Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes only white maltesers will do...

Apologies for the distinct lack of tittering today, but I seem to have been out and about for most of it...and suddenly its 9.30..!!! Not sure what happened there..??? Managed to sleep in (yes I did use the word sleep!), attend a counselling session, coffee with a bezzie, put the world to rights, bit of interior designing,painted Christmas lights, airport run, paperwork, emails, shopping, crying on a mates shoulder (hes used to it lol), pigging out on mini jaffa cakes (sorry Maisie I,ll get you some more honest..), planning my business strategy and drinking tea. Phew...!!! Think it will be bath and early bed...Ha ha you thought I was serious then didn't you..?? No way I can feel an all night painting and eating chocolate session coming on...Yayy..

Another Queen entry, from the lovely Pat. Imagine my surprise when I saw this..?? Yes its me lmao. Apparently this is a tag from an altered book she is making. And the subject of the book , I just had to ask....Its Art from the Heart..!!!! cant wait to see it.

Awww how cute do I look...???

Well maybe not in the next picture..Ben and the lovely Katie came home from Egypt today and look what they brought me ..A naff hat and an even naffer fridge magnet...!!!

I also got a naff papyrus scroll, a naff glass pyramid and a naff scarab beetle. Yes that's right a frikking scarab beetle. What can you say..?? I said "hmm well its the thought that counts", and they both replied " trust us there was absolutely no thought". Its alright Ben laughing, just wait till tomorrow and he sees what I,ve got up to in his absence..!!
Ok off to the garage for white maltesers and then canvas here I come...
Enjoy xx


Michelle said...

Hi Dyan,
Sounds like you had a busy day.
Mmmm I never tried white maltesers, they sound nice.
I have become adicted to white chocolate called Bellarom De Luxe from Lidl.
I just cant seem to keep my hands or mouth off it lately. It's yummy!!!
Anyway, change of subject or I'll be in the fridge again. Lol!!
I have my queen project finished.
Do i just e-mail you a pic.
I hope it will be ok.
Michelle xx

ForgedinPaper said...

What a great tag and the book sounds great. Can you persuade Pat to show the completed work?
Papyrus and a scarab beetle sound ripe for altering!

Anonymous said...

I love white maltesers! I love the look of your workshop- makes me feel right at home!!

Traceyr said...

Liking the hat though Dyan :)

Darcy Marshall said...

I love white chocolate, the uber sized Milky Bars. I haven't tried white maltesers...why do you have them in your garage?

Dylan said...

Ha ha not my garage you plonk, the all night garage...!!!with white malesers you have to suck all the chocolate off first and thencrunch the malt. And it is the law that you have to eat them until you are sick...!!! lmao

Dylan said...

Michelle, email me a pic today then I can get it on the blog before I go on my jollies

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