Saturday, July 18, 2009

Liking the style...

Only a short post tonight, cos I,m absolutely bloody knackered, lol.. And I have just been informed that a vacancy has become available , for one night only, in the Land of Nod...I have been waiting ages for one to crop up and so I am taking it..
But first I want to say a big thank you to Darcy for this blog award. Yes Kate , I have managed to actually accept a blog award at long last...!!!! But only cos Darcy showed me how, lol. This is awarded to me cos she likes my style apparently. Cool, eh..!! I am also expecting one from Kleenex, any day now, for my devotion to increasing their tissue sales..!!!

Cool design isn't it..? So I now need to pass it on to 3 other bloggers whose style I like. I hate this bit, how do you choose..??? Oh well, here goes

First will be the lovely Kate, love her work and her attention to detail...

second has to be the gorgeous Wiseman be-atch..!!! When I think my life is bad, hers always cheers me up, lol. And she is of course one of my bezzies.

And thirdly...Oh eck, I,m gonna have to be a wuss and dip out there, cos there are just too many to choose from...

Just gonna leave you with 2 more journal pages....

Been journaling like mad over the last two days, just not sure if I can show you them. They are a little bit dark, shall we say..?? I,ll have a think and let you know.
Oh and big thank you to all those who turned out for preview day, it was lovely to see you. And a big hello to the new faces. Busy class tomorrow, one of my renowned quote books, so looking forward to it...
Enjoy xx


thekathrynwheel said...

OOOOOOOH thanks! Am well impresed that you have managed to put an award on your blog :-) You must have a backlog of them! Thanks for handing it on to little ol' me! I LOVE blog awards - they do a lot for my wavering artistic self confidence levels. Love the look of your new journal pages. Hope the preview day went well. Will be seeing you soon. Kate x

Sharon said...

ooh thanks for the link to Kate's blog.
It is a goldmine of inspiration.
I might just be tempted to sign up for your art journal class at Macduff now.

Going to go back and read her blog in more depth later.

michele said...

Hello Dylan,

Love your blog and the Kate art page. I’m organizing the Craft Against Cancer raffle on behalf of the Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign. Want to join in the fun?

Click here to see some of the prizes (17 so far!)

To read about the campaign and raffle, please see the below:

Michele x

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How can you expect anything ordinary to happen to you"

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