Tuesday, February 9, 2010

you really, really need to blog hop and see...

Blimey, blimey O'Riley..!!!! some of my gorgeous, gorgeous, Art journaling ladies have put write ups on their blogs and some fantastic pictures to go with them. Think I,ll be purloining some of the pics!!!

Heres some links for you to go and peruse at your leisure. Please make their day and leave them a lovely, lovely comment.

The lovely Jude

The lovely Sandra

The lovely Janet

The lovely Emma

Pinched these 2 pics from Judes blog of me and her. We met in Macduff last Aug, she was with her mate Kirstiwithani . and we  all really hit it off..

 We seem to have the same taste in long socks, lmao.

I have been down to the new studio today, checking on the progress and yes we have radiators

and windows

and access to the open air and outside world..!!!!

look how big and bright it is

I have decided that the built in room I was going to use as a classroom is too small for my liking....

So I am having it knocked down and another one built instead. Bigger and better of course. It eill be much easirt to keeep warm and to avoid any distractions..  Heres Danny setting to with the lump hammer.

We are also having a new ceiling with much better lighting.

well thats one way of getting it down.!!

Pam even has her own little kitchen to play in...I can see me being banned straight away...But I,ve given her a bonus, - a hot tap to play with to her hearts content. All heart, me..!!!

so whilst keeping an eye on the builders, can you guess what else I am up to..??

Ok have you guessed yet..??? Heres another clue..

Still not got it..????

Yup its another one of my funny people. I am making this life size to hang outside the new Studio door. Think it will be sooooo cool when it is finished. I did a lot of the doodling tonight whilst the regular Tuesday ladies did their thing, but forgot to photo it. Will need to crack on in the morning because we are having a few very busy days coming up. More about those later on....Ooooooh is the suspense killing you..??? lmao. You need to go make a cuppa tes and have a word with yourself..!!!

Ok theres a Wispa bar calling me, so gotta dash....will leave you with an old fave Northern song...

Enjoy xx


Kirsty Wiseman said...

I am so effing excited about your new studio - this is going to be a good thing for you dy and people will flock from all around the world (including me, from crappy wigan) to come and see such a spectacle.
I deffo want to come and help you move.

Wow - Light, heat, hot water? So year 2000 darling !

Lyn said...

OMG the new studio looks fab.... can't wait to see it !
Lyn x

ForgedinPaper said...

The new studio looks fab. I love the lifesize painting as well. Still think a Maisie one would rock though. Will blog hop later as work calls, must pay for paint somehow!

Jude said...

Love the look of the new studio - it looks immense!! Canvas looks fab, you should definitely get a coat like that...maybe if you get enough Cath Kidston swatches you make a patchwork one!?! xx

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

Shortest post ever from me LOL - loving all the postings about the weekend - able to relive it over and over and over, I've managed to put a blog post on this morning finally and I'm going to art journal tonight when I'm back from work! The new studio looks awesome and I'm loving the full size canvas! I'll be in touch soon about deposits we're juggling everything to get to the second one plus Melanie says she has to come she's obsessed with 3-D baubles LOL


Kirsti said...

It's looking good Hun....so much space and light... can't wait to see it for real...have a great day...xoxo

Shazza said...

looking good, wish I could pop down and see it in real life

Laura (Faerielore) said...

WOW Dy this is amazin, the new studio look huge !!!!! you lucky thing all that room to play with :) cant wait to see it finished and that life size painting looks great :)

I also wanted to say thank you for my lovely order from art from the heart, the packaging is soooo beautiful i felt like it was my birthday hahahaha I caved in a brought some of the new tim holtz stamps there soooo gorgeous theres something on my blog already made with them if you fancied a nose xxxx

Chris said...

The new studio looks like it is going to be amazing and I AM gonna save enough pennies to come to a class this year!!
HOW big is that canvas...lol
Totally fab.. I love your artwork...keep em coming.
chris xx

Clare with paint in her hair said...

The new studio is going to be fab!! I cant wait, also cant wait for Claudine!!

eeekkkkk so excited!!!

(kinda glad today was canceled as we are in the middle of a full on white out blizzard here!!! Not seen snow like this since i was on top of a mountain with wood strapped to my feet!!)

http://sleeptalkinman.blogspot.com/ The most hilarious blog ever!!!!

Have a good day


Sandra Hall said...

What size?????? I know you said you were going to do a big one but that is BIG! Feel so excited about that studio... it looks BIG (mmm a bit of a BIG theme going on here!)

Anyway, what's Kirsty on about 'crappy wigan' for? doesn't she know about the hallowed Casino (I know, I know Kirsty...its a carpark now!!!) Great 'Wade in the Water' sound BTW.

Got an hour free to play, so gonna art journal....get this....I'm going large!!! Might feel brave enough to post if it turns out ok!!!

Angela Weimer said...

Looks like a great new space. I Hope I can make it to help you move. Will stop back in when we get back from the states. ps, Love the new Art work!

Unknown said...

Wow the new studio looks FAB! the painting looks even fabber (?) would love to help you move could come on the 9th???

Unknown said...

Dear Dear Dy, why would we not put fab things on our blogs about you and yours at AFTH. You all make us feel so welcome. I love it that you don't have 'normal shop' things at yours like peeloffs. I have done two workshops and love them. Unfort I will not be able to help you move but will be able to come and see you when I come up for the show at the end of March.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Emma xx

Traceyr said...

Wow what a great video and the dancing was fantastic.

Your new studio is brilliant - congratulations on finding a great working space. Can't wait to see it all kitted out. :)

Paper Paradise said...

YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I am so bloomin excited for you Dy!!!!!!!! Things are going so well and you deserve everything to go well as you have worked harder than anything to achieve it!!!!! OOOOOOH good for you!!!!!! Sue and Paul xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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