Friday, February 5, 2010

Checklist done... *EDIT* - this time with the photos as well, lmao

  1. shopping done
  2. studio tidied
  3. bathroom blitzed
  4. chipboard prepared
  5. survival kits wrapped
  6. 500ish emails replied to ( might be a slight exagaration there!!)
  7. art journals rounded up
  8. extra tables brought in
  9. new aprons on chairs
  10. pizzas ordered
  11. chocolate bowl filled up
  12. calm before the storm.
No matter what happens or what arrangements we make we always end up teararsing round the studio before a weekend.Something always crops up to throw a spanner in the works.  And today was no exception.I finally parked my bum at 7pm which gave me 10 mins of quiet time to colour, lol. I then suddenly died, and was querying my sanity at fitting in all these weekends. Then the ladies started arriving, and what a fabby bunch they bare. Well, thats one way to perk me up. They are lively and also very lovely. Unfortunately the lovely Anne Marie is sat at home with a face on as she was diagnosed with mumps earlier today. How pissed would you feel if that was you. You booked a course months before, couldnt wait for the day, even rang up all excited 2 days ago and then get told you cant come cos you,ve got mumps..??? And to make it worse your mates you were going with are there without you..!!! Nightmare. Just get well and I,ll bump you onto the next available space, promise..

#Heres the survival kits waiting to go out.

Heres all the lovely lovely ladies busy priming their pages.

And lucky old me has received more gorgeous gifts
The lovely Anne brought me my faves, Thorntons toffee.

The lovely Emma really surprised me with a new colouring book to make up for the fact that this year Mum couldn,t ( really touched at that x)

And look at this beauty from thr lovely Jude all the way from Inverurie (hope I spelt it right??). Yes its an Emma Bridgewater mug.

But not just any Emma Bridgewater mug, Jude had this one commissioned especially for me, How frikkin cool is that..???

The more wine drank the louder they became , I hope they get a good nights sleep an didn't carry on the banter in the pub. They will need clear heads in the morning.

It is a pleasure to show you these next two pages from the lovely SuzyQ. she hasnt journaled for a while and relished getting stuck in on Sunday. She has just discover my downloads and is loving them. Just look at the result.

so cool..!!!

Heres another journal page from me

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

Hmmm I shouldnt be reading this as I should be tucked up in bed getting some shut eye for the work ahead tomorrow - still this way when I blub like a baby when we get going I can say its because Im tired :0)

cockney blonde said...

Brill. Can't wait until our weekend at the end of April, x

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow, wow... what a beautiful art journal pages! Tell Suzy I like it very much!!! (Yours too of course) Have a happy weekend!

Laura (Faerielore) said...

gorgeous art journal pages. Wish i lived closer so i could join in with your fab classes, looks like everyone is having a great time, im sooooo jealous !!!!! hmmmm wispas YUM

Traceyr said...

Great pages there Dyan and that mug is lovely.


olive said...

how cool that mug is.....what will you fill it with I wonder!!????? I WANT a PINK PINNY!!!!!!! loving the pages. Have a great time. Ciao

The Scrappy Tree said...

Love Suzy's pages, they look kinda fairytale :)
And your blakc and white page - I have recently fallen in love with black gesso - love it!

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