Sunday, February 14, 2010

Did I need the pack up..????

Had a fabby canvas painting day workshop today. But if I show you the photos I think the ladies will kill me. There isn,t one decent one between them, they all have either their eyse shut or are looking really gormless.!! lol. So you will just have to imagine..!!! Suffice to say they produced stunning results that anyone would have been proud of.

I have finally finished off my self portrait.........

I think I will look fab hanging outside the new studio entrance, don,t you..??? lol

Oooooh just love her...!!!

Went round to bezzie Su's for tea and yes she had remembered she had invited me this time, ha ha . When I walked in there was no smell of burning which confused me a little, in fact the place smelt gorgeous. Just look at this...

Soooo how organised. And yes, they are real yorkshires on the top shelf. This is her chopping board, of which I have always doubted before..

But....... it all looks ok...

So dare I...?

Should I chew or just swallow...???

Actually this is ok...

In fact its frikkin gorgeous....

Just look at that, not a scrap left, she did a fantastic job... And aided by her lovely daughter Bekah, she made all these cookies.
These ginger hearts were scrummy..

and how about chocolate brownies as well

So the big question is.....

  1. Did she have outside help..???

  2. Was it a fluke.......OR

  3. can she really do it ..?????
Answers on the back of a crisp packet to the usual address. The winner of the best suggestion will get front row seats in the  episode of Come dine with me that Su will be featuring

So to a journal page...made with Su in mind., cos although I take the mick, she is my very special bezzie and I wouldnt have her any other way. (well maybe fatter than me would help me feel a bit better.!!!)

Hope you enjoyed Sade's song yesterday, heres her latest from her new album..

Enjoy xx


Unknown said...

bloody hell Dy, go steady with all that food on your plate. In fact it is nice to see you had a full plate and appeared to eat it. Love the canvas now that it is finally finished. Emma xx

Dylan said...

not only did I eat all of it, I kept it down as well. She would have killed me otherwise, lmao..xx

Unknown said...

Your self portrait is fabulous! Wished I could just jump in the car and visit your new studio. It looks like a great place to hang out and be inspired--looks like some of my fav products as well.

Kirsti said...

Fantastic looking grub Dy... beats what I had anyway... kids have been gorging on chocolate caramel squares today only the diegestive biccie base din't quite go to plan...lovl.... Hope you had a great Valentines Day and the canvas looks lush now it's finished!!!! x

Paper Paradise said...

Canvas is ace, and so is your bezzy Sue. She really is one in a million! x

Sandra Hall said...

Ohhh the canvas is FABULOUS - I think you should name it the 'Queen of Hearts' 'cos that's what you are.... and er ahem, I spy some fru fru in there - Gill will be impressed!
I am impressed however by those Yorkshire puddings! That's how they should be.. big and fluffy and well risen like that... hats off to you there's no finer compliment than a clean plate!

Virginia said...

Hi Dyan

Had to re-read the first part of the post couldn't tell which photos you didn't want to put on - obviously having a slow start to my Monday. The tea at Bezzie Sue's looks beautiful - I'm off to find my cereal box to send my answer in LOL!

I've got all week off and i know there is loads of things I should do but none of these things (cleaning, tidying, etc) feature on the list of things I want to do such as art journaling, scrapping, mini books etc.

I went to my Mum's yesterday as it was her birthday and she's done loads of art journalling this week! Plus she's off this week so I'm imagining a journal day with her!


olive said...

loving your lady... she should be your company logo,or cards at least! she is fabby. dinner looked great, proper yorkshires tooo..... bezzie Sue should be bringing cake to the classes!!! loving it. Ciao

ps I wonder why you picked a doc for a bezzie friend... something in that!!!! xxx

Kirsten Alicia said...

I LOVE the self portrait! Glad you had such a wonderful time y'day. Hope the week ahead is just as good.

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