Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tis the Season..Fa la la la lah....!!!

Ooh 2 posts in one day......

Another Queen entry to show you. This is from Lisa, and I think this is the first time she has even photographed her work , never mind entered it into something...This is a card
for a friend who is going travelling for a year. What a lovely thought. So now you,ve taken the plunge Lisa, you,ll have to do some more.

Even if you never send your work in anywhere it is always a really good idea to photograph it so you have a record. Its great to look back on and also to record your work . As you can gather I make absolutely tons, but apart from magazine work, only really have records of them since I started the blog. Its such a shame, cos there no way on earth I can remember what I,ve done. I struggle to remember what I did last week , never mind in past years lol.
Heres another queen. This one is by Mucky pup aka Sarah. She sent me this last week but I couldnt get the link to work, but thankfully the lovely Kate resent it for me. Thanks babe...( By the way, you've had a week and a half to think about it Kate, now just bloody get on with it, lmao)

Have spent the day working on my next project. I am sooooo excited about it that I could wee myself...yes really I could, lmao. I love it, love it, love it..but I am keeping it under my hat for a while longer. I know, I know, but you,ll just have to be patient wont you..??? lol

Its 11pm and I only came home 30 mins ago, I was that engrossed with it. I,ll give you a couple of clues with my tricks of the trade tools..

And here's some really, really, sneaky peeks.

Ooh bet you cant guess the theme. ?? I am on a mission this Winter to get you all painting, as it is sooooooo relaxing. I hadn't realised just how much I had missed it, till I started again the other day. At one time you couldn't move in our house for things in the middle of being painted. If it moved I painted it. At one point Mark smashed his leg to bits and was in pot from hip to toe, and guess what..?? Yes that's right I painted it. He patiently sat (well he couldn't really escape then could he lol) whilst I painted Xmas trees and snowmen all around it. We always caused quite a stir at his many hospital visits, and it always livened up the consultants day. When it came time to be replaced with a new pot, they spent ages carefully removing it so we could keep it. Its somewhere in the studio, I,ll have to find it to show you all. But don't hold your breath it could be a long job..!!!

Ok I,ll leave you withe this gorgeous photo of my little sweetie princessa, relaxing after a long hard day...

Aww couldn't you just eat her..??? lol

Enjoy xx


Anne Jagger said...

Yummy. Can't wait for you to teach us how to paint like this!
Anne x

Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
You big tease!!!! :-)
The snowman looks soooooooo cute.
Can't wait to see what you have been up to.
I love christmas and snowmen are my Fav's, as you would see if you came to my house at christmas.
We went to America on honeymoon and I came home with a suitcase full of xmas decorations mostly snowmen. I think customs thought I was a bit mad. lol
I cant wait to put up the decorations this year. My little man will be 21 months old, he didn't take much notice last year so am looking forward to his reaction this time.
Maisie looks so cute, dont you just love bath time.
Evan has so many toys in the bath, soon there won't be any room for him.:-)
When do the queen entries have to be finished.
Michelle xx

Virginia said...

I must admit I haven't even had my holiday yet this year and I was sat chattering away to my neice about Christmas only yesterday LOL - so I know what you mean about getting excited Dyan, the glimpses of your work are the biggest tease ever - they look fabulous - can't wait to see the big pictures - I must admit that I've been painting things more recently, inspired by you because I can't really draw I assume I can't paint - but art is very personal and very unique and that much you've shown me - so I'm now enjoying a new creative lease - thank you!


susie f said...

Tears today, but not your fault hun! Had to comment on the pic of Maisie, she's just lush, so full of life and fun!! Inky fingers again tonight, so will send you a pic when I'm done, it's so very cathartic but leaves huge snot trails!!! lol
Off to wallow in bubbles myself (but with glass of wine in hand)

Siobhan Brignull said...

you just love to tease dont you Dyan, as usual looks yummy, would love to see the cast, sounds amazing, am putting a link on to my blog as have had a go at beeswax using your Masterclass, please pop over and have a look. cheers Siobhan
ps went on Lisas pages last night and couldnt resist the queens they are so cute.

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