Monday, February 15, 2010

When did my knickers shrink..??? and other mindless trivia...!!!

A little puzzle for you here. I used to love working out puzzles and would sit for hours working things out, but this one has got me completley stumped. No matter how long I look at it I can not come up with a solution, so I,m hoping that maybe you could work it out and give me the answer.

This is my schedule for the next 3 weeks:-

tomorrow - kids workshop all day , ladies at night
Wed - Pick up Claudine, prepare studio, food shop for class
Thurs - Claudine class all day
Fri - Claudine class, drive to Birmingham
Sat - teaching with the Ranger crew at stitches
Sun - first day of trade show
Mon - drive home
Tues - pearl collage class, kids workshop, ladies at night
Wed 24th Feb - Printers tray workshop, kids workshop
Thurs 25th Feb - Maisie Day, yayy
Fri 26th Feb - cant frikkin remember lol
Sat 27th Feb - kids birthday parties
Sun 28th Feb - Art journals
Mon 1st Mar - go collect Dina, prepare studio, food shop for classes
Tues 2nd Mar - Dina workshop, kids workshop, ladies at night
Wed 3rd Mar - Dina workshop, kids class
Thurs 4th Mar - Take Dina back to airport, food shop for art journal weekend
Fri 5th Mar - Frame workshop, kiddies birthday party, start of art journal weekend
Sat 6th Mar - art journal weekend
Sun 7th Mar art journal weekend


Add into that,
prepping for classes
making ALL the samples for the next brochure
2 magazine articles
designing new downloads
trying to sort out an online class
cooking  Ha Ha  as if !!!!
replying to emails, phone calls
chatting to customers
co-ordinating builders, electricians, plumbers, decorators.
keeping the shop studio and website running.

Oh and of course eating, sleeping, bathing and trying to look efficient and gorgeous....!!!!

SOOOOOOOOOOOO the puzzle is.......

When are we going to pack up the shop and studio...??????

Answers on the back of an old kitchen roll to the usual address..... I would offer a prize to the  winner, but I,m not holding out much hope, lmao...

what I also need to put into the mix is my birthday ( including a weekend away with my girlies and bezzies), Mums anniversary, Harrogate show ( with 50 class kits to prepare) , Maisies birthday and a Mothers Day.

So if you,d like to come and visit me, I will be in the nearest psychiatric ward, last bed on the left. visiting 2-3pm, please bring chocolate...!!!!

Mind you as you can see, the new place is nowhere near ready yet...

and that is my new wall. Yes seriously...!!!!

There is no ceiling, lights, electrics,  but I am informed there is light at the end of the tunnel....!!!

On a lighter note...... oh sorry can,t think of one..lmao

So onto another depressing note, I,m not sure how, but all my knickers seem to have shrunk. I havent washed them in any other way but normal so I,m a little confused right now. I trundled myself off to town to our local M&S to buy some new ones and bugger me, the same thing seems to have happened to theirs. Do you think they use the same powder as me. Anyone else having the same problem..?????

okay rant over now, well it wasn't really  a rant, I just thought if I wrote it down it might look better, but unfortunately it doesn't. Hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow...

Heres a journal page that seems to provide all the answers - or maybe not,

Oh nearly forgot, how much are these on my wish list...????

available from HERE  but be warned , the website contains matter of an adult nature....Yes that,s right you have been warned..!!!

Enjoy xx


Janny said...


Lyn said...

OMG I need to have a lie down now after reading that list !!! You can give me a list of jobs to do while I'm over for a start - or would I be a hindrance rather than a help LOL ?!
PS - my knickers have all shrunk too...must be something in the water PSML....will call ya tomorrow if you've got time for a VERY quick chat x

Jude said...

Ooh! You were's a definitely not for the faint hearted is it?!? Maybe you should see if they have bigger knickers that you can wear on the outside of your clothes - you are officially Super Woman...that schedule is crazy busy!!

Meant to phone today and see if your Emmi would pop into the Premier Inn at the end of the road - Paul left 2 of my necklaces in the room when he packed up. Will be placing an order from you guys soon - was thinking they could be packed in with that? Called them when I realised and they have a note that someone (hopefully!) from AFTH will be in to collect them at some point...

Have a horrible cold which ruined my plans for Art Journalling today, all I did was cough, sneeze and sleep. Did get a page done in the car though driving to Glasgow on fairly made the journey quicker!! Paul was driving, I should add...xx

Anonymous said...

Hahaha - yes... Bigger knickers over your pants is the answer - superwoman in training!

It makes me dizzy just reading your list - I need to lie down - the life and times of a dynamic creative crafter (I would have said journaller but I don't think that's an official word)

You forgot 'breathe' on the list lol.

You'll do it and keep us all amused telling us about it.

ForgedinPaper said...

Fab journal page and that quote is great. My solution is a bit of cloning and a time machine. If you could borrow the Tardis and then which ever Doctor takes your fancy or John Barrowman then it would be doable lol! Could even be a opportunity to use those shoes as well.
Well done on spotting the shrinking knickers problem and there was me thinking it was just too much beer and chocolate for me at least now instead I can blame M&S. Take care.

Virginia said...

ooh Dyan where on earth do I start? Maybe I shouldn't you haven't time to read my war and peace LOL! Thank you for the comment on my blog - didn't receive the 'long' one from you - I would have published it if I had - loved the shortened version though! That is one hell of a schedule, I suggest lists and lots and lots of delegating, maybe taking each day as it comes and not worrying too far ahead. NOt sure if it will work but you never know. I've had the problem of shrinking knickers for years it's a nightmare and strangely enough M&S aren't the only ones who do it LMAO! Don't forget to try and sleep in amongst all that you know! I'm sneaking an art journal day in today following my immense cleaning session yesterday - decided I owe it to myself - well I do don't I? Hugs

Kirsti said...

Wow those shoes are gorgeous... I only look at shoes tho - could never walk in those in a million

Phew - makes the list of stuff I have to do before going on holiday next month look small fry in comparison...of to Manchester/ Liverpool at the weekend (judo competition)...enjoy your day...xoxo

Laura (Faerielore) said...

HAHAHAHAHA oh dear ..... hmmm ok i see no solution what so ever so sod it do what i would do grab the nearest bottle of wine and box of chocolates hahahahaha good luck babe xxxx

olive said...

do you sleep at all???? thats not a list its a life!! great to see you are teaching with Ranger again, good for you. What can you say about those shoes..... died and gone to heaven..... hubby thinks they are fab. Do you know the song by Kirsy McColl 'In these shoes.. I dont think so' (album Tropical Fish) thats what they remind me of... and they are RED...... get some chocolate, hide in a corner and delegate. you make me feel useless!!!!! Ciao

Clare with paint in her hair said...

when you said you were busy on sunday i didnt ever imagine that it would be that busy!!

I can donate an afternoon to help making up the kits for the show if you need me just shout

gayle said...

Good grief! What a list! Well I work for a mental health team, I will ask the doc for a choc prescription LOL

Sarah Louise said...

Oh Dyan, you make me laugh. And those shoes wouldnt match the building site of a studio, lol

Dont forget to say hi to yourself when you meet her coming back!

Chris Steer said...

You're an absolute treasure!! You make everyone else who thinks they have loads to do come back down to reality and get on with it!! I wonder how many took a peak at the website when you said there was adult content on it - I DID lol XX If I lived nearer I would certainly come and help it would be a pleasure -See you soon - can't wait

Hugs Chris xx

Anonymous said...

You just got me laughing out loud with that quote on your (beautiful) page! Thanks! I could do with a laugh!

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott