Thursday, February 11, 2010

life is a bowl of cherries...

Yayy the deliveries are all starting to turn up. The studio is like a madhouse, there are boxes everywhere. But we seem (that is the proverbial "we", I really mean Ben) to have got most of that away, ready for the massive ones hopefully turning up tomorrow.

Yes, thats right Tim's new Distress pads are IN THE BUILDING.....!!!!! But it doesnt look as though they are going to last very long. The website is going barmy ever since Ben sent the newsletter out and they are going like hotcakes. Doesn't look like I'll be getting extras for home does it..?? The only night mare was Tim's book which was missing from the order. I don't really know why and I can't find out because Ranger are not in work due to the heavy snowfall. I,ll keep you posted on its progress.

We have also had massive restocks of Claudines paint, thank goodness, just in time for her classes next week. Yes this time next week we will have had her first workshop. Hope you are one of the lucky ones who got a place.

I had a lovely email from Anne-Marie this morning. You may remember she had to miss the Art Journaling weekend because she was diagnosed with the mumps. Well I just had to show you it.

Hi Dyan

Want to say a big thank you from me (and a x) for putting all the details of ladies blogs that was at the AJ weekend. As I'm stuck at home in quarantine I have spent many an hour on my laptop - and been on all their blogs and WOW what I weekend. Reading Virginia's especially I had tears in my eyes - as I am so upset that I have missed out this time.

Dont know if there is something in the air with cupcakes - but yesterday I had this weird urge to make them (and Im not much of a baker) and then this morning I read your blog to see them all over the place. Spooky!!! - will have to bring a batch when I get on an AJ weekend x

Ann-Marie xxxx

theres definitley something in the air as far as cup cakes go...!!!!   Don't worry Anne Marie you will have a fab time on your weekend as well, promise.

Loved Virginias tale of how her hubby understands journaling now hes had it explained the Dyan way..!!!! lol Maybe I should start doing art journaling for couples..!! And hes going to make me Morello Cherry Muffins, yayy gotta love him.

I,m still confused on the voice issue, nobody seems to want to tell me how they thought I would sound in real life. I,m hoping thats not because it was so bad they daren't. As for the Ally Pally issue. I am sooooo sorry that I don't do that show anymore. It was always one of my favourite shows to do and I loved teaching there, you Southerners were like sponges, just soaking in all the info I could give you. Its just sooooooo far away for me, but if you make it to mine I guarantee you,ll have a fabby time..Especially when I get into my new studio. Just imagine, space, light, heat, fresh air. What more could you want..?? lmao.

Ok sweet n sour chicken is calling my name so I need to go. Heres a journal page for you.

Enjoy xx


Lily Chi said...

As a southern "sponge" I can certainly vouch for the fact you learn LOADS when you visit Dyan's studio, and that's in addition to all the fun, food and laughter. Can't believe it's a whole week since I was getting ready to visit for Art Journalling.
I keep trying to think of excuses for work to send me north just so I can come back sooner than May - when I'm on the next Art journalling weekend Woo-Hoo!!
Meanwhile I'll just have to drool over all the lovely goodies that may be coming my way :D

Kirsti said...

Look at all those lovely, lovely inkpads.... aren't the just lush!!!!.. I love them... fantastic journal page - been doing a few this week (as I have let them lapse) forllowing Kate's wonderful tutorials in Craft Stamper...

Any idea of the class content for when you come up the road to us yet??? Itching to know what you might have planned - would love to do a techniques day (hint, hint) and now you have the wonderful Dina coming to the studio you could maybe throw in some of that

Jude said...

Hey there, just heading for bed and realised I haven't phoned your Ben to confirm my place at the AJ course in May - DUH!!! Promise to phone first thing and get it sorted.

On another DUH note - I only went and bought last months issue of Craft Stamper at your place on Sunday - already have it! Gave it to Ellie to look at and bless her, she used the free stamp on the cover to make a Valentine's card for a boy in her class. She says he better appreciate it after all the effort she went too...that's m'girl!

Like Carole, I can't believe that this time last week I was getting ready for the beginners course - Paul and I would have just been pulling into the hotel carpark at this time! I've said it before but I'll say it again, thanks for the best time - it was a blast!

Ooh, that was a long comment - my adoption by the Rotherham girlies must be rubbing off! Night night! xx

p.s. Love that page - all pink and girly.

Virginia said...

What a fantastic start to my day reading your blog Dyan grinning from ear to ear, really is the most awesome read! Art Journaling couples sounds like a great idea!!!!!! we (that is me and hubby) sat last night cutting up images out of magazines, now believe you and me I've already gone through these magazines and was sure there was nothing left in them, but now I've done your weekend well it has to be said I found loads more. I did get some curious looks from other half and then he started to 'get' what I was doing next minute we're laughing so much because of the combination of images on a page! It was such a lovely evening to spend together added to which we'd had a good parents evening!

Your journal page is gorgeous as always and I'll let hubby know about the morello cherry muffins!

It was so sad that Ann-Marie couldn't make it because of mumps and she left a lovely comment on my blog, but even though she couldn't make it she definitely got a 'feel' of the weekend and what she has to look forward to when she finally gets to go on it - bless her!

I'm also like Jude and haven't phoned to sort deposits out for places in May don't let Ben give them away and I'll try and call today and sort some deposits out and yes the motley crue from Rotherham will be back in May!


Little Miss War and Peace

Anonymous said...

Eeeekkk, what a lovelyness over at your place... all that ink and paint, wow! Thanks for the links (former post) - it's nice to visit some new people and get inspired by new work! Have a lovely weekend!

olive said...

wish it was my house and not your studio with all those goodies. all those paints....... cant wait to get my hands on those beauties.... keep the faith. Ciao

PS keep cracking the whip!!!

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