Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the best things in life arent things...!!!!

Just a quickie tonight as running out of time fast..Wanted to show you the beautiful flowers that ,my girlies bought me for Mum's anniversaty...How gorgeous are these..???

And you may be glad to know that Wardrobe remix is making a come back. Here I am as professional as ever...!!!

When I got home after the kids class, Maisie was waiting for me and she helped me side my bedroom away, bless her. Then she discovered Talking Carl on the iphone which kept hrt amused for ages.

Whilst blog hopping and f/b ing in the last hour, I came upon this fabulous video. I am in awe at the artwork this man creates and has destroyed every day. Big salute to him. This is where I found the vid, she has a cool site you need to check out.. Dirty Footprints Studio

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

I could sit and watch that clip over and over ... just beautiful!

Kirsti said...

Oh my Dyan... that was a short post for you...Gorgeous roses...take care...Kirsti xox

Ann said...

I think a Cruise to NZ should be added to my wish list! Beautiful roses. Only 8 more sleeps! Yayyyy. Axx

Laura (Faerielore) said...

The flowers are stunning and i think this is a world record for dyans shortest post hehehehe

Unknown said...

The video was awesome. Thanks for sharing. I actually watched it twice. Just amazing . .

Siobhan Brignull said...

beautiful flowers and glad to see the wardrobe remix is back, loving the scarf, lets hope the wind doesnt change when you are pulling that face, LOL

Michelle said...

Wow Dy
Have had the time to sit and actually read your blog today instead of skimming it for useful content LOL. Lovely to read more of you, amazing what you give away in your words (here's to paranoia) Love the video, what a guy. Having people like him in the world makes it a place worth living in! Same goes for you too!
x Michelle

Unknown said...

Great video! Made me think of life. When you just get it right, you are washed out to sea.

The Scrappy Tree said...

Beautiful flowers :)
Loving Connie's blog too!

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