Friday, February 19, 2010

non stop by heck...!!!!

Heres the rest of yesterdays photos, I just couldnt keep my eyes open long enough last night, lol. Heres Claudine with bezzie Su and the Goddess.

And one of me and Claudine.

When we finished we all piled  to the local Chinese restaurant... We had to wait for Ben and the lovely Katie so noshed on prawn crackers.

I have never seen so much food as we were presented with, there was no way we could have eaten any more. At the end we were presented with the ubiquitous Fortune cookies.

Now we aren't really fans of them so look who finishrd them all off

Here we are too stuffed to move...

So on to today,s workshop. It was a tag round robin with the emphasis on colour mixing. The idea being that people worked in your colour scheme . Ooh look at this for concentration....

This was todays secret weapon. Claudines Multi medium. It is one of my staples for gluing, sealing  and creating glazes.

I have to say that Care in the Community doesn't appear to be working...!!!!

 This is my finished set.


and here are all the others


Claudines examples

Everyone seemed to enjoy workshop and the shop got a little bit, well ok a lot ravaged..!!!! They all loved Claudines Studio line of products. They can be found for  sale HERE

Tim's book landed this morning and is prompty flying out the door as expected.. For those of you who have pre orderd it, we will be sending you a voucher to use in thr shop, because we are doing the book at a lowere price. Just give us chance to get to you, because we are inundated at the moment. If there are any books remaining you will find them HERE

Ben has finally finished unpacking all 26 boxes of the 7gypsies. products and uploading them to the website. As a consequence of ordering such a large order, I was given a fabulous deal and we are passing this on to you all. Just go check out our prices , you will be amazed. But dont leave it too late as , at these prices it is not going to last..!!!

I am now cosily ensconced in a stable room at thr |Bull in Birmingham. It is soooo cool. We had a meet up earlier and a lovely evening meal. I pinched this photo of Suze's blog.

Claudine, Suze, Alain, Tim, Mario and me.  We look such a lively bunch dont we..!!!  Suze has been in the country a few days teaching, and the lads only flew in this morning, so everyone is knackerd, lol. Right I am off in the bath with a copy of Look magazine and a cuppa tea, as I have been informed it is a 6 am start. Wtf..???
ah well sees you tomorrow

Enjoy xx


ForgedinPaper said...

You can't go wrong with Look and and a cuppa. Tags looks great.

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan - I see your managing to stick to your schedule I honestly don't know how you do it! The class looked amazing loving all those tags absolutely gorgeous, hope you have some time to recover before your 6am start! Still loving the art journaling, had a week off and I've done some every day back at work next week - boo hoo - so not sure if I'm going to manage to keep it flowing as it has this week! Hope you have a fabulous day that isn't too exhausting


olive said...

it was fantastic Dy... please say a Big THANK YOU to Claudine... she is amazing. Oh by the way I didnt tell Lee about the book, though he looked at the bank statement,made some comment, which I ignored! So it didnt come as a complete surprise to him!! Again thanks for a magical day. Ciao

gayle said...

The tags look great, good job girls! Thanks for sharing Dyan! :)

Unknown said...

Looks like an action packed few days! I have something on my blog for you!

Kirsti said...

Great - absolutely looks like everyone had a fabulous time (green with envy here)... Oooh just remember I poured myself a cuppa earlier and promptly forgot about it - must be an age thang...xoxo

Janet Banks said...

Hi Dyan

Had a fab morning with yourself and Claudine. 1ST Time I have attended a workshop with you and it hopefully wont be the last.

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