and lots more besides. At one point Alain txt Our Ben, to inform him I was out of control..!! Ben replied " is she buying shoes....?? If not,  leave her to get on with it,it will be cheaper in the long run"  ...!!
Opoh forgot to say I alo ordered in the gorgeous Dark Room door stamps by the lovely Rachel Grieg. She is a stunning photographer, from Australia, and her line is lovely. We hung outover the weekend and she is a doll. Mario and I wandered off out in the corridors and found ourselves near the Equestrian show, where we came upomn this fabulous living statue. |She looked as though she was made out of bronze and was fascinating to watch. She was also really nice and happy to let us have photos. It was so funny watching peoples reactions when she suddenly moved.

This was the remains of our lunch.

We met up eith Mark and Leandra from Paper Artsy, and we were having iphone fights and Talking Carl was on at least 5 of our phones at the same time.!!!

Sunday night was the annual dinner sponsered by Personal Impressions, where they take every one out to dinner at the fanulous Wing Wah restaurant.

I pulled on the way in....

It has become a tradition of the evening that there is a birthday celebration, even if it is no ones birthday...!!! So this year it was Claudines "birthday" much to her surprise.. Birthdasys are celebrated with lots of singing, clapping and a massive ice sculpture swan, filled with goodies and sporting a massive indoor firework.

Heres the gorgeous Jane.

We of course were all partaking in the Chinese beer so it was left to Mario to transport us all home. Don,t think he's quite got the hang of, do you.??

I don't really know what to say about that except that its novel and good for a laugh...

We were only allowed a drink if we decamped to someones room, so Alain got the short straw and we gatecrashed his room. I have to say that this is a really strange place to site the toilet.!! Overlooked by the main road. Maybe its a quaint tradition I didn't know about..???

Don't really think that this room is really suitable for He who must be obeyed...

This is what happens every time he goes through the door...Ha ha ..!!!

I left them to it today and travelled home. I was desperate to go to the bathroom and the nearest was Meadowhall. big, BIG, mistake, ha ha...Oasis has launched a new shop and it wouild have been rude not to pop in..!!!!Not sure what else happened but I also fell into River Island, Accesorize, Ted Baker, New Look and many others too numerous to mention.  But I was really good and hardly bought anything. and if you believe that, then Bob's your uncle and Fanny's your aunt..!!!

 I am now sat in front of the TV, even though I rarely watch it, and guess whats on..??? Yes its the man himself. He has the TSV on QVC and they are actually allowing him to talk a bit..!!! I,ve ordered it...I wouldn't dare not, cos he,d kill me..!!!! Heres the proof..

So how exciting has my last few days been.?? And its not going to stop really, its all go.

Yayy, the gorgeous, gorgeous, luvvly, luvvly Liz from County Down has just been on the studio phone to Tim and gave me and Claudine a mention. Woop woop..!!! Way to go girly, you get an extra blue lollipop next time you're here. xx

The lovely Janet gave me a blog award.

The rules are pass it on, which you all know I struggle with but I have decided to send it to some of my newbie bloggers and art journalers.. They are all getting the hang of it and would love it if you popped over to see them. So in no particular order.

I then have to list 10 things that make me happy..

  1. Watching my Grandaughter Maisie get more gorgeous every day.

  2. teaching, educating, teaching, educating, teaching.

  3. hanging with the Ranger guys, love them to death.

  4. fabulous mates, Bezzie Su, Sexy Susie, Kirsty, Marie and Liza T

  5. Northern Soul music, can't beat it.

  6. Art journaling, love it, love it, love it.

  7. learning to love and accept myself

  8. shoes, boots, high, low, heel, wedge, steel toecap, any.....

  9. looking forward to my birthday weekend away

  10. having so many things to be grateful for. Whatever people might say, Life is for living.
Well if you havent nodded off yet, I am nearly done. Just want to put a little video on, and I dedicate it to my Ranger boys, Alain, Mario and Tim. I love you all to death, even though you tease me mercilessly, and am so happy to have these last few days with you. I salute

Enjoy xx

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott