Monday, February 8, 2010


I just wanted to say how blown away I am by the comments to the previous post and am sat her snotting and blubbing away. The weekend meant just as much to me as to all you. It was a great pleasure and privilege to see you all relax, take control and release your inner voice. 14 women, many who had never met before, finding the confidence to throw of the mask they wear daily and confront the crap that is clogging up their minds. Current issues of the day or issues from the past buried as far down as we can stuff them, are still issues and will remain so unless dealt with. I have found out only too well the consequence of this, and have learnt to be honest with others and , more importantly, MYSELF.!!!!
There was never any pressure or expectation for any one to voice their feelings, but quite a few felt safe enough to do so, and there was no embarassment at listening only a deep sincere privilege. These ladies arrived excited and giddy, but also very unsure and a little wary and the emotional journey they have been on was truly from the heart. I don,t possess to have magic skills, I just gave them the permission they so required, but felt unable,to give themselves, in a safe friendly enviroment. Each and every one of us is special , a tiny miracle in this journey of life and it is sooooo sad that we can,t realise this until we are given the permission. Art journaling is so powerful because it is for YOU, by YOU. and everything you put in you get back tenfold. It is the first step on a new journey, and everyones journey is different. Some like to jump on to the first high speed train they see and arrive at their destination as quickly as possible, where as others are happy to wait for the only bus in the village to turn up. I am happy on the train, but not the express. I like the train that stops at every station in between. Although I want to reach the destination, I don,t want to mis any of the stops on the way. I want to look out of the window of life and appreciate everything around me. I am no longer in a tearing hurry to be fixed and am starting to appreciate the qualities of being slightly shop soiled. These littlechips and flaws in me are what makes me unique and sooooooo ME, and I can relax because I have far less to try to attain.
This is the start of a very difficult month for me, but the Art Journaling ladies have given me such a fabulous start and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart, You are diamonds one and all. And did you know that all the best diamonds contain flaws...????
I cant help you decide how you want to take your journey, or even if you want to embark at all, but if you do come and let me help you buy your ticket, one way, return or open ended theres no expiry date....Mine is a season ticket, always with the option of renewal, and if you want to know which train I,m on its the one with the scenic route and I,m in the crowded carriage, maybe seeyou there xxx


Unknown said...

I appreciate your openness and honesty. I always feel like I have stopped by to visit a good friend when I read your posts.

May your day be filled with blessings.

The Scrappy Tree said...

What a great post. Seriously. I have just started on my art journaling journey and so loved reading this :) xx

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