Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bring me sunshine...

Ha ha that stunned a lot of you didn't it. You never had me down for a Law student did you..?. Its funny what useles bits of information you retain, I can still quote you the Sale of Goods Act 1982..!!! Comes in handy at times, I can tell you. Love the comment from Jude who says under my court gowns I would be wearing Dr Martens and doodling all over the court notes.!!! Damn right girly..!!!lol. My Mum and Dad were so proud of me then, I think they always expected me to end up on the other side of the bench. !!  Anyway so bang goes the theory of left hand/ right hand brain, I am equal in both, so what does that mean..???

Got a lovely award today all the way from Lynne  in Florida. This is what she said about me

Dyan...her blog is my go to fave!!! Wonderful sense of humor, I find myself ROTFLMAO everytime I read her blog!!!! Love her work and her genuine & unique style!!.

How nice is that..??? Thanks Lynne. Go check out her blog, plus she was guest designer for Graphic 45 this month. Way to go girl.....

Isn't it lovely to be sent a bit of sunshine..???
Here's the rules of the Sunshine Award!!

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~ Share the love and link to the person from whom you received the award

I really struggle passing these on, as you know and I can,t send sunshine to some and not others. So I am sending every one a massive rainbow, because the darkest hour is just before the storm.

If your life is real rosy at the moment, just tuck the sunshine in a safe place so you can bring it out when its needed. 

Now heres another big shock for you....I, Dyan, commonly known as Dylan the last minute babe, has not only gone and finished the 365 day challenge for Feb, and , get this , with 2 days to spare. ( walking with puffed out chest and head held high..lmao). That took the wind from your sails didnt it...??? And heres the proof of the Spotted Dick.

Ooh it appears to have changed colour halfway through. Maybe its a two tone entry..!!!! If youn have't heard of the 365 challenge you will find all the details HERE.

Its the regular Art Journaling class tomorrow yayy..!!! I am setting them a little challenge that they don,t know about yet, tee hee. That should keep them quiet for a wee bit.

heres one of mine....

and I,m going to leave you with one of my favoutite memories of growing up. The end credits of Morecombe and Wise.  And Lynne I am returning the gift, this is for you...

Enjoy xx

Ooh had to come back and add this, I think its as funny today as it was then. This was me and my Dad in a morning,,,happy times,,,,xx


gayle said...

I had forgotten all about that! Miss Morecambe and Wise!!

ForgedinPaper said...

Your are organised, see the day in bed worked. Love the circular layout of the squares for Feb.

SeasideKaren said...

Aww just showed hubby these clips and we both agreed it just seems like 5 minutes since we were sat watching Morecambe and Wise with our mums and dads, it's what families did on Saturday nights. Happy times!

Sandra Hall said...

I love your Feb page - I like how you've placed the journal blocks - made me think of a whirlwind - which kinds suits your (hectic) schedule! But I have to say I LOVE LOVE LOVE that faith page - I will definitely have to have a stroke of THAT page! You've done it again Dy...a cut above! x x
P.S. ah the Morecombe & Wise sketches - pure nostalgia!

thekathrynwheel said...

Ooh love your February pages - esp. how it goes round in a circle :-) Haven't made my March page yet......
Have a good day art journaling - sorry to miss it again :-(
Kate x

Ann said...

What a wonderful sunshiney start to a grey day. Thank you, A xx

Kirsti said...

Great February page and I will say again what a great idea having them go in a spiral...very original... I have almost finished mine - just to stick the squares down but not even started the March pages yet - naughty, naughty, very naughty - maybe today (if I am organised!!!)...have a great day..xoxo

Rhayne said...

Wowzors! I really love that first page. It looks like my life usually feels...just bit and pieces thrown out there to land how it will :o)

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