Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ladies, I salute you.

What a fabulous weekend we have had. Now don't get me wrong, I always enjoy any teaching I do, especially the weekends, but this class was amazing. I don't know if it was because we were journaling, which entails emotion and soul searching or what. The students were brilliant, open to everything I threw at them. Many were total art journal vitgins and didn,t know what they had let themselves in for, but all are now well and truly hooked. So much so that 11 of the 15 are now booked and paid on the intermediate class in May. How fantastic is that...??? 11 rebooking straight away, just love it. See I told you it wasn't just me who would get this journaling lark. !!!

We laughed and joked all day today, but they still worked their little butts off. We did a ghosting technique, anatomy and disection of a page, patchwork stamped covers, which left a couple of hours for playtime and shop. And Boy they know how to shop, lmao. They decided that the biggest thing I gave them this weekend was permission. Permission to colour outside the lines, to put what ever colour with what ever. To ignore the  inner critic and just play, that its all right to cry because it usualy kick starts the healing. That in an art journal, whatever you do is right, there are no rules...

They were benoaming the fact that I said they were now artists in their own right, so I decided to issue them with a certificate for their "ology" Well it caused a stir and there was a lot of whooping and hollering.!!!

All too soon it was 4pm and time for the sad goodbyes and long departures.

Sandra and Shelley

Melanie, Jude, Valencia and Virginia

Anne. Carole and Steph

Michelle and Bee

Emma and Janet

They even had me in tears later when they gave me this lovely card. 

so even though they ate me out of house and home, snotted me out of Kleenex,, it was sad to see them go. Until next time.....

Heres a layout

Enjoy xx


Virginia said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't believe it's been and gone - well what an amazing weekend (little Miss War and Peace here - be prepared) - what did I want from the weekend, well apart from time with my lovely Mum and Sister (who are both awesome) to be in the presence of my art journaling hero Dyan was going to be pretty amazing before we managed to get lost on the way to Harrogate (and yes we got lost again). What didn't I expect, to learn that I could give myself permission to do whatever I bloody well wanted however I wanted whenever I wanted and to know it was absolutely fine and perfect. What were the bonuses - having the opportunity to meet absolutely amazing people - as a complete virgin to an Art from the Heart weekend I didn't know what to expect but it was fun from beginning to end, from the moment we got through the door to a fun evening of wine and pizza to the time we left this afternoon having learnt so much, a warm welcome, fabulous ladies living their own lives with their own happiness, their own worries, their own inspiration and their own baggage and coming to realise that we're all human, all fantastic, all artists, all amazing and have the right to be whoever we damn well please - love it love it love and all the time Dyan gave us permission to do just that! Would I do it again - yes - is it on again in the morning and if so can I come? LOL - would I get as much from it - yes and more, it was such a fantastic environment, weekend, learning curve just everything, Dyan wears her heart on her sleeve, gives all of herself to the course, challenges when we needed it, worked with it when we struggled and nurtured all the way along was fantastic. Meeting new friends in Jude and her hubby Paul who resolved Dy's i-tunes problem to Anne who we shared a great evening with last night, to Shelley and Sandra - two fantastic friends, to Emma and her time to accept her emotions, to Michelle who just got it completely, to Carol who loved playing the paint, and Janet who worked her way through all the projects with ease, to Bee who shared her whole self and to Steph who showed us how to do 'pastel pages' like nobody else, to the time I had chance to meet Bezzie Sue and didn't know whether to bow and courtsey and then to find she'd read my blog, to the lovely Katie and Ben (your Mum is completely normal - as is my sister it's the rest of us who are completely barking - honest) to Pam who made some beautiful food and who painted some gorgeous pages it was an honour ladies - you're all amazing! To those who've got this to look forward to - it's absolutely fantastic - I'm so pleased with my certificate in Prattology - unlike the rest of my certificates that sit in a file I can see this one coloured in and framed - LOL! For those of you who didn't book because they weren't sure - make sure you grab the next available space, it's a roller coaster that leaves you on the happiest high - even when you travel home in a car with no rear lights - we thought we were invincible and got home safe. Dyan the biggest angel hugs from Rotherham you are quite singularly spectacular!

Dylan said...

aww babe, you are hilarious!!!! But you've set me off blubbing again..!!!!! Thankyou for all your lovely comments, it was a pleasure babe, a real pleasure xxx

Jude said...

That's got to be a record for the longest comment ever!?! But having met and spent loads of time with the lovely Virginia (and her lovely Mum and sister) I know now that she writes like she talks - and boy can those girls talk!!! Love them to bits...mad as a bag of spanners, but the best art journaling companions ever. It's past midnight, we're home and in bed - got back around 11pm so made really good time. Lots of catching up with Mum and Dad about the weekend and telling them all about ours. I had a fantastic time Dy, I can't believe how much sense it all makes now and how excited I am to carry on with my journalling. All the ladies were lovely and it was so nice to meet them all. My life will seem a little sadder tomorrow not seeing them and spending the day "pratting about"! Thanks for all the advice, support, lollies, tissues, honesty and the permission...can't wait for round 2!!! xxx

Lily Chi said...

Just had to say THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANKYOU Dyan for a fabulous weekend. I loved every minute; laughter and tears! All the ladies were so friendly and what a wonderful environment. It says so much for your skill and empathy that we all felt safe enough to open up in such a short time. It certainly made me count my blessings!! And thanks to the culinary talents of the lovely Pam for feeding us all. I'm fit to burst!! Can't wait for the next one in May
Carole xx

Sandra Hall said... looks like a good time was had by all!!
Thoroughly, truly enjoyed it and I'm glad my path happened to cross with these lovely, funny (but slightly mad!!)people.
I've moved "further up and further in..." (from C.S.Lewis' - The Last Battle) on my art journaling journey, THANK YOU Dyan.
PS. My head feels 'cleaner' (de-cluttered) can't say the same for my hands! They're sore from the scrubbing!

barbara (AKA Bee) said...

What a rollercoaster ride this fab weekend was, and how much I needed it, fun food and floods of tears all had their place, we laughed and learned not only about all Dyan's fabulous techniques but about ourselves and each other. If you could bottle it, it would be the best tonic known to womankind.

There was a time when I would have considered a whole weekend spent in the company of 14 other women, most of whom are at least as potty as me, a recipe for disaster, but no, this weekend has been one of the most liberating, creative and energising times in my life, I can't wait for the next one....counting the sleeps

Bee xx

Tracy said...

Omg you all looked like you had a blast,snots and all,lol!!!
woohooo glad you had a great weekend
wish i could have come.

Unknown said...

Well Im blubbing again! I can add very little to the words that have been already said - I am so glad i have finally got "it"! and plan to do so much more today whilst its fresh in my mind. It was even more special as there were such special people to share the excitement with. Dy - I love your workshops I have never made a secret of how much fun I have but this was so much more than ever before. As Bee said if it could be bottled you could save every women on the planet. You should be available on the NHS :0)
I loved spending time with my special friends - they know how much they already mean to me so finding out that I could share such deep stuff with ladies I didnt know was also a precious disovery - again they were all truly special people.
You told me to spread the word - i want to scream from the top of my voice "You must go to Dyans art journalling weekend and jump on the road for the journey of your life". I just hope the female population will listen and be i touch with you - They would NEVER regret it!
Huge hugs to everyone there this weekend - Thanks for being the special people you are x

Unknown said...


Well what can I say. I got home today and showed my hubby what I had done over the weekend. He freely admitted he didn't understand what I was doing but said if it was going to help me then he would be behind me 100%. I had a real epiphany this weekend and really made a startling discovery that it is ok to scream, shout and cry all in the space of my own little journal.

I too need to thank all the ladies there this weekend as I felt safe and warm and comfy with you all. But mostly to you Dy for giving me the 'permission' to be allowed to do it.

I can't wait till part 2 and will be doing some pages tonight.

Emma xx

Anne Essex said...

Well what can I possibly add? I agree with all the comments; it was a very special weekend and I feel privileged to have met and got to know so many amazing women. Thank you for allowing me to share your life for a short while. I’ve just booked for the next weekend and am looking forward already and am so glad so many have re-booked. I’ve started doing my homework today. Dyan you are amazing and your insights into my words were scarily accurate ;-)
If you are tempted to join a journal class just go for it, you will learn a lot, laugh a lot and it may just change your life – in a good way. Anne x

RonniS said...

I was extremely gutted not to have been able to join you all on this weekend, although I was there in spirit in the form of Carole and her blue/brown bag. I will, however, be joining you all in May, so be prepared for the Southern invasion :)

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