Friday, February 12, 2010

stop thief!!!

Ok c'mon own up. Who did it..?? Whos's guilty..?? Well one of you is guilty of stealing away all the hours in the day today. I seem to have got up this morning, blinked, and now its 1.30 in the morn.!!! Wtf..???
I know I have actually been working because, Twitter, Facebook and my emails tell me so, but what, where, why and when, I havent a frikkin clue, lmao.

So I'll keep this short but sweet so that I don't nod off half way through.

The website nearly hit meltdown today, poor Ems fingers were nearly on fire they were flying that fast through the pretty parcel wrapping. I can safely say that you all seem to like Tim's new Distress colours. And most of you seem to be going for all 12, which is great but is starting to leave us with not a lot of stock.
Today also saw the arrivalof all the Graphic 45 papers.  Now these are gorgeous double sided papers, all with a vintage 20's theme. I can't wait to get started with them. Ben has spent most of the day getting them on the website. We have 5 full collections and we also have collection packs for the other ranges.

Now I know for certain that these are going to fly, so a 2nd order is being filled in as we speak.

Update on Dina Wakley's workshops  The Wednesday is completeley sold out, but we do have 2 places for the Tuesday class. So don't leave it too late and miss out, now will you..???

So as usual , I'll leave you with art journal pages.

Enjoy xx


Virginia said...

OOOOh I had a day like that yesterday, but I know it was busy and mighty full - it just raced away! Love those two pages Dyan - in fact my little one spotted that you'd changed the number plate on the car to your name - think I can hear another journal page coming on for him! Yes you heard me right we've got a housefull of art journallers now YAAYYYYY - had a spectacular evening showing him your method of anatomy of a page and he so got it - bless him! His favourite part of it was that when he did his writing he did it all joined up and I mean all - he didn't stop and he loved it! Hope your Saturday slows down somewhat!


ForgedinPaper said...

Arghhhh I had just decided what I was going to buy with my vouchers from my Dad and know there's more choice. I'm back to square one. Were you working on more downloads (hint, hint)?

Brian K said...

Oh I am so loving the FY page... I have been having one of those weeks @ work where I want to say "FY" to some difficult folks.... I can TOTALLY relate! Thank you!

JaneyB said...

Hi Dy

I have finally gotten around to starting in those art journals i got from you around 3 months ago!!??!! After being inspired by all the stuff that the beginners wrote last week, both on your blog and each others, I wanted in and so I jumped in, feet first, shoes on, the lot. I'm in. Took a while to feel comfortable, and if anybody was to look at what I'm furiously scribbling on my first pages I reckon they'd try to section me. But it's working. All this "stuff" that's billowing out like industrial smoke is leaving me a little lighter (hope it leaves me feeling thinner too!). Anyway, a massive thanks to you, cos you are my hero, and a massive thanks to the ladies who have bared their souls from last week.
And finally, the FU page. Although I feel a bit guilty for saying it (and Sandy if you read this think of me fondly and let me off!), but by gum I hope I have the guts to do a page like that. I'd probably stick it to another once it dried though!
Oh, and another thing, what's with the posh voice on the demo?? It sounds like the one my kids call my phone voice?! I reckon we do it subconsciously cos if we were to speak proper Yorkshire the non-Yorkshironians wouldn't have a clue what we were actually saying!
Lots of love xxxxx

Kirsti said...

What fabulous pages Dy... Especially the FU one... would so love to say that to a few people I IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT....have a great weekend...xox

oooO word verification os 'curlysi' what a cute word...x

Sandra Hall said...

Chuckle chuckle chuckle...JaneyB what do you think of me!!! I LOVE YOU! Anyway Dy, I guess you've got another Miss War & Peace out there!
Back to your post, I love your pages...I think I'll have a go at a black 'n' white page... my head is buzzing with thinking in colour so it might do me good to block that out (for one page anyway!!)
See you Thursday - might bring my journal to show you! x x

Kirsty Wiseman said...

aaaaaw you swored. Im telling me mam.
Heeeeeeeeeeeeeee xx
loves ya x

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