Tuesday, February 23, 2010

You got a friend.....

awwwww I knew he loved me really...!!!  I am soooo honoured, after me telling you what a horror he is to me he goes and writes beautiful things about me on his blog. Who, what, where you might ask... Well its Tim and its all HERE...
I love the phrase he used  "she makes me smile from the inside"..... I think that needs to be made into a stamp don't you...??? I love Tim, Mario and Alain to death, and spending time with them is just the best. We just laugh, joke and pratt around all the time. They tease me mercilessly, and I am sooooo gullible that I fall for it every time.
Quite a few years back at one of the Ranger U's about 20 of us  went to Sawha's, a fabulous Japanese restaurant. I was really nervous about ordering as I hadn't eaten Japanese before. Tim recommended that I order a boat, as it had a selection of various dishes on there and he just knew I would love it...When the waiter took the order I confidently asked for a boat. The waiter asked "between how many"..?? to which I replied, only me... All the food atarted coming out when suddenly the restaurant fell silent as every body watched this waiter make his way across the room with a large wooden ship piled high with sushi, I watched open mouthed, until I suddenly realised he was heading my way. Tim was nearly under the table, he was laughing so hard and it was then the penny dropped. The waiter plonked this "boat" in front of me as the rest of the diners looked at me in amazement. The boat contained every type of sushi, etc, that there is and there was probably enough there to feed 10 people, no joke, and it was obvious to the whole restaurant that it was mine. I must have looked such an idiot with that in front of me...And that was the start of our beautiful friendship, and it has continued ever since, He takes the mick and I fall for it, over and over. He is so genuine and all round luvvly luvvly man.
I then met the luvvly Mario and instantly fell in love with him, he is the kindest sweetest person ever to walk the planet and will do anything for any one. As I said before we are always in trouble, well I say "we", as he has this uncanny knack of looking totally innocent just at the moment that Alain walks in, whereas I never quite master it, lmao.
And Alain, or He who must be obeyed, as we affectionately call him, has helped me sooo much with business issues, personal issues, anything I throw at him really. He sees beneath the loud mouthy brit and bolsters my confidence like you wouldn't know. It's like having an older brother look out for you, except he's not my brother, and hes not older than me. He is in fact 10 yrs younger than me..!!! Yes, yes , yes I really am that old...!"!
Although they live thousands of miles away, and I only get to see them 3 or 4 times a year, I love them to death, and our time together is so special, even when sandwiched between 2 car seats and left hanging. Yes really..!!!
Another special person is the luvvly Chris who has given me an original cash book/ledger to use as a journal. It is beautifull and I can't stop stroking it. It is massive, about 12 1/2 x 9 1/2 inces and is at least 3 in thick.That should keep me quiet for a while ye??

How cool is that...???? I have started to prep some of the pages already.

what a beautiful gift to give someone... And in a few weeks time I am spending my birthday weekend with 6 of my closest friends and my 2 girlies. I am grateful to realise that I am so loved  and the love flows back unconditionally.  fame and fortune sound like a good idea at the time, but without friendship they mean nothing, wheres love, laughs  and unconditional acceptance for who you really are means everything. Priceless...as they say in the advert

So to all my friends and especially Mario, Tim, Alain, Su, Susie, Marie, Kirsty, Liza T, Maggie and Caz, this ones for you... Love you all..xxxxx

Enjoy xx


Sandra Hall said...

Blooming heck Dy, you don't half pack a lot into your days! (I'm thinking about your last post here!) Crazee! But glad you had fun and shared it with us too....you know one of the things that makes you so loveable (yes I said just one...)is your ability to laugh at yourself...a very good trait....and we don't laugh AT you, we laugh WITH you. Precious. That's you.
Love, love, love!! that ledger...how long do you think it will take you to fill it?
x x x

flutterbycrafter said...

What wonderful friends you have and to receive such a beautiful ledger to journal in is fantastic, no wonder you can't stop stroking it. Thank you for your lovely comments, but told yesterday that it will take 2 years to recover and during that have to try to keep away from anyone with infections, I shall either have to come along with masks or keep away for a while, shame. Love the pages and keep taking hope from your inspiration. Hugs xxx

Paper Paradise said...

Dyan, what a fantastic post! Friendships like this are so very VERY special......... x

Kirsti said...

Dy, it must be awesome to have such fabulous friends to share your adventures and life with... Hope you have a great birthday wherever you are going... and that journal is amazingly lush and beautiful....have a great day and thanks for yesterday's award....Loads of love Kirsti xoxo

Artyjen said...

True friends are the best! Love the ledger.

Valencia said...

Hi Dyan what a wonderful post I just love your way with words you seem to have some really great friends and they obviously adore you but what is there not to adore about you we all think you are awesome.Valencia (virginia
and Mels mum)looking forward to part two journaling weekend in May bringing My sis with me next time as well as my two girls

Laura (Faerielore) said...

perfect friendship is definately the key to happiness, like you i am honoured to have a few very close friends and life wouldnt be the same without them :)

oh another note, gorgeous book and gorgeous pages cant wait to see them finished xxx

ForgedinPaper said...

You lucky duck getting the cash book it's looking fab. It's great when friends get you. Have fun on your weekend.

Unknown said...

Yep I want a stamp with that on! Love the ledger how cool is that???

Wicked Angel said...

I swear, I posted here last night and the blog monster has eaten it !

susie f said...

Close your eyes and think of me, and soon I will be there......with a bag full of goodies to make raspberry mojitos, gin fizz's and kir royales......oh yeah baby!!!! Not long now, whoop whoop xxx

The Scrappy Tree said...

Aw, what a lovely post Dyan! Sounds like you've got some great friends in the Ranger bunch :) how awesome is that ledger! Beautiful start to the pages inside :)

Alicia8660 said...

Hi Dylan
Love this song, and James Taylor

Quote of the Century

"You are an extraordinary woman.

How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

Louisa May Alcott