Saturday, February 13, 2010

How embarassing...?????

Well I need to tell you about my eventful evening...Only me, I,m sure.!!! lmao. Our Ems has got herself another little job, waitressing and barwork in the local Mexican restaurant. She is loving it and said it would be cool if I popped in to see her one time.  So I worked till about 8pm and on my way home I thought right I,ll go call in. Well it took me 45 mins to get parked and even then I had to park in Asda and hotfoot it through town. The restaurant was quite busy and so |I shimmied over to the bar and ordered a crushed Margharita. She was real excited to see me. She was behind the bar for the evening and made a fab job of my drink. I am a connoiseur of Margharitas and you dont often get a good one anywhere these days. Anyway so I,m at the bar drinking my cocktail and nibbling on the salsa and nachos, when I commented that it was all small parties that evening. Well she said its Valentines tomorrow, thats why.  Never been my thing really but each to their own. So I drank up, and got my coat and noticed that the waitresses were looking at me rather oddly, but didnt think too much of it. I flew round Asda, copy of Bazaar, sweet potato and swede mash, chicken breast and Wispa bar and trollied on home. Emmi rang me later whilst on her break, peeing herself with laughter and explained the odd looks. The waitresses had assumed I was a customer who was meeting someone and when I got up to go they just presumed I had been stood up. Wtf..!!!  How embarassing is that????

I had a busy day in the shop today, which is unusual for a Saturday. Had a visit from a lovely fella called Dan/Ian..He was driving from Cambridge to Newcastle and so popped in. We had a cool chat and I discovered he is in fact Dan99 of  My Crafty Life blog. Yup a fella who crafts and blogs as well, you don't get many of them to the pound.  And he is interested in getting into journaling, yayy, more converts by the day. I helped him pick out some books to help him on his journey. Not that I think he,ll need much help, his blog is full of fabby things. You need to check out what he,s done with the Tim Holtz David stamp, it is such a cool stamp when you get working with it. As Ian is moving back down North we may have the pleasure of his lovely company on a workshop, so you all need to start pretending how to behave..!!!

I spent the afternoon playing with Tim's new stamps, and could have sat there all day, lol. Don't know what it is about his stamps, they just have some magical powers ontained within them. Heres what I made, they arent finished yet, I will add the hardware at a later stage.

Oh and the colours are all the new Distress pads. And I am real confused cos every time I decide on a favourite I come up with another.!!!! I,m sorry but you need them all, thats all there is to it..!! The stamps can be found HERE and the pads HERE Oh and by the way, I think the website says we are out of the stamp set with David on (artful artefacts) but we actually have 2 tucked away, so if you need one, either email or ring us cos I don't know how to re enter the stock levels, and I am barred from attempting anything to do with the website.!! Totally understandable as I would prob crash the entire system, and at the moment we are busy enough with out that. I try Our Ben's patience at the best of times..!!!!

I did a little bit more on the canvas. I added a lot of the shading..

and made her a crown

out of chip board and altered book pages

still lots to do but she's getting there slowly, which is more than I can say about the sorting of the studio ready for the move. We only have 3 weeks to prepare and I think we are flat out every day until then. I could spiral into Aaaargh Wtf? mode extremely easily, but I refuse to , que sara sara is my new way of thinking, what will be,  will be - or in our case what will be will NOT be, lmao.....

I,m teaching the canvas class tomorrow, so if you are cheesed off with Valentines day get yourself over to mine for some therapy. We are using Paints, Tim's new stamps, grunge paper, grunge board and loads of techniques.

I,ve been invited for Sunday dinner after the class by Bezzie Su, so I am packing up a doggie bag to take with me..!!!!! Problem is, as you well know, she is renowned for burning evrything. And, the last time I was invited, which I forgot to tell you all about, she actually forgot she had invited me for food, gave me a cuppa and showed me the meal she was preparing for her and the lovely How. I, meanwhile , was too polite to mention it at the time and only btought it up the other week, much to her horror, lmao... Anyway its good to be prepared and the doggy bag means I have all bases covered..!!

I just wanted to mention 2 of my lovely ladies who have been in my thoughts a lot these last few days. Strangeley they are both called Ann. Firstly,one is really ill in hospital and is fighting a real battle at the moment. And the other Ann has just recieved some horrible news about her health. It makes you stop and think, we should never forget how fragile life is. I found out about one through friends and the other told me herself, but she was wary about sharing her bad news with others and didnt want to bother them..!!
 I am sending angels, loving thoughts and anything else I can think of across the miles. Both ladies, who I would class as friends, are lovely, kind, thoughtful women and  mean a great deal to me, and I wish them both peace in head and heart.

So finally onto a journal page. I think this one is very apt at the moment . It contains part of one of my favourite quotes about our faith.

 "When you come to the edge of all that you know, you must believe in 2 things. There will be earth upon which to stand, or you will be given wings to fly ..!!"

Enjoy xx

Ooh almost forgot, I got Sade's new album last night. Yes, you heard correct, after 10 years she has finally released a new album, and it is fabulous. Her voice is absolutely amazing, still, after all these years. i can highly recommend it and I am playing it to death... Was going to put a clip of it on but I,d like to play, instead, my all time favourite of hers. "By your side". I always dedicate this to my children, but today I also want to dedicate it to another good friend who is reaching a very soul searching  time in her life and relationship, and also to  anyone who needs someone. XXX



thekathrynwheel said...

Oooh I LOVE your tags! That little bunny is a must-have! Gorgeous. Are you doing a class on these? If so, please don't do it Monday - Thursday because I will be at work :-)))

Virginia said...

Oooh Dyan wonderful post, love the tags and the new coloured distress inks absolutely beautiful! Giggled about your night out at least you resolved why the odd stares even though it wasn't the best conclusion. Seriously laughed out loud at Bezzie Sue - so funny that she forgot she'd invited you! I always celebrate Valentines day - predominantly because it's both my Mum's birthday and my hubby's birthday! So it's a full on day! Hope you're having a good day!


susie f said...

Love ya xxx

Kirsti said...

Love al the new stuff you have done with tim's stamps and pads... they are fabulous... and your canas is coming on a you think you could do one of those for

That was a laugh at being thot you had been stood up - AS IF!!!!

Any chance you could do that scrummy canvas with us this year - it is gorgeous... I lOVE IT!!!..

Enjoy what's eft of the weekend.,,xoxo

maggie warke said...

Hope you are having a peaceful happy day. loved this blog post today , yes I cried, loved the music. Hope your friends will receive blessings for their health. I have got to get those new distress pads, and some stamps pay day is only 2 wks away!

Love 7 Hugs

Sandra Hall said...

O-oh... looks like I need some more distress colours! I thought to myself I'll stick with the old ones 'cos I like 'em but I bet I can't resist...make me resist!
Anyway, I've gone and done it...a black n white journal page - I'll bring it to show you - and I hope you give me a gold star 'cos I'm kinda proud of it!!
P.S. I love ya too!

Unknown said...

Beautiful Beautiful work and aint Dan great? Just such a shame he had to go home!

cockney blonde said...

Love those tags Dyan. Luv, Alison from Bradford, x

Anne Essex said...

As ever fab art work - I don't know how you manage to keep coming up with so many amzing new ideas. I loved the journaling workshop and have even loved my homework. I'm still finding my own style but have run now out of rants - so it works! I've put a couple of pictures on my blog. Anne x

borgqueen said...

I didn't forget and nothing got burnt!! thank you for you company as ever babe - world not quite put to rights but good effort made ;o)
Love you

Hels Sheridan said...

Dan is a cracking fella but dont tell him I said that will you LOL Love your story of the Margherita...that is funny...made me LOL Love your art with the new stamps :O)

Ann said...

Thanks. Love that track. xx

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