Sunday, July 26, 2009

And still they come.....

Yayy, this challenge seems to have captured your imagination, well and truly. Desperately wanted to post these last night but wireless is really playing up at home, it is so slow at moment, cant understand it because I pay top whack for it..!!! I get so bored and irritated when it is
slow that I end up flinging it and going back to my art, lmao. You can just picture it cant you. Anyway I,m now at work and left the camera lead at home, lol, so can only show you what I,ve already uploaded...!!! Will have to blog again later tonight, so if you,ve any more to send in , keep them coming..

And please stop apologising and asking if the examples are what I want. There is no right or wrong in art and NO ONE is qualified enough to criticise what is in your heart. The biggest and most important step for me is that you START. The first step is always the hardest. I just make it up as I go along, I don't know the rules and I would just ignore them even if I did, lmao... Just because I do and teach Art Journaling doesn't mean I know what I,m doing..!!! I just know that what I get out of it is worth so much to me. And I just want to pass that on to as many people I can. I have years and years of shit inside my head that I didn't know how to clear and this is MY way of expressing it all.

At first I didn't realise that what I was doing was Art Journaling. I was just combining my love of "pratting around" with paints and magazine images that spoke to me. It was like going back to school and covering your books with meaningless images. I used to spend hours doing that. Then I realised these images meant something to me, something personal, and so I started writing the odd word here and there. Now you have to remember lots of people see my work all the time and I was frightened that people would think bad of me and my stupid insecurities. But that is not the case, because strangely the world does not revolve around me and people have more important things to think about, lol. They just loved looking at my way of expressing myself and wanted to join in. So I became daring and started writing a bit more and then a bit more and now you cant bloody shut me up..!!

I do have a lot of issues that I am in the process of working out and they are there in my work for all to see. But the only people who would really be able to understand what they are are those with the same issues themselves. So whats the harm in that..?? Art Journaling is not the be all and end all to solving whats in my head, but, frikk me, it empowers me so much that I don't care. So what you waiting for...??

This one is from Cath, her first ever attempt at any thing like this and totally out of her "box", and I think its great...You know what a button freak I am , so this really floats my boat.

This is from one of my regulars Pat. Just love the stitching on it.

And this is from her grand daughter Isabel . ant remember if she is 12 or 14, sorry Issy. You are fantastic any way, lol.

And I have to say I just love this one. The background is fabby, wish I had thought of it first. .!!! All I can say is, Bout time you pulled your finger out girl..!! Ha ha yes its Bezzie Su.. So there's no chance of you winning babe or there will be cries of "FIX" wont there..?? I,m not going to judge it any way , I think the standard is far too high for me to even begin ( yes that's a cop out, lol ).

So, I have to dash now because guess what workshop I am teaching today..?? Yes you're right Art Journaling..!!! Yayy, they are all arriving as I type so I,ll report back later..
Enjoy xx


Katy said...

fab selection of pages must give this a go when I feel less like a zombie


Sarah Louise said...

Loving all this queenie inspiration, well done girls.

I have sent you a photo dyan with my attempt at arty, lol

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