Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can you tell what it is yet..???

Wow, you all took my word for it about Dina and got in early. last time I looked , about 6 hrs ago we only had 6 places left altogether. So if you are dilly and dallying, don't blame me if you miss out, lol. I,ve got my place and I aint budging for no-one, so nurr nurr. Be warned, the workshop is using inks, colourwashes and sprays. So if you turn up in your summer whites, on your own head be it..!!!!

Thanks for your comment Jude, its reminded me that I haven't sent out the letter for this weekends Art Journal course. Oooooops, I would like to pass the buck and blame someone else, But unfortunately I can,t. So big, big sorry's and I,ll do it on here now.

You don,t need to bting anything except a black pen for doodling ( I use Pilot V5), a black sharpie, personal photos and ephemera  if required, and your usual basic cratfing items, ie, glue stick, scissors,etc. A crop-a-dile is also real handy. stocked up on tissues and , bezzie Su cover your ears, blue lollies....
The snow is here again, so it will get chilly, wrap up warm in layers with something warm on your feet - concrete floor.!!
The class starts at 7.30 Fri evenig. Please try not to arrive at the studio befor 7.15pm, as me and Our Em's are usually still frantically teararsing around sorting out food and preparing the final touches. And although it is always lovely to stand and chat with you, I get distracted far too easily...
I am really looking forward to the weekend, and hope you all are too. There is only one sleep left and then you are here. If you have any spare newspapers they are always welcome.

My body clock still wont seem to kick into gear, hence the 3.30 blogging..!! As Tubbs would say " ooh me insides are all wrong", but I,m just going with the flow. Theres no point worrying my pretty little head off about it is there??? Anyway it means that I did finally get the brochure written and they are online now HERE. I,m not sure if the photos are up yet, if not they will be by tomorrow as Our Ben has taken the photos.

I have been given a moving date for the new studio, the 8th Mar, and so it will be all hands on deck. Any volunteers will be received with gratitude, as it is going to be a mammoth undertaking. One that I can't think about without coming out in cold sweats and hives. Still it will be an ideal time to get to the bottom of everywhere and tip loads. Or as my Dad used to say "Lets give it a damm good sort out and side it all away again"  .!! The pay for volunteers will be lousy, but there will be copious amounts of tea and biccies and you will get to rummage through all the skips at the end of each day. Anybody who comes with a handyman hubby is doubly welcome, lol... I,ve been round it today, just to check I hadn't imagined some things, but yes, it still has acuall windows that we can see out of. It has a carpet instead of cold concrete, and like manna from heaven above it has radiators. Ph yes actual big, working radiators.. Woop de woop.!!!

Decided to have a change from journaling tonight. Can you guess what I,ve been up to..??? This is what my bed looks like at the moment.

and heres some peeks.

and heres a quick glimpse at the whole thing.

Thats right I am doing some canvas's for the walls. This one measures 12 x 40 in and I am loving it. It is supposed to be a self portrait, but it was the best I could do. It's nowhere near finished yet. I need to doodle and paint  all the border and add all my little quirky touch's. Ha ha can you see me wearing a jacket like that..??? Maybe if they had it in black, lmao. but would deffo wear the leggings and boots. Actually come to think about it I already do, much to Ben's disgust, lol. It must be a real hindrance having a Mother like me whos as mad as a box of frogs and doesn,t conform to the stereotypical.  I think he keeps hoping that I adopted him at birth and that his real Mother will turn up one day to claim him back. She will wear appropriate clothing and comfy sensible shoes, she will never enbarass him and will remain calm and polite at all times. She will have a sedate hobby, that doesn,t take up too much of her time and have never heard of piercings and tattoos.   What do you think..??? I think he'd miss me really and come running on back, lmao. I can just see him reading this and muttering to himself..!!!! I think hes probably given up all hope, personally.!!

Sooo what now, Box set Hustle..?? Art Journal pages..??? Doodling on Canvas..???Ironing..??? Aaargh how did that slip in..??? Now don't get me wrong , I have never minded ironing, and as you have come to expect from many issues Dyan, I have to iron everything, oh yes everything. If I go away anywher the first thing I do when I get to the hotel , is take it out of the suitcase, iron it and hang it up. Then repeat when I get home even if its never been worn..!!!  Its just I dont fancy getting it out just yet.

Right I think theres a chunk of date and walnut bread, with my name on it whispering to me from the kitchen. Methinks I need to go investigate. would you like me to get you anything whilst I,m there, lmao
Enjoy xx


ForgedinPaper said...

Fab canvas. I hope your doing the set as they will be great. Have fun this weekend.

Virginia said...

Ooh another cup of tea Dyan would be lovely! Thanks for the update on what we need I will read it to both Mum and sister later who will then get frantic and starting running around in that 'headless chicken' kind of way! Photos? Well that confused me never included photos on my art journaling pages - well not of my own anyway LMAO! The snow has arrived here as well but I really really need to get to work as been working from home for last two days due to poorly son - who to be perfectly honest could have gone back yesterday! Hey ho! Loving the canvas absolutely gorgeous, it looks finished from here but I know how difficult it is to know when it's actually done LOL! I'm currently doing about 8 double page art journal pages at once - is that normal? I've started speed art journaling OMG - I do that with scrapping was hoping i wouldn't start doing that on the art journaling front! One more sleep one more sleep one more sleep - OK Little Miss War and Peace is going now but I'll probably come back later!


SueC said...

I would have loved to come to the Dina Wakley workshop as I have long been a fan of hers but it is midweek and can't get there. Any chance of her coming back on the weekend???
Your canvas is lovely but you are right - can't see you wearing that red jacket!!!
Sue in Spain x

Sandra Hall said...

I'm as giddy as a kipper! Yes only one more sleep - I'm just chuckling at what Shelley said the other day, "I don't care what we're doing I just can't wait to get there!"
We will be good girls and laugh (erm CRY!) in all the right places for our fave teacher!
Calming down then....that canvas looks ace! What do you mean 'for the walls' Isn't it going to be a workshop in the near future? (although what a self portrait of me would look like is anybodies guess!!) See - I NEED a lesson in that!
See ya tomorrow! (Giddy again now! How will I settle to the research I'm supposed to be doing?)

JaneyB said...

I've decided that when you are in one of your manic/creative/oh my pants look at all this I've got to do moods that you are like a Duracell Bunny who keeps on going, and going, and going ...
Radiators in the new room - that is something to look forward to. It'll be so warm in the middle of winter we'll be sat there in bikinis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!!
Have a good weekend - can't wait for the March one! xx

Jude said...

Thanks for the info - trying to pack as we're leaving at 4pm but Molly is clinging to me limpet-like...she knows something's going on. If I forget anything can I beg, buy or borrow?!? At this rate I'll be lucky if I get my knickers p.s. Love the canvas!!

Anne Jagger said...

Wish I could come on your journalling weekend and Dina Wakley days! At this rate you'll be in your new studio by the time I get over to see you again - sounds fab!
You made me laugh with your Dad's comment - haven't heard the expression "side it away" for yonks, brill!
Take care and have fun. Love Anne x

Anneliese said...

Loving the canvas Dy, Hope you have a fab weekend ! Love 'n' hugs x

Anne Essex said...

Really looking forward to journal weekend. Any hints on type of photos to bring?
Anne x

patcrafts said...

I would love a piece of date and walnut bread please, it's my fave. Can't wait for Dina's 2 day workshop I am so excited and I never get excited about anything.
Dyan you really make me laugh when you write about you and Ben knowing you both makes it all the more funny.
Hugs Pat xx

olive said...

your bonkers girl!!!! loving it. Wheres the canvas for? I cant eat walnuts or dates so next time could you get a cake thats plain???!! Ben should be grateful he has a mum like you - at least your not boring or predictable...... as if. Wish i could cover my bed like that but dont think hubby or our mollie dog would appreciate it... not enough room! Keep warm Ciao

Kate Creates - a lot of mess, just ask my family..... said...

Grrr... how very frustrating. I'm on the waiting list for an op which means I can't book any of these tempting offerings as the date seems to be a moveable feast. I hate not knowing and not being in control as well as missing out!
Hope you're feeling better soon. I'll drop by to help on move day if I've not been "dealt with" by then.
Kate X

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