Thursday, February 18, 2010

no tears, honest..

Thankyou for all your kind comments on yesterdays post. They were very much appreciated. I am a bit worn out today so I will be keeping words to a minimum.

As many of you know the lovely Claudine Hellmuth    is teaching at mine for a few days. Me and The Goddess set off for the airport in thick freezing fog. It was a bit hairy but we made it, despite missing 2 turnoffs due to the poor visibility. Here she is Fri eve setting up my studio.

and here it is all ready for action.

Ooh definitely paying attention, aren,t they..???

Bezzy Su came along to help make tea and crumpets.

And Jay joined in as well making the lunch. As you can see extremely photogenic.....

Just need to show you this pic. Pat, by her own admission, rarely gets excited about anything, but just look at that smuile..

And heres some of the finished results.

The day flew by and we get the fun of doing it allagain tomorrow.

Enjoy xx


Jude said...

That all looks fab! I wish, I wish, I wish I could be there...nope, that didn't work, still in Inverurie!! Have a great day again tomorrow. xx

ForgedinPaper said...

Wish I was there!

Kirsti said...

Oh I do LOVE these - Wish I was there (I am in spirit!!!)... Enjopy the rest of the time...take care and hugs to you...Kirsti xxoox

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

I'm glad you survived the day, I always remember getting to the day after my Dad's anniversary (particularly the early ones) and thinking that I'd made it I'd survived another one thankfully! You all look like you had a fantastic day and hope today is just as amazing with Claudine in the building hugs


Laura (Faerielore) said...

So jealous !!! wish i was play along too, looks like everyone had a fab time and the end results are all brilliant xxxx

barbe said...

oh it looks like so much fun! Wish I ere there too! Claudine is the very best, isn't she??

Ann Hellmuth said...

As Claudine's proud mum, who grewup in Shropshire and used to work in Manchester, I would have given so much to be there with you all. It looks like a spectacular event and what about those crumpets!!!!!!!!

Ann H.

Lorraine said...

great artworks looks as if you all had a marvellous time

Aidel Knaidel said...

Hi there--clicked through from Claudine's facebook page. Looks brilliant!

Bee Yourself Fabrics said...

Awesome!! How exciting the day must have been! Thanks for sharing the pictures! It sure inspires us!

Siobhan Brignull said...

was you hanging off the ceiling for some of those photos, just wondering LOL

Unknown said...

one unhappy bunny writing here. I was really peeved that I didnt get to book in time to get to see Claudine in action. (She inspired me for my final at Uni)

See you soon Dy and keep your chin up. Emma xx

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