About Me

Hi everyone,

I'm Dyan Reaveley, the signature designer and creator of Dylusions products.

I am a Yorkshire born and bred Brit who spends most of her time on the opposite side of the pond.

I own a teaching studio and store in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, which is fabulously run by my son, Our Ben.

I have four, grown up children, and four of the most gorgeous granddaughters in the world & grandson of handsomeness.

I am also owned by the grumpiest cat ever.
My hobbies consist of art journaling, Northern Soul, knitting, dress-making and tea drinking. If I'm not doing one I am doing the other. 

My specialities include; luggage losing & shower screen shattering!

I struggle with mental illness, which makes life interesting to say the least.

There is no shame in having mental illness and neither is talking about it!!

I hope that by speaking up about it, it will give hope and inspiration to others in the same position.
My favourite things apart from my family are, in no particular order…
Tim Burton
the fifties
Monster High dolls
Northern soul music
dark chocolate
art journaling
red hair
white roses
audio books
sarcastic memes
clean sheets
cups of tea poured from teapots!!
Ugg slippers
my swinging egg chair


jacqueline said...

How do I sign up to your blog Dyan?

Unknown said...

Hi Dylan, how do I go about getting you to teach for me in Florence, Italy, 2015?
Lucy Muraca

TeaMosaic said...

You make me smile!! A class in S Fl would be great ..Ft Myers area.

Unknown said...

Hi Dylan can you please open up an art class in Victoria, Australia for kids because I want to learn so much from you.
You are my biggest inspiration and I want to be like you some day.

Anonymous said...

WoW your blog is just superb. I knew watching your vids on youtube that we had similar lives.
I am new to mixed media and collage and recently started collecting your Dylusions from elsewhere.....now ive found your site and my first order is already complete.
You inspire me to create and to put my "rapid cycle Bipolar" into my work.
You are a wonderful role model for all us creative crazy people and for that i thank you.
Such bigotry over the years has dampened my world but now its full of colours bright rich and truly decadent.
My hubbie and i were/ are Northern Soulers and frequented Wigan Casino in the 70s......Keep The Faith.

Laurie said...

There is nothing wrong with telling others what is going on with you. Myself I have Cervical Stenosis, Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy and Breast Cancer. I'm a "H to T" girl (Head to Toe). LOL feel blessed that this is all I have (for now or right now). I could very well have something much worse. I tell myself that each day that I wake up, get out of bed and my feet hit the floor first that constitutes a GREAT DAY! One should embrace who they are. Run with what you have been given, don't look back and don't wish for something different. You are allowed to have a very teeny tiny Pity Party..............THEN GET ON WITH IT!!!!! Put your Big Girl Panties on and Deal with it. Take all your energy and figure out what you CAN do with what you were given......and ART is the BEST CURE OF ALL!!!!!!!!!! Someday I would LOVE to meet you. Dyan, You put the "A" in AWESOME!!!!!!

Linda M said...

Hows about a Yorkshire lass coming to SE Queensland, Australia to do a class.....
From another Yorkshire Lass xxx

fritzi said...

Would you ever be doing classes in the New York area? Have many of your products, you are fabulous!!

Jo Moxie said...


When you say you like vinyl, do you mean the plastic or the records? :P :D

I love the smell of vinyl plastic. OMG I love it.... I also love records.

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