Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And still they come..!!!

Yes I am still getting lovely write ups on peoples blogs, about the art journaling weekend. Heres two more to go look at.

The lovely Michelle

and the lovely Virginia - but be warned you will need a cup of tea, a pack of biccies and some spare time, cos she is renowned for going on a bit, lmao.

On to the new studio.. Yes it is large, and bright, and airy....How long before I fill it completely this time. Ha ha. Dont think I will. Because I am concentrating on the education side of the business, I hardly travel and we only do 2 shows a year now, both in Harrogate, so we dont need the masses of equipment that we always had.  There are lots of new things in the pipeline this year. It is definitely onward and upward. Ooh at times I am sooooo excited I could pee my pants..!!! Thanks for all your offers of help, they are genuinely needed, but, and please don't anyone take this the wrong way, but it will be chaos here. The main thing you could do to help is to be able to carry the small items doen 1 flight of stairs and place them in the position that they were in upstairs. I know its not exciting, but if it helps there will be workmen assisting as well and if you are lucky, I can sing to you..!!! lmao. Bezzie Su will be there guarding the lollies. I had to laugh at Virginias comment on her comment to me.She said she was sooo excited to finally get to meet bezzie Su that she didn't know wether to bow or curtsey.!!! How funny is that..?  She normally prefers curtsies, but is not too fussed either way. I do have her studio trained as well, she is always friendly and polite, and will only bite your hand off if you touch the blue lollies. We have a new system now tho. GREEN    lollies for the ladies and BLUE lollies for Su..!!!

The painting for the new studio is really coming on now.

Mind you I have cricked my neck badly somehow and I think it was from stretching high and low doing the checkerboard..???

I have been trying to persuade Our Ben to let me have a painting wall in the studio like Alisa Burke. He thinks it would just be me making a mess whereas I seee it as a springboard for more wierd and wonderful creations.!!! Because we didnt have much wall space it was a definite no no, but now we are having more walls built so I could get my own way if I cry long enough, lol. What is a painting wall you may well ask. Well nip over to Alisa's blog and find out for yourself. Bet you'll all want one as well.!!!

Me and Our Emsi had a bit of an excursion out today, purely work of course, none of that damn well enjoying yourself lark. Well thats what we tell Ben. As you know I take my journal everywhere with me , even in the car.

Shes a little star and drives so that I can do my colouring in.

We had my iphone on shuffle which always raises a right laugh..

The plan was, we would get there and in/out no problem, both being the professional business women that we are.!!!

and as you can see we were..!!!! lmao...

I spotted these mugs whilst we were in there and so treated myself to a set.

Cool eh..???

I also couldnt resist these 2 canvas's for the kitchen.

I have a thing about cherries at the moment, James bought me Morello cherry jam when he was home. I had never had it before and am now hooked.  I am devouring diet cherry coke like it is going out of fashion and have always had a thing about pictures of cup cakes, so these were made for my basket today. The wierdest thing ever though, was when we got back to the studio my friend the gorgeous Marie and her mum the rather special Mrs T were waiting for me. And they had come bearing a gift...

Yes, its a cherry cup cake.. Not a real one , but a hand made soap cherry cupcake...How spookie and sue is that then. I believe in signs and can't quite decide if it means I am actually going to get the whole cake with the cherry on top..!!!! Big Yayyyys for that. Or , if it means I am going to get redder and fatter until I resemble a cherryy..!!! Big Boos for that one, lol.

Well we have a busy day tomorrow, we have four deliveries coming in from the states. That doesnt sound too bad does it..?? Untill you find out , the 1st delivery has 6 boxes, the 2nd has 6 boxes,, the 3rd has 14 boxes and the 4th has 26.  Yes thats right 26. Holy mackeroly we are going to be waist high in unpacking.  52 boxes to be unpacked, checked off, and then loads repacked back again for the move. I hope the lift is working, otherwise Shane, the fastest UPS guy in the west, will nay be a happy bunny. Ha ha, are your mouths watering at the thought of all those delicious goodies to play with..??  The only downside will be the customs fees I have to pay on entry. Considering the freight fees for all those deliveries anounts to £3,400 dollars, its no wonder I am going grey at the thought. Please excuse the mayhem if you are visiting us, I dread to think where they are all going to fit..!!!

Ooh forgot to tell you , my Perfect Pearls video is up on the Ranger website, along with Tim's, Claudines, Suze and Wendy,s. Go check them ou here.  I have had loads of comments on my voice..!!! A few call it my posh voice, but I preferr to call it my "serious" voice. Apparantly I always speak that way, when I am teaching and when I am demoing. I don,t really notice that I am any different apart from the fact there is none of my usual, inexcuseable swearing. However many of you , who haven't met me, have commented on the fact that I don't sound anything like you imagined, and were pleasantly surprised.!! Well I,m not quite sure how to take that, lol. Please someone enlighten me as to what you thought I would sound like. I hope it was a slow husky drawl and not the screech of a fishwife, lmao... I do actually have quite a broad Yorkshire accent that comes out more when I am not in "official" mode, No plums in my mouth I,m afraid, only cherries..!!!

I,ll say nite nite and leave you with a journal page.


Enjoy xx


Traceyr said...

Love the mugs and the silly head wear.

I would love to offer to help but live too far away.

I've never visited your shop but will make a trip to your new studio one day.

Shame you are not doing to ally pally show anymore though.

Hope you get all your cake with the cherry on top you deserve it. x


Virginia said...

Hellooooooooooo it's me - thank you for mentioning me - been teaching my other half anatomy of a page - to which he's said 'ooooh - so that's what your supposed to do - what the hell was I doing then?' to which I said it was art with a hint of scrapbooking and then he said - 'well this is so much more fun I might actually finish the first page that I started' LMAO - now there's an indictment I try and 'teach' him and he gives up before the base coat dries - teach him the Dyan way and firstly he gets it and secondly he says -

"Well I could do this all evening - no need for the TV in this house now"

He says would morello cherry muffins be in order when I come back in May?

Loving the hats - you look great - we're on here to try and dissect your gorgeous pages LOL - but got so excited when I realised there was a new blog post that I'd not read!

The studio is going to be awesome, I understand the cricked neck problem, when in Stafford I once spent copious time laying on the floor attempting to finish some celtic knotwork near the skirting board - it took days for the neck to recover.

Right off to dissect the pages now! Mel sends her love - she's managed to start following some blogs - next step to get her to get her own - should prove interesting!


Helen said...

I thought your Ranger video was great, just like watchingyou demo in person. I am sad too that yuu won't be doing Ally Pally any more, it was always a highlight for me. I'd love to get to your new studio but don't drive so it's a long way by train (and there'd be no money left to shop, lol!) Good luck with the move.

Kirsti said...

Sounds like you are having a ball Dyan... so busy and lots of exciting things happening... would offer to help pack up and unpack again but really, it's too far to have a great day...take care..Kirsti x.x

Laura (Faerielore) said...

Hy Dy

The painting is looking FAB and how much do i want a paint wall, its brilliant ... do it ... do it ... hehehehehehe


olive said...

wow another busy day in Dyan land... loving the mugs, so true! you do get to go to some exciting places!!! yes you do have a 'now i'm teaching voice' otherwise the Americans wouldnt understand you... I had problems!!!!
Well heres to you girl with a cherry one the top..... Ciao

DGgirl said...

Love the mugs - want the mugs!!!!!!!!!!!

A visit to your studio is on my wish list Dyan - a real dose of soul therapy methinks!

Wish I wasn't so far away that I could offer a lending hand with the move.

Deep breaths and all will be fine.


Clare with paint in her hair said...

You just sound Yorkshire to me, but the other half says he needs a Yorkshire to normal dictionary with me sometime haha!!

ForgedinPaper said...

My favourite non-alcoholic drink is Diet Cherry Coke! I'm impressed with the research you did and the professionalism you showed lol.

Melanie said...

Hello, well this is bizarre, you Dyan are officially the first blog I have ever written on so I am excited and a little apprehensive as to whether I am actually writing this in the right place. Also as discussed I am late but I get there in the end so I Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the weekend. I open up often (some would say too often lmao) but I learnt alot, not just the art but also about myself. So what I am trying to say is thank-you, thank- you thank-you xxxx

Melanie said...

PS thanks Virginia, I know I am useless but with a little teaching I am sure I could put together a mish mash blog, lmao. x

Dylan said...

woo hoo way to go Mel...I am honoured that I have become yout "first"..... You were beaut to teach and it was lovely to see you blossom. I keep having nightmares tho about you turning up at the next one dressed head to toe in yellow, lmao..XXX

Lisa said...

I loved this post!! It made me laugh out loud!
So, your voice, well, I don't know about the others, but me as a southern softie, thought you would sound like "a well 'ard northern girl"!!! and as it goes, you sounds soft and girly... maybe it was your posh voice then!
Thank you for being you Dyan, I love to read your blog.
If only you would run a class "down south"!
Love Lisa xx

Melanie said...

Ha ha don't fear that Dy never going to happen unless someone forces me in to it. Trust me I look as though I have some terrible jungle disease so not a good look! lmao!

Siobhan Brignull said...

loving all your goings on as ever, so sad no more ally pally for you, if I come to you can I stay, LOL, can guarantee you no sleep, snore like a hippo according to hubby, I never notice Im asleep LMAO. On the cherry front had cherry vodka last night, first sip quite strong then it semed to go down rather well from then on, might have a wee bit of a headache today, oops.

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